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Teppoman and Bimboman are two excellent cartoon platformers from the same Japanese author. Created with Klik & Play game creation program, both games feature very smooth animations, crisp graphics, and excellent level designs. One of the things I like about Teppoman and Bimboman is the ability to aim your shots diagonally. This allows you to aim very precisely at baddies - a good thing, since there always seems to be far too many of them. The fact that they play in Windowed mode makes it very easy to procra.... err, have a little fun while you're working. Once you finish them, you can also start over on a higher difficulty level. The only negative thing about these two neat games is that they are both a bit on the short side, but if you enjoy platformers, you will enjoy them while they last. All in all, two not-so-revolutionery games that are more than enough proof of the classic-making power of Klik & Play.

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Teppoman screenshot
Teppoman screenshot

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