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1000 Miglia

Review 1: Although the game looks nice there is actually nothing much about it. It takes place on the famous Italian 1000 Miles rally and is driven by the old, 1930's race cars. Select your car and drive ... enjoy. Highly recommended. Review 4: Drive through italy in the famous Italian 1000 Miles rally. The graphics are cool as are the really old cars you drive. The game itself is not very addicting..


Review 1: If You played Ports of call and if You liked it, then You'll like 1869. Just like in Ports of Call, you will have to buy ships, equip them and make them sail to distant ports in order to make ... that finally put underrated developed Max Design on the map. Review 3: 17th century trading game. Similar to the Tycoon games. Plan routes, trade stuff, look after your cash and sail the high seas!

4x4 Off-Road Racing

Review 1: Pretty much a standard game. You can upgrade your car, race offroad... Well, it's not bad, but surely nothing new (not even back in 88). You can play this with a Joystick and technically everything's ... that the car should be maintained during the race, like fixing tires or put more gas in hte car and stuff like that. Of course these actions will cost time, so you have to drive as good as possible.

688 Attack Sub

Review 1: 688 Attack Sub is a classic modern submarine simulation which puts you in command of either the American Los Angeles or the Soviet Alfa class nuclear-powered submarines. Most of the systems ... game, and with many ways to complete each mission it's likely that you will through the game again when you finish it. Overall an enjoyable game, although maybe not one that will appeal to everyone.

688 Submarine
A.G.E. (a.k.a. Advanced Galactic Empire)

Galactic Empire and its sequel A.G.E. (= Advanced Galactic Empire) are early first-person space/adventure hybrid from Coktel Vision. Both games sports a fast 3D engine with beautiful graphics - as one ... Note: Neither game works well on Pentium II but run fine on 486 or slower computers, so be warned-- you will likely need to not only slow down utilities but also DOS savvy to see these early games.

A.T.A.C.: A War on Drugs

You wait intensely. Your ears are cocked to the radio. You double-checked every switch in your F-22 cockpit. Everything is green. You are flying in a lazy racetrack pattern well outside the enemy's AAA ... you might find A.T.A.C. interesting as long as you are interested in its unique setting. For purely flight simulation interest, it might be better to dust off your old copy of F-117A or Gunship 2000.

A-10 Tank Killer

Review 1: A-10 Tank Killer is a classic early flight simulator by Dynamix based on the Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II. Very nice graphics for its time and already showed some signs of the quality that ... :) Review 2: Flight Simulation of the A-10 Thunderbolt II also known as the "Warthog". Used mainly to weaken enemy tank units using a 30mm cannon, and for destroying roads and bridges

A-10 Tank Killer v1.5

Updated version of Dynamix' oldie flight sim A-10 Tank Killer from 1989. This one was released after their huge success with Red Baron two years later and features additional missions including a Desert ... unusal behaviour on take-off. But you can fly without going 60000 mph or making 50 left-turns when pulling the stick left for a second on a fast Pentium. A must-have for all fans of World War sims.

A320 Airbus

Thalion's A320 Airbus is a highly realistic passenger airline simulation - one of its kind ever made. The game is perhaps best described as a more "micro," hands-down version of Air Bucks, with ... game should stick with Air Bucks, but fans of Tracon and veteran pilots will have a good time piloting passenger aircrafts in this overlooked sim that enjoyed mild commercial success on the Amiga.


Review 1: ACE is a solid arcade-ish sim oldie that remains surprisingly playable more than a decade after its releae. Instead of simulating real-life airplanes, Cascade Software chose to simulate a hypothetical ... landing gear. Now you're ready to ROCK N' ROLL. Use carrige return to select a weapon and peg those commie pinkos out of the good old U.S.A. If you have a joystick use it. If not use the keypad.


A solid follow-up to ACE, although not as fun to play as the original. Similar to its predecessor, ACE 2 is an oldie head-to-head air combat flight sim set in modern days of aviation. The game has a very ... little space, but the game IMHO feels a bit more repetitive than ACE. Overall, a must try if you like the original, but otherwise it's a decent sim that unfortunately doesn't hold up well with time.

Ace of Aces

Ace of Aces is an old World War II flight simulator offering some neat features for its time like multiple cockpit views and fairly good use of bitmaps. However, it's more of an arcade game with flight-sim ... about that language and only a dictionary to translate it. The 8-bit computer versions of Ace of Aces are quite better than this CGA IBM-PC conversion, so play this one for nostalgia's sake only :)

Aces of The Pacific

Review 1: Certainly one of the best World War II combat flight sims of its time and arguably one of the best ever, Aces of The Pacific features a huge number of planes, decent controls, a nice 3D graphics-engine ... are lots of settings to be set, which makes it quite nice. You can play lots of historical missions, or just start a dogfight. You can also enroll into a career. The graphics are pretty darn good!

Aces over Europe

Aces over Europe is a great follow-up to Dynamix' first World War II combat flight sim Aces of the Pacific. Playing in the European theater of war, you have the option to fly either for the German or British ... 1942: Pacific Air War, if you prefer the Pacific theater. Aces over Europe requires heaps of conventional memory, so make sure you read the FAQ for pointers on memory management for DOS games.

Action in The North Atlantic

One of General Quarters' best games, Action in The North Atlantic is a fun and accessible naval simulation set in the World War II. The game focuses on only a single battle: the Murmansk run in World War ... realism and playability, and a user-friendly interface, Action in The North Atlantic is a fun "beer-and-pretzel" naval simulation that's worth a play-through for all armchair commanders.

Action Stations!

Arguably the best RAW Entertainment game and one of the most comprehensive naval simulations ever designed, Action Stations! is a very comprehensive simulation of surface warfare before and during World ... that remains today one of the most accurate and complex naval wargame ever made. It was also deservedly a candidate for Computer Gaming World's "Wargame of the Year" award in 1990.

Advanced Destroyer Simulator (a.k.a. B.S.S. Jane Seymour)

Naval warfare simulator set in World War II, in which you control a British destroyer covering missions in The Mediterranean, The English Channel and The North Sea. Advanced Destroyer Simulator has an ... my old IBM PS/2, but I didn't get it to run on my PII/450. So good luck in getting it to run. ;) Also try Sherman M4, a tank sim from the same designer which was released a year earlier by Loriciel.

Advanced Flight Trainer
AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet

AEGIS: Guardian of the Fleet is a fun but little-known US cruiser simulation from Software Sorcery, published by Time Warner in 1994. Featuring over 100 missions in 7 battlesets and a training area, as ... greatly lessened my enjoyment. I can't help but wonder if the designers ever played computer Harpoon and saw how an effective interface could make controlling large numbers of units easy."

Aerobiz Supersonic

Review 1: One of the very few business simulations released for the Super Nintendo (the version for SEGA Genesis was also made), Aerobiz Supersonic from KOEI is a fun airline management game that is ... interesting play that is enough like and adds enough new twists to interest new fans of the game. It is recommended for download, and receives huge points based on its following in various formats.

African Riders

Ancient CGA rally racing game by Tomahawk, set in the isolated deserts of Africa. There's not much else I can say about that :) The cars look nice, and the tracks are decent. Gets repetitive very quickly, though. If you like mindless, arcade-style racing games, this is another one of them.

Achtung Spitfire!

Games Domain review says it all about this underrated strategic flight simulation:"Achtung Spitfire (AS) is billed as the "prequel" to Over the Reich (OtR) since it covers the time period ... Avalon Hill and Big Time Software are apparently planning a third game in the series, Whistling Death, to cover the air war in the Pacific. Maybe next time they can get it completely right."

Air Bucks

Air Bucks is an excellent business simulation game from the company now famous for Caesar series. The game succeeds in capturing the ins and outs of the airline industry without bogging the player down ... 1.2 version (the one on this site) improves upon the original release significantly with better graphics, the ability to zoom in to watch your planes following their routes, and better cargo model.

Air Power

Air Power is a great flight sim based on alternate history by Rowan Software, maker of several top-notch titles including Dawn Patrol. PC Gameworld says it all about this overlooked classic: "With ... strategy angle. Hard-core sim fans will be frustrated by the awkward controls and elaborate keyboard commands, but gamers interested in some genuinely engaging action will find it in Air Power."

Airline Simulator 97

Airline Simulator 97 is a superb passenger airplane simulator by an Italian developer LAGO. Thanks to an agreement with subLOGIC right before they were bought out by Sierra, LAGO was allowed to include ... The interface of ASIM is available in English, German, French and - of course - Italian. If you have even the slightest interest in civil aviation, Airline Simulator 97 is well worth your time.


Airlines is an underrated airline management sim from Interactive Vision (who is actually hard at work on Airlines 2, slated for an early 2002 release). In contrast to Air Bucks, Airlines is a complex ... if you enjoy serious business sims and don't mind "dry" presentation and boring graphics, Airlines is well worth a look, especially if you find Air Bucks too simplistic. Recommended!

Airstrike USA

Review 1: A solid modern flight sim that is DI's most arcade-ish sim ever, Airstrike USA still features DI's hallmarks of excellent flight models and details, despite the dumbed-down version of instrument ... later on :) Review 2: Good flight game. You fly in third person your machine across enemy territory shooting planes and landtargets. Graphics are pretty good. And overal gameplay is also top.

AIV Network$

AIV Network$ is the last and best English version in ArtDink's underrated railroad simulation series that began with Railroad Empire and best known with A-Train. The game was released only in a handful ... business sim fan like me who cut teeth on stock market simulations, or want to micro-manage your rail empire without escaping any detail, AIV Network$ is the best there is. Highly recommended!

Alien Force

Alien Force is a simple "blast everything that moves" game for Windows 3x. It was inspired by fond (albeit vague) memories of an old TRS-80 game called "Attack Force",. When you start ... dilly-dally -- your score decreases as time goes by with no enemy ships hit. At each higher level, the game becomes a little bit faster and the enemy a little bit smarter. A few surprises await, too.

Alter Ego: Female

Some simulation game about life. As you can see is this the female version.

Alter Ego: Male

Some simulation game about life. As you can see is this the male version.

American Civil War: From Sumter To Appomattox

Arguably the best simulation of the American Civil War ever made, The American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox is the third incarnation in Frank Hunter?s Road from Sumter to Appomattox series that ... Gary Grigsby?s games) may want to try SSG?s Decisive Battles in American Civil War series and SSI?s Civil War games instead for their tactical fix. Shame about the cumbersome user interface, though.

Apache Longbow

Digital Integration's first successful foray into the helicopter simulator market was very successful. Sporting a very realistic flight model which could be dumbed down to beginner levels, Apache Longbow ... considerably. If you get Hind, be sure to check this one out, because it you put up the two games head to head, you'll have a blast. Similar games include Longbow 2, Team Apache and Apache Havoc.

Apache Strike

Review 1: A solid 3D-Simulation from 1987 - who would have expected that? And this really means 3D - you can rotate 360 degrees more or less freely - until you hit a building and crash of course. Unfortunately ... its time) wear off. Rebel Assault fans may find this fun, but gamers looking for a less restrictive and more varied sci-fi shooters should play Konami?s Killing Cloud instead, among other candidates.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 is an early space mission simulation by Artech, converted from the C64 to the IBM-PC by Ted Gruber Software. Problems might occur on fast computers. Try a slow-down util. Also don't forget to ... a nice space simulation that focuses more on playability than on accuracy or realism. Fun for a while, but die-hard fans of the subject should check out Microsoft Space Simulator or Orbiter instead.

Archimedean Dynasty

Back in the early nineties, before games were approved by committee, and when new and innovations were not only allowed, but encouraged, Blue Byte software, famed for its medieval resource-management game ... All in all, I cannot recommend this game highly enough, especially if you still have a working 3dfx card, as there was eventually an updated graphics patch, which looked brilliant for its time.

ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighters

A very good "bang for the buck" flight sim, ATF: Advanced Tactical Fighters is an excellent sequel to U.S. Navy Fighters as well as the first game released under EA's "Jane's Combat Simulations" ... etc." If you liked USNF, there is no reason you wouldn't like this new and improved sequel. The range of aircrafts you can fly alone makes this sim well worth a look for any fan of the genre.

AV8B Harrier Assault

AV8B Harrier is another simulator using Simis' popular graphic engine. The sim is similar to KA-50 Hokum in gameplay. You have at your disposal some Harriers and with the excellent mission map/planner ... was a controversy back then, and even now some people may still find this game a bit controversial. Note: If you like the game, also check out Super-VGA Harrier, a great updated version of this sim.

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