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T2002 is a superb Windows clone of Factor 5/Rainbow Arts' classic platformer Turrican, which was unfortunately never released for PC (unlike its sequel Turrican II). The plot - somewhat superfluous for ... tougher and larger than the original. If you like platformers, you simply cannot pass up on this outstanding remake that brings one of the best 8-bit games ever made to PC screen. Highly recommended.

T4 Funeral

T4 Funeral is a superb fanmade side-scrolling platformer built with level editor that was included with T2002, another great Turrican fanmade game that is also reviewed on this site (so one could more ... too hard for me. With a lot of new graphics, sound effects, and even voice acting, T4 Funeral is worth The game is quite large, owing to high-quality soundtrack and graphics, but the fun is worth it.

Take a Break! Pinball

Second and last in Sierra's underrated Take a Break! series that began with Take a Break! Crossword, this is a good pinball game that eschews realistic ball motions in favor of fast action and imaginative ... Dynamix and Sierra games (e.g. Stellar 7, Space Quest, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry). Great table animations, plus a comprehensive help file for each table that lists all the combos you can get.

Take No Prisoners

Review 1: Take No Prisoners is a decent action game with a different approach to many things. In short the game is just another action shooter where you have to kill enemies like seen with in games like ... fun enough-- to warrant a look by all action fans. It may not be the end-all of blast fests, but it's a welcome departure from scores of Quake clones, and offers a good and solid ride while it lasts.

Tango Strike

Tango Strike is a superb freeware gem from Fallen Angel Industries, makers of such "klik" classics as Douglas Circumstance and Streambolt (of which you can read my reviews elsewhere on the site). ... games up a notch. It's fun, varied, and always interesting - although I wish it were a bit easier for reflex-impaired people like me, and hostages a bit less inclined to get themselves killed.

Tank Arena

Ka-BOOM! Flames burst forth from the newly-placed atomic bomb and the train is now nothing but melted steel and ash. "Mission successful!" dominates the screen, as your tank happily drives off ... friends is a lot of fun. If Tank Arena had network gaming, I'd be quite happy. Tonnes of fun split-screen multiplayer in this game is, race against your friends if you don't feel like killing them


Tankgame is a fun freeware remake of Atari's arcade hit Tank (later released for Atari 2600 console as Combat). Like other Atari classics, the game is very easy to learn, but amazingly addictive. The concept ... to retain much of the fun in the original classic; at least, it's much better than Infogrames' 2001 remake of Combat, an abysmal entry that has none of the original's charms whatsoever. Recommended!


Tankkk was a bliss in it's time. This Finnish shareware oldie boasts not only two, but three tanks. There's no dirt to dig around. Instead, a maze-ish arena is given for the players to fight in. There ... playing this game is unlike any other. Especially if you have two friends to play with, and a keyboard that doesn't keyjam (too much), you might be having some fierce competition and a load of fun.

Tanks 3D

Review 1: Let me start by adding the description from the developers as they explain what Tanks 3D really is, "Tanks 3D is, you guessed it, a 3D tank action game that supports LAN/Internet/single ... are plenty of computer tanks to engage you in a quick-and-dirty action when you can't find other players to play it with. If you like Atari's classic, you will enjoy this excellent modern remake.

TankWars 2.0

TankWars 2.0 is a fun artillery game for up to 10 players. The goal will be familiar to anyone who has played Scorched Earth or Gorilla: opponents attempt to destroy each others tanks by firing various ... of computer-controlled tanks - a good way to adjust difficulty level. The graphics are standard VGA with no frills, but it's more than enough for the purpose of just blowing things up ;) Recommended!

Tapan Kaikki

You grip the pistol between your sweaty fingers and wait anxiously for the person to turn the corner. There he is! Soon the whole area is full of light, blood and the smell of death. This is Tapan Kaikki ... is a great game worth the small download. You don't see many freeware game like this today. Great multiplayer, action-filled single player and a built-in level editor make this game one-of-a-kind.


Review 1: I remember that we played this one on our C64s for hours back then. Unfortunately the PC-version is not quite as good, but what can you expect from CGA-graphics - of course it looked better ... to this game, although I must admit, the sound in this game is not as annoying as some. :) Overall it's a fun little game, not very big, and well worth the download. Great classic gameplay indeed!


A straightforward platform game with a simple kill-the-evil-foozle plot, Targhan recalls Psygnosis' earlier Barbarianbut with better graphics and more difficult monsters. Overall, it's a standard side-scrolling ... of most monsters are good to amazing, you will be too preoccupied with finding the next save point to notice them. In short, don't try this one unless you consider yourself an arcade veteran.


A cool Chopper Command clone, Taso is a fun little mindless game with two simple goals: destroy your opponents and defend your base. You have a wide range of choppers, each armed with different weapons, ... check out Three-Sixty's Armor Alley instead. First released as shareware, the game was made freeware in early 2000 by the designer. So there is really no excuse to try out this fun little old game :)

TDK Pinball Machine

TDK Pinball Machine is a fun freeware pinball game released to promote TDK's line of storage media for the PC (floppy disks, hard drives, tape drives, etc.) The game has only one table and few bonuses, ... Pinball Machine is nothing special as far as pinball games go, but as a promotional or a freeware title, it boasts excellent production and replay values. Recommended as a coffee-break pinball game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Review 1: The first game based on a hot TV cartoon series of the same name from Konami is a fun, but frustrating, platform title that mixes top-down view with standard side-scrolling action. Practically ... one equipped with it's own unique weapon. The game supports both single and 2 players gaming. The game is quite fun when you play it with a friend, game controls consist of keyboard and joystick.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game

After starting on a good start with the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, Konami fumbled the license with this inferior sequel, subtitiled The Arcade Game. The graphics somehow becomes so grainy ... levels to a long list of weaknesses, and you end up with a poor use of the blockbuster license. Fortunately, Konami would redeem themselves with a much better sequel, Manhattan Missions a year later.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Missions

One of the best superheroes action games ever made, Manhattan Missions is the third game in Konami's line of platform games based on the lucrative license. The third time is really a charm for this game, ... have a chance to battle in exciting locations such as aboard a subway train, or in the sewers. Konami finally did the license justice with this game-- a must have for all TMNT and action fans alike.

Techno Cop

Review 1: Techno Cop is an action based game with a lot of driving and shooting. It offers a mix between driving towards a place avoiding different enemies that are trying to get you off the road. When ... the ease of original Commodore 64 version. Still, the furious action, fun 2-style gameplay, and challenging enemies make this a fun game for action gamers of all ages IF you can grasp the controls.

Techno Puck

Techno Puck is a cool Pong-style paddle game with some nifty features including dual paddles, power-ups, special items, and different level designs. Similar to air hockey, your goal is to knock the ball ... or another friend in hot-seat mode. If you enjoy Broderbund's Shufflepuck Café or Pong games in general, Techno Puck is a fun spiritual descendant that doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended.


TechnoVenture is a fun and innovative platformer with strong puzzle elements, similar to classic Apogee games of yore. First released as shareware game for the Amiga, the game was converted to IBM PC in ... puzzle elements, TechnoVenture fits the bill. This freeware version has many new objects and maps not present in the Amiga release, and you can also design your own maps with the included editor.

Tempest 2000

Back in the early 1980s, Atari's Tempest was one of the best-selling games on both home systems and in the arcades. Given the current prettier-means-better thinking in the computer games industry, it's ... die-hard fans of the original Tempest and newcomers will have much to like in this souped-up version of the arcade hit, although they should be prepared for some serious thumb-blistering sessions.


Teppodon is a fun sequel of sorts to Teppoman and Bimboman, two fun cartoony platformers from the same Japanese author. Created with Klik & Play game creation program, Teppodon offers smooth cartoon ... action gamers can. Regardless, if you enjoy side-scrolling platformers in general and especially if you love a challenge, Teppodon is another polished freeware that is worthy of play and praise.


Teppoman and Bimboman are two excellent cartoon platformers from the same Japanese author. Created with Klik & Play game creation program, both games feature very smooth animations, crisp graphics, ... side, but if you enjoy platformers, you will enjoy them while they last. All in all, two not-so-revolutionery games that are more than enough proof of the classic-making power of Klik & Play.

Terminal Terror

Terminal Terror is a much-improved sequel of sorts to Pie in The Sky's campy 3D shooter Lethal Tender. Despite banal graphics and cliché plot (another Rambo-style infiltrate-and-capture mission), the game ... you play FPS for gameplay and not pretty graphics, you'll find much to like in this old game. The game even has multiple paths and optional missions depending on the choices you make during the game.

Terminator 2

One of two games based on the hit movie Terminator 2, T2: The Arcade Game is a sub-standard Operation Wolf-style first-person shooter that offers a few hours of mindless fun but little else. All you do ... not much more I can say about this simplistic game, except that for all its mindlessness, it's still a lot better than OCEAN's horrendous Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Play it at your peril, though.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a boring game based on Terminator 2 the movie. In all respects, it is a formulaic film license material, i.e. a series of sub-games, each based on a certain scene from the ... of an ostentacious "puzzle" section. The bottom line: play any one of Bethesda's Terminator game instead... indeed, play any game at all other than this utter waste of a good film license.

Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita is a fun fanmade remake that achieves what few remakes manage to do: make the game even more fun than the original. And in this case, the achievement is even more noteworthy because the original ... authentic it feels. If you like "retro" shooters, or just shooters in general that are harder than River Raid or Zaxxon, Terra Cognita should definitely be on your playlist. Recommended!


Terracide is a fun 3D action game in the same style as Descent, although admittedly not as good. The plot is the "kill the evil aliens" cliche you have seen countless times, and the gameplay ... auto-pitching features will appeal to newbies who find Descent too confusing, while expert gamers can set the difficulty level to "impossible," turn inertia on, and have fun blasting away.


In this arcade space shooter, blast your ship through heavily defended underground caverns, past wind tunnels, fire-walls and subterranean lakes. Recover stolen nuclear pods using your ship's tractor beam and carry them back to the planet surface and beyond into hyperspace.The game has stunning raytraced graphics and super-smooth 360 degree parallax scrolling.

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