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Alien Force

Alien Force is a simple "blast everything that moves" game for Windows 3x. It was inspired by fond (albeit vague) memories of an old TRS-80 game called "Attack Force",.

When you start the game, the playing grid will be displayed, with your ship in the lower right corner and a row of evil dudes along the top row. The arrow keys move your ship. The "S" key (or the number-pad "5" key when NUM-LOCK is on) stops your ship, and the "R" key reverses its direction. The space bar fires a missile (you can fire only one at a time).

You will receive 100 points for each ship you destroy. Each time you wipe out all of the enemy ships, you ascend to the next level of play (and receive a sizeable quantity of bonus points). Don't dilly-dally -- your score decreases as time goes by with no enemy ships hit. At each higher level, the game becomes a little bit faster and the enemy a little bit smarter. A few surprises await, too.

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Alien Force screenshot
Alien Force screenshot

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