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BBQ (a.k.a. Yakiniku)

BBQ is a unique and amazingly addictive freeware Flash game from Japan. The premise is one of the most original I have seen in any game: you are eating Japanese BBQ ("Yakiniku") in the restaurant, and all you want to do is cook the beef correctly so it comes out delicious ;) As in real life, you'll have to first pick up the beef, then drop it in the cooking grill in the middle of the screen. You will then have to cook the meat throughoutly by clicking on it repeatly to flip it back and forth. When the meat looks well done, you'll pick it up and dip it in the BBQ sauce to eat it. If the meat is well cooked, your score will go up. But if it's too raw or too over-cooked (or even burnt), your health bar will decrease. You score more points when you can eat consecutively (i.e. without an overcooked, burnt or too raw meat in between). Since you only have 2 minutes in the game but no shortage of beef, the goal is to score as high as possible before your time runs out. This requires you to cook several pieces of beef at once, and make sure they are all well done.

BBQ is one of the rare games that is perfect for spending a few minutes during a coffee break with. It's pretty to look at, it's addictive, and it's quite unique to boot. Who knows -- after playing this game a lot you'll be able to enjoy real-life Yakiniku more than before ;) If you can't read Japanese, grab the translation of terms of the game as PDF file below.

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BBQ (a.k.a. Yakiniku) screenshot
BBQ (a.k.a. Yakiniku) screenshot

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