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TDK Pinball Machine

TDK Pinball Machine is a fun freeware pinball game released to promote TDK's line of storage media for the PC (floppy disks, hard drives, tape drives, etc.) The game has only one table and few bonuses, but it is fun - good for when you have a few minutes to spare at work. There are several targets on the table that provide bonus points when hit in the right order, and the screen on the right displays a TDK product that corresponds to your score. Another nice bonus is that up to 4 players can compete, although only by taking turns to play on the same computer. All in all, TDK Pinball Machine is nothing special as far as pinball games go, but as a promotional or a freeware title, it boasts excellent production and replay values. Recommended as a coffee-break pinball game.

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TDK Pinball Machine screenshot
TDK Pinball Machine screenshot

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