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Sensible Golf

Review 1:

Those cute little guys from Sensible Software's games seem to be able to do just about anything. They fought wars (Cannon Fodder), played soccer (Sensible Soccer series) and this time it's time for golf! And it features the largest multiplayer option I've ever seen: 72!

Playing golf is easy. Being a golf professional isn't. This game is hard and with literally hundreds of golf courses you will have a lot to play. The graphics are cute (as usual), the sound is average and the gameplay is quite good. Fun, just as expected from Sensible Software.

Review 2:

A fun, cute little golf game from the maker of Cannon Fodder 2 and Sensible World of Soccer, Sensible Golf offers the same fast and furious action as in those games, only this time the controls are much less intuitive and the game itself not as good. Still, with Sensible's hallmark tiny players and colorful graphics, it's a fun diversion from the real thing. Good for when you're cursing Links or Jack Nicklaus games for not giving you that coveted birdie.

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Sensible Golf screenshot
Sensible Golf screenshot

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