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Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams

Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams is an RPG adventure and the second and, unfortunately, last game in the Worlds of Ultima series by Origin Systems Inc. Made in 1991, one year after it's predecessor, Martian Dreams has graphics that give the game a truly realistic feel.

In Martian Dreams, the story begins when a group of well-known scientists including Nichola Tesla and Sigmund Freud are accidentally launched to Mars in a rocket that was being displayed at the 1893 Chicago world's expedition. Many centuries into the future, a group of men from Earth doing excavating on Mars find a note and a book on time travel dated 1893 ,written by some well known people in history, including the excavators themselves, asking for help. These scientists use the time travel instructions to travel back in time and help the greatest minds escape the red planet and the sinister race that lives there.

The controls in the game uses a combination of the mouse and the keyboard. You move your character with the keyboard. Controls for looking, get and so forth go like this. Lets say you want to get something. All you do is move near the object, then you click get and move the arrow over the object. The same gos for fighting and so forth.

Like in all RPG's when you defeat a creature on Mars you gain experience. The more exp. you get, the stronger you will become. This game has something that is not seen in many Ultima games and is what made Ultima - The False Prophet unique. This game has a character design system. After the intro, click create new character. Your character will then be placed on a bed in front of Sigmund Freud. Freud will ask you questions that will alter your characters strength, moods, fears and so on.

NOTE: only after you create a new character will you be able to play the game.

As far as the graphics, they are superb and they look as good as all Ultima graphics do. The cutscenes are well done, played, and they tell the story very well. The characters are well designed, accurate, and historical. The sound and music in the game sounds orchestrated and adds a nice feel to the game. This is definitely a must-try game for fans of the Ultima series and fans of excellent RPGs.

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