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Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny

Ultima V continues logically the story of Ultima IV. Your provider, friend and noble ruler of Britannia (from Ultima I to every further Ultima) gets lost on trip to the underworld under the dungeons. Only ... and sheer numbers have increased. Magical spells are from now on (and in further Ultimas too) divided up into 8 cycles. The higher the level of the spell caster, the more magic he can use.

Ultima 6: The False Prophet

Huge. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of Ultima 6. This game was the one that opened the doors for all the brilliant RPG's of today. One thing, you do not need to have played the first ... - it will definitely help, and always write down the location of an interesting/necessary spot with a sextant or spell as there are so many you'll soon forget how to get there. Happy adventuring!

Ultima 7: Part Two - Serpent Isle

The serpent pillars rise, and as your ship sails between them, you are no longer in the ocean but on dry land - the land of Serpent Isle. Another adventure in the world of Ultima awaits, except this time, ... a world different from Britannia. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through the serpent pillars and Serpent Isle (along with Black Gate) and it stands as my most favourite roleplaying game ever.

Ultima 7: The Black Gate

The black stone starts to shine. You know what it means: Britannia needs you! As you run to the back of your house, you see that there is already a red moon gate open. "What could it mean?" you ... character creation; which was brilliant in Ultima VI. You get to choose a name, a gender and a portrait. This to me is not enough as I think character creation is probably the best part about RPG's.

Ultima 8: Pagan

Review 1: ULTIMA 8: PAGAN is a adventure/role-playing game where you play the part of the Avatar. Avatar is the character you have been playing since Ultima I. This time, however, you are suddenly thrown ... graphics are good animated and beautiful! As for the sound it's great too! Ultima 8: Pagan is a good game. The game is enjoyable and I recommend it if you're an RPG addict. You won't be disappointed!

Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

Review 1: Lord British ushered in a new era of peace and harmony for the lands of Britannia. To do so, evil had to be vanquished not only in its physical manifestations, but also in the hearts and minds ... the fact, that it is only EGA. The atmosphere is intense, just a great game. Though it has become old by now, you should take a look at it if you not already did. This game is really worth it!

Ultima IV: Quest of The Avatar VGA

Long hailed as one of the best RPGs ever created, Richard Garriott's revolutionary classic Ultima IV: Quest of The Avatar gets a great facelift with this excellent VGA graphics and MIDI patch by Joshua ... all the more worthwhile. Note: The game was released as freeware by Origin to promote the release of Ultima IX: Ascension, the final entry in the saga that sadly does not live up to its predecessors.

Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds

It's been a year since you defeated the Guardian, and Lord British has invited you to celebrate the reconstruction of Britannia. However, the next morning, Castle Brittania has been covered with a magical ... screen. If you're like me, and have played UW1 every year since you got it (pathetic, I know), you might find it a bit annoying. Overall, it's a brilliant RPG that should be in anyone's collection.

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

Review 1: Released at a time when noone was talking about 3D. This is one of the first 'real' 3D-RPGs - and a good one! The game itself is made up very much like Ultima, it's set in the same world and ... You will constantly be curious about what new items and monsters are waiting for you on the next level. This game won't let you leave that easily, and if you don't believe, just try it out! :)

Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams

Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams is an RPG adventure and the second and, unfortunately, last game in the Worlds of Ultima series by Origin Systems Inc. Made in 1991, one year after it's predecessor, ... and historical. The sound and music in the game sounds orchestrated and adds a nice feel to the game. This is definitely a must-try game for fans of the Ultima series and fans of excellent RPGs.


Ultimuh is a great parody of a certain hit RPG series whose name should be all too familiar to you by now if you haven't been living under a rock for the past 15 years ;) The game pokes fun of Origin's ... short parody or gag than a real game, Ultimuh does feature random monsters, meaning no two games will be exactly alike. If you love the classics, Ultimuh will bring at least a chuckle to your face ;)

Universe 3

Review 1: Unlike the first two games Universe 3 is offering a much better game interface than in the first two games in this series. Now you actually move your character around as seen in other games ... criminal charges during your escape. You'll spend the rest of your time looking for evidence about the missing shipments, which will clear you of the charges as well as wrap up the mystery."

Unlimited Adventures

Review 1: Unlimited Adventures must be one of my favourite game creation programs that have ever been made. Probably because it makes use of the popular Hack 'N Slash game engine developed by Strategic ... full-featured mini-adventure game are included to get you started." If you love Gold Box games and have the patience to create one of your own, Unlimited Adventures is what you are looking for.

Valley, The

The Valley and The Tomb of Drewan are two excellent remakes of classic Vic-20 games that were first released over 20 years ago. Similar to early Roguelikes, the gameplay in both games are fairly simple, ... by Paul Robson, are very faithful to the original games. The author has also generously put up source codes, so if you know how to program and want to improve them in some way, you definitely can.

Vampyr: The Talisman of Convocation

One of the best early EGA RPGs, Vampyr: The Talisman of Invocation is a top-down, single-player RPG in the same vein of Ultima IV, set in the fantasy world of Quilinor. The plot is nothing to speak of ... and the game has a few pleasant surprises that will make you want to see what happens next. Not a must-play game, but a competent gem that is well worth a look by fans of the genre. Recommended!

Vengeance of The Excalibur

The sequel to Spirit of the Excalibur boasts improvements over its predecessor in every respect: the strategic elements (involving army placement and assigning errands to knights) are more complex, the ... combat more realistic. Overall, it's a much better sequel to Spirit of the Excalibur - so much so that you'll likely find this a non-frustrating, enjoyable medieval romp through Camelot. Recommended!

War of the Lance

Review 1: This is the second chapter of the Dragonlance action roleplay story. If you are a really Dragonlance fanatic you will find this game nice. It's an action based roleplay game where you can control ... Overall, War of the Lance is a fun fantasy wargame that, although lacking in replayability or longevity that other games enjoy, would influence classics such as Sword of Aragon and SSG's Warlords.

Warrior Dragon

A cute little console-style RPG that is obviously a thinly-veiled clone of NES hit Dragon Warrior (better known as Dragon Quest in Asia), Warrior Dragon is a competent RPG that casts you as a gallant dragon ... packs enough fun quests to keep Dragon Warriror fans happy-- for a few hours before they boot up the real, far superior, original again. Not on par with Zelda Classic by any means, but a nice try.

Warriors of Legend

This solid World Builder game that was to be Synergistic's last was sadly among the least-known RPGs of all time. Lead a party of four adventurers charged with the task of rescuing the kingdom from the ... with minimal stats and simplistic combat. The huge number of NPCs, vibrant graphics, and well-written and diverse adventure-style side quests make this culmination of World Builder a great one.


Review 1: Wasteland is a top-view, turn-based RPG, where you control a group of characters and set out to stop whatever it is that threatens the world on this occasion. Yet in my opinion, Wasteland is ... Wasteland is simply a must-have. If you wonder where Fallout came from, this is its true predecessor (and a game I infinitely enjoy more than Fallout series). A classic in every sense of the word.

Whale's Voyage

Yet another solid Amiga RPG that failed to make a splash on the PC, Whale's Voyage recounts the voyages of the Whale, a curiously-named spacecraft, as its crew make a frantic effort to return to Earth. ... which enhance their abilities but make them more susceptible to diseases. It's a fun space trading / exploration RPG that recalls Planet's Edge but with more emphasis on trading than combat.


A little-known Japanese import similar to Psychic War (also from Broderbund) in the cute anime style and console-influenced gameplay, Wibarm is notable for a wide variety of gameplay options. In this futuristic ... you control a robot that can transform into a spacecraft a la Thexder, fight hordes of aliens in cool 3D indoors and 2D outdoors. Great fun, although probably too simplistic for hard-core RPGers.

Windwalker (a.k.a. Moebius 2)

Sequel to the below-average Moebius, this game features vastly improved arcade-style combat and traditional RPG elements, set in the intriguing Chinese lore filled with demons and warlords. You play a ... advancement you can gain (with such Oriental overtones as "balance" and "spirit") are a lot of fun to gain and watch how they affect your fighting skills and other characters.

Wizard Wars

The third Paragon game is set in a fantasy world of wizards vying for power. It's based on pretty much the same primitive engine used in Alien Fires 2199 AD, but this time gameplay is a bit improved, as ... that came in the box: a very nice wizard's spell book and magical pouch (similar to the one included in Infocom's Journey box). Overall, it's a well-conceived game that wasn't so well executed.

Wizard Warz

Review 1: It's a great old game! I have been quite involved in the RPG's of late, and this has to be one of my favorites at the moment. When you start off in Wizard Warz, you first specify your options ... action over reams of statistics. Despite the simple gameplay, the variety of spell combinations and monsters gives the game very high play value - and will keep you glued to the screen, CGA and all.

Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant
Wizard's Crown

A real "oldie but goodie" from SSI, this solid RPG goes beyond its CGA, run-from-floppy limitation with solid attention to detail, huge game world, and incredible amount of choices. A must-have for hardcore RPG'ers who don't mind primitive graphics. It wasn't really the best

Worlds of Legend (a.k.a. Sons of Empire)

Sequel to underrated Legend (a.k.a. Empire), Worlds of Legend continues the predecessor's storyline and great gameplay, with several enhancements. The real-time play (where you see other parties marching ... artifacts, and even a larger map. It's essentially the same game as Legend, but with a different plot and more of everything. In short, if you like the first game, you'll definitely like this one.

Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams

Review 1: Second and unfortunately last in Origin's funWorlds of Ultima series, Martian Dreams is a great Jules Vernes-inspired Victorian adventure that combines the great Ultima VI engine with interesting ... this Ultima is not set on Britannia like on Savage Empire and Ultima II but on Mars for the entire game. You even have to reach into the far reaches of your dreams to find a way off the planet.

Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire

Review 1: This fairly old game (1990-1991) is in direct lineage with the famous Ultima series created by Richard Garriot, aka Lord British for the friends. It uses the engine of Ultima 6, which is to ... item that you overlooked earlier. Overall, Savage Empries is a great and unique game that may not appeal to die-hard RPGers who crave complex RPG elements, but will be a lot of fun for everyone else.


Xenomorph is a fun sci-fi RPG game based on the venerable Dungeon Master engine that starts with one of the most cliche plot of all time: wake up one day from cryosleep, you must purge the ship off alien ... The pace quickly picks up, however, with a lot of gadgets to find and instruments to figure out. A decent game overall that offers a good amount of exploration and combat, if nothing revolutionary.


Zangband is the excellent but now-discontinued graphical facelift of Zangband, arguably the most popular Angband variant today. Short for Zelazny Angband, Zangband has many more features than most (if ... downside of this TK version is that it won't be compatible with any newer releases of Zangband - at least until Mr. Tim Baker or someone else returns to maintain this excellent version again. Enjoy!

Zelda Classic

Review 1: Zelda Classic is probably THE most faithful PC conversion of one of the most famous NES classics ever made. For those who've never played console games, Legend of Zelda, released by Nintendo ... and very enjoyable for the most advanced RPG veteran to the most clueless newbie. This is a game that is enjoyable for everyone. This is an accessible and entertaining game for all ages at any time.


Review 1: Zeliard is, at first appearance, a standard early game. It has blocky graphics, grating music, and the manual that comes supplied with the boxed version is little more than a folded piece of ... and wizard, each of whom have access to unique weapons and/or spells. Zeliard, on the other hand, is a solo-player RPG with much less emphasis on character development than nonstop platform action.

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