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BBQ (a.k.a. Yakiniku)

BBQ is a unique and amazingly addictive freeware Flash game from Japan. The premise is one of the most original I have seen in any game: you are eating Japanese BBQ ("Yakiniku") in the restaurant, ... Who knows -- after playing this game a lot you'll be able to enjoy real-life Yakiniku more than before ;) If you can't read Japanese, grab the translation of terms of the game as PDF file below.

BC's Quest for Tires

Don't know exactly what to do in this game. But it seems you're riding on some stone and you have to evade objects on your way.

Beats of Rage

One of the best beat 'em up games I have ever played, bar none, Beats of Rage is a superb fanmade tribute to Streets of Rage, SEGA's classic coin-op game that was never released on PC. The game also showcases ... a homage or two in the backgrounds as well. The compression format slightly muffles the sound, the BGM still gives you some great tunes to combat to. The game is just very slick all around."


Bedlam is lackluster Space Invaders-style vertical shooter that packs a lot of gameplay variety in less than 200KB of space. Although the 4-color CGA graphics unfortunately looks too pale compared to the ... and starbases. Fast, fun, and highly playable - the way a good shooter should be. Too bad the levels are largely repetitive and the enemy ships look too much alike to keep your attention for long.

Bedlam 2: Absolute Bedlam

Bedlam 2: Absolute Bedlam is a better sequel to Bedlam, a decent isometric shooter in the same style as Crusader: No Remorse. Bedlam looks similar to Domark's Total Mayhem at first glance. However, the ... because you can't save during the mission. It also has a number of annoying bugs - I lost my saved games once in a while, and there are some weird pixellated problems with certain explosions.

Beer: Barstool Adventures

Finally, someone developed a game with a hero worth fighting for. Forget Lara Croft, I'm talking about a humble pint of lager. Beer: Barstool Adventures is a fun little freeware game that casts you as ... opening track (hint: one of the best rock & roll female singers this decade ;)) As far as one-man, freeware action games go, Beer: Barstool Adventures ranks up there with the best. Recommended!

Beethoven's 2nd

This game is simply utterly, ridiculously horrible. Woof! Not worth buying or downloading for free. In short, Beethoven's 2nd is a cutesy platformer based on a second-rate family movie about a likeable ... have come out from Hi-Tech Expresions' stable of bad games. The only thing worth noticing about the game is the fact that it's the only Real Dog game -- in both senses of the word-- on this site ;)

Beetle Juice

From MobyGames's description of this zany action game based on the cult horror movie: "A truly bizarre game which was rather popular at the time. It's an action game of sorts, in which you play Beetlejuice ... strangely grows on you after a while. It's also notable for being one of better games from Hi-Tech Expressions, who's known for producing lackluster action titles based on cartoon and movie licenses.

Bernard and Hank

Bernard and Hank is yet another fun and free 2D platformer from the talented group of amateur programmers who code games with Click Team game-making applications. The review says it all: "When you ... ice levels, great, wholesome fun. Bernard and Hank is well worth the download, but it won't set significantly new standards for the klik platformer genre. Still, a very very good game it is."

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop is an adequate action game based on the hit Paramount movie of the same name that launched Eddie Murphy to stardom. The plot is simple: as member of the Los Angeles police force, your ... and controls despite sparsely populated levels. All in all, Beverly Hills Cop is an uneven game that may appeal to fans of the movies, although it won't raise any eyebrows from veteran gamers.

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Review 1: Some time after your escape from the Castle Wolfenstein, they're sending you back! This time you have a mission - find and assasinate the Führer himself. The same (bad) graphics as in first ... of alarms and dagger, you can no longer afford the "shoot everything in sight" tactic of the original. This makes BCW probably the world's first "thinking man's action game."

Beyond The Black Hole

Review 1: A somewhat different game and I would say it is a mix between Space Invaders a game link Pong. I think that because you control two bars - one on each side of the screen and you have a ball ... of the level is laid out as puzzles, requiring you to hit objects in the correct order. This makes the game more difficult than it seems - in fact far too difficult at the higher levels to be fun.


One of the most obscure and underrated cyberpunk shooters ever made, B-Hunter is a low-profile release developed by Danish-based Interactive Vision and published by UK-based Midas Interactive Entertainment. ... worth a look. Don?t be put off by primitive graphics by G-Police standards or its small physical size: B-Hunter is a wonderfully massive and atmospheric game that will keep you hooked for a while.

Bier Revier (a.k.a. Beer Beat)

"Discover a fascinating land in search of the treasures of nature. At six different hunting grounds, your swiftness as a hunter of fresh Licher beer will be challenged. The mouse button is your hunting ... friends how crazy Germans can be :-) then download this game. It does have a sort of novelty value, in a way.Maybe you'll get thirsty or something. Overall, though, I'd give it maybe a 6 out of 10...

Big Top

Review 1: Undoubtedly Michael Abrash's masterpiece, and one of my most favorite games of all time, Funtastic's Big Top is an incredibly addictive "ladder" game that adds so many extras and ... sparkly CGA colours, and the PC speaker blatting out the sounds this game is all fun. The sounds aren't too annoying, and the graphics are actually quite good considering the game is 20 years old.

Big Top o' Fun

Perform some circus tricks.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

This is a fun game featuring the Bill & Ted characters of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in the 1989 movie by Nelson Entertainment. As Bill and Ted, you're going to the same whacked-out, time-warped ... shake their heads in disbelief). Overall, a "light" side-scrolling game that may be mildly entertaining for fans of the movie, and is a slightly better game than Capstone's other failures.


Teppoman and Bimboman are two excellent cartoon platformers from the same Japanese author. Created with Klik & Play game creation program, both games feature very smooth animations, crisp graphics, ... side, but if you enjoy platformers, you will enjoy them while they last. All in all, two not-so-revolutionery games that are more than enough proof of the classic-making power of Klik & Play.

Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.

Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. is a little known, competent PC version of Midway's Playstation and N64 game of the same name. Although the game is far from classics like the Tekken series, it is still much better than ... out Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. only if you are not looking for depth in a fighting game, or are beginner to the genre looking for a relatively simple game that makes a good diversion once in a long while.

Bio Menace

Bio Menace is a typical but quite enjoyable early platformer by Apogee. Despite the cliché defeat-aliens-that-invade-Earth plot, Bio Menace offers huge levels, fun power-ups, and detailed EGA graphics ... the game. This nuisance aside, Bio Menace is a fun shareware platformer that isn't Apogee's best, but is by no means their worst either. Worth a look if you like platform games or Apogee's classics.

Bionic Commando

Shoot some cops and complete levels.


Biprolex+ is a very addictive arcade-style puzzle game that requires both quick thinking and reflexes. Gameplay is essentially Tetris meets Breakout: At the top of the screen is Tetlix, an entity which ... original. Definitely a must-have for Tetris and Blockout fans alike. KD-Lab released the game as freeware in 1999, so you really have no excuse not to try this one out if you're a puzzle fan.

Black Hole

Black Hole is one of the few games released by ParaGraph, one of the leaders in virtual reality/3D technologies. Designed by company founders George Pachikov, the game is a fun arcade/puzzle game that ... and quick thinking to succeed. It may not look like much, but spend a few minutes with the game, and you might just find it an enjoyable, unassuming little gem that not many people know about.

Black Thorne

Review 1: Blackthorne is basically a scrolling platformer, but if you play it for a bit you'll realise that its a bit more involved and you have to solve puzzles. You play the role of an escaped slave ... US). This version has the same gameplay, but with many cutscenes and improved graphics. You can download it below - just unzip to C:\BTHORNE32X and choose the SMD file from "Open ROM" menu.

Blade Warrior

Blade Warrior is a very stylish arcade adventure game from Image Works/Mirrorsoft, set in a fantasy world. Although the premise and gameplay is not that different from most other fantasy hack-and-slash ... use of shadows and a unique graphical style makes the game one of the better-looking and atmospheric games in the genre. Highly recommended for all action gamers, especially fans of Conan or Savage.

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

In this game you play for special agent Blake Stone who has a task to infiltrate bases of an evil scientist Pyrus Goldfir. Together with Blake you will fight against people and mutated freaks. In shareware ... you'll gain better of course such as laser pistol, machine gun etc. I would place Blake Stone somewhere between Doom and Wolfenstein. Despite that it's acceptable by playbility and also by graphics.

Blam! Machinehead

Blam! Machinehead is an action-filled, bizarre 3D shooter by Core Design with nice graphic effects and a B-Movie flair that doesn't take itself too seriously. Here's the plot: an evil DNA has gone berzerk ... far from being a classic. My biggest gripe is that the levels are far too long - if you have little patience for long-level action games, stay away from this one. Otherwise, it is well worth a look.


Review 1: I used to play this for hours and hours on my Amiga - preferrably in two-player-mode. Using the wellknown Asteroids-concept this is a greatly enhanced version. You can transform your ship into ... But hey, who expects a perfect arcade conversion from a game made in 1990? So, just pretend you never played the original, and you'll have some fun with this Asteroids clone with some neat features.

Blip Blop

Review 1: Let me start with saying that if you like the old stories about the smurfs you will most likely not like this as quite a few of them will be blown up. Yes I agree on that it is a bit sick humor ... one with your Ball of Steel. Overall, a great, extremely well-made, cartoony platform-shooter that it's sure to give a big pack of laughs, especially with a friend. Die, Snuff Elite Squad, Die!

Block Buster!

Block Buster! is a decent Breakout clone from Mindscape. Nothing much to say about this one, except that it introduces an interesting way of giving you bonus items: as a menu on the right hand side of ... for long. Recommended only for die-hard Breakout fans who can't get enough paddle action. Otherwise, ignore this average game and check out many better games in this subgenre on this site instead.


Review 1: Arguably the best game ever made with Ken Silverman's Build 3D engine (the engine behind Duke Nukem 3D games), Blood is an excellent, atmospheric, and highly replayable first-person shooter ... away when your guns start shooting and the bodies start falling around you. This game is definitely a game you will want to have on your PC. If you like bloody shooting games, you'll love this one.

Blood 2: The Chosen

Review 1: Blood 2 is a fun sequel to Blood, a cult classic FPS from Monolith. Instead of the Build engine used in Blood, Blood 2 designers opted this time to use the enhanced version of Monolith's in-house ... offer, even multiplayer modes (if you can find someone on the net who is still playing this game online or if you get a LAN party going), and plenty of player customization available. Get it... NOW!

Blood Money

To cut it short: Everything that made the Amiga version of Blood Money one of the most enjoyable shoot'em ups ever is missing is this PC conversion. So what's left is a mediocre game-- the great soundtrack, ... shooters in general. Everyone should download the Amiga ROM (available at our site too - in Amiga section) and play it on an emulator, though, to see how good this game can get. Disappointing.


Very easy one color space shooter a la space invaders.

Blues Brothers

Review 1: A nice little game, but I liked the Jukebox Adventure more. All elements of a good Jump 'n Run are present and many characters you may know from the movie are to be seen in one or the other ... levels but like most games of this type it gets repetitive and somewhat boring quite fast. It's a good game if you just want a quick blast, but don't expect to want to stay up all night playing it.

Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure

Review 1: Well, you didn't expect Elwood wouldn't want to bring you one of the Blues Brothers-Games? I like the Jukebox Adventure most (in fact the other one I played isn't really playable in my opinion). ... a must-play for all fans of the duo, and a good introductory-level game for newbies. Arcade veterans should look elsewhere, because they will likely find the levels too short, and gameplay too easy.

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