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Sam and Max Hit the Road

Review 1: LucasArts designed a graphical adventure in 1993 for DOS that made a mark on the cartoon games. Sam & Max Hit the Road was based on a very popular comic book that many adults remember reading ... good game that you need to use your brain to think out some puzzles. Somehow however I was able to remember a lot of the stuff my brothers did. It took some fun out of the game, but try it out!


Review 1: Doubtless one of the very best "serious" adventure games ever made. In this psychological rollercoaster ride, you find yourself a patient in a strange sanitarium, with no memory of ... signify that he has been led astray. This is a good one from start to finish. The mood is there, the game play is there, the logic exists…such as it is. It needs to be experienced to understand it.

Saturday School

The Young Gabriel King Chronicles and Saturday School are two excellent short (20-30 mins.) adventure games created for the "One Room, One Week" AGS competition in April 2005. Although both games ... and a lot of funny, well-written dialogues with fellow students. If you have about an hour to spare, both amateur adventure games will definitely give an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.


Level 9's last adventure game features one of the most unique plots and player character ever seen in a game, even though the puzzles are sometimes bordering on the illogical. You are a police man who ... best games, but is definitely much better than most other IF games. I don't recall ever playing a ghost again until LucasArts' Curse of Monkey Island and, more dramatically, Dreamforge's Sanitarium.

Scoop, The

Review 1: The Scoop is one of the old classic detective games. Considering the game is from 1989 both the game interface and graphics are good and unlike the early Sierra games like Larry and Police ... than make up for its shortcomings. Review 3: A small adventure-detective game. Lots of talking and puzzling. It does not reach the quality of the Sierra adventures, though it's a very nice thingy.


First in Leisuresoft's "Leisureland" adventure game series, Scrooge is an easy adventure games starring Ebenezer Scrooge, the miser millionnaire who lived in the 19th century. Scrooge has a fun ... with it, but anyone looking for a serious and logical adventure should look elsewhere. Good for budding adventurers who are learning to read and don't mind illogical puzzles and random elements.

Sea Search

In mid-1980s, a small company called Mark Data Products released 6 parser-based graphic adventure games similar to early Polarware and Scott Adams titles. While the games are reasonably successful on Tandy's ... experience a forgotten past of the early days of adventure gaming. All are recommended, but if you want the best of the bunch, I highly recommend my personal favorites: Trekboer and Calixto Island.


One of Infocom's best introductory-level text adventures, Seastalker is a fun undersea adventure that will delight fans of Wishbringer and anyone new to the interactive fiction genre. Matthew Murray's ... and those who enjoy adventure stories." Definitely a good choice for IF beginners and anyone new to Infocom games who doesn't want to plunge into challenging games (such as Trinity) right away.

Secret Mission

An inconsistent adventure that features an interesting plot hampered by poor user interface, Secret Mission is a relatively unknown adventure game from French developer Microid, who would go on to produce ... although some (such as decrypting the hierogryphics) are quite interesting. Overall, an above-average adventure that fans of the genre should take a look, although don't expect another Last Express.

Secret of Monkey Island 2, The

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is a puzzle solving adventure game set in the Tri-Island Area near the Caribbean. You will be taking the part of Guybrush Threepwood who is meant to resemble a pirate. ... very addicted to this game. With a plot having tons of unexpected happenings and well-designed graphics, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is without a doubt a phenomenally put together game.

Secret of Monkey Island, The

Review 1: When LucasFilm Games (now called LucasArts) first started, it was small and consisted of only a few adventure games. Games such as Maniac Mansion and Zak McCracken. Monkey Island 1 was the ... all over the game, that spice up the gaming experience. If you love adventure game and you didn't play this masterpiece yet, and even if you're not that kind of adventure games fan, this is a must!


Seiklus is a superb adventure game that is hard to describe. Imagine a cross between Out of This World, Below the Root, and Super Mario, and you will have a vague idea of what the game is like - although ... (especially the underground cave), but the payoff is rewarding enough to warrant the amount of patience required. Truly one game that deserves to be called a "work of art." A must-have.


Sentient is an ambitious first-person adventure game from Psygnosis that features many interesting innovations, but the game is bogged down by poor execution and a frustrating user interface. Stephen Poole's ... plot. Too bad all of these are buried beneath a host of problems highlighted in Mr. Poole's review. Recommended only to die-hard adventure fans who are patient enough to overlook these major faults.

Seymour Goes to Hollywood

If you haven't met Seymour before, imagine a relative of Dizzy the egg, who lives in the real world. He's a sort of slug-type thing, who wanders around with his little eyes blinking and his little hands ... key, which also triggers the objects in your pockets as well. So if you find a key, hit RETURN to open a locked door. Easy enough, so you don't need to bother with typing in commands or anything.

Shadow of The Comet

Shadow of the Comet is one of the best horror games ever produced, with a gripping storyline based on Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, good puzzles, and a wonderful atmosphere and characters despite some interface ... in a small town to photograph comet Halley's passing, you soon find that the event signifies a more sinister plan. Some pixel-hunting and time limits are annoying, but the game is excellent overall.


ShadowForce is a decent sci-fi adventure game published as shareware in 1994 by MVP. You control a four-person "ShadowForce" team, futuristic police force who has been called to investigate a ... of the screen - no more "hunt the pixel" frustration here. Too bad the rest of the game - writing, puzzles, and annoying combat - did not live up to the few sparks of innovative interface.


Shadowgate is a typical fantasy adventure game with a typical defeat-an-evil plot: you have been sent to Castle Shadowgate prevent the resurrection of an evil monster (called the Behemoth). Although most ... was released only on the TurboGrafx 16 system. After a long hiatus, ICOM is finally back as Ininite Ventures, and has updated the game to Windows 95 version! Go buy it today from Shadowgate website!

Shadows of Mordor

Review 1: Shadows of Mordor is the second part of the famous trilogy where you, among other things, have to guide Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee through the lands of Middle Earth without losing the magic ... spiders, evil horsemen, and sinister evil. The game is a marked improvement over Fellowship of the Ring.. perhaps the programmers got back in time to fire that amateur they let design that game .


Review 1: Early action/adventure game that is another oldie but goodie from Synapse, published by IBM in 1984. According to MobyGames' description, Shamus lets you "...explore over 120 rooms to ... Atari 400/800 series of computers. It is an excellent maze game that is very difficult to complete. It has 4 levels (black, blue, green and red) and each has enemies that get progressively faster.


Review 1: Shannara is a great adventure game made by the same people as the popular series from Sierra, Quest for Glory. The story is taken from the novel with the same title so if you have read this ... closely follow the novel's storyline, so if you have read the books, you'll likely find the game far too easy. Overall, one of the best fantasy adventure games ever made, despite a predictable plot.

Shard of Inovar

Another solid fantasy adventure based on the Kobyashi Naruengine, Shard of Inovar is a more traditional adventure. You are a royal wizard who must invoke various rituals to reconstruct the cairnrue, a ... The puzzles are easy and fair, and the plot is interesting enough to warrant playing to the end. Overall, a pleasant adventure that doesn't offer anything new, but is competent at what it does.


In mid-1980s, a small company called Mark Data Products released 6 parser-based graphic adventure games similar to early Polarware and Scott Adams titles. While the games are reasonably successful on Tandy's ... experience a forgotten past of the early days of adventure gaming. All are recommended, but if you want the best of the bunch, I highly recommend my personal favorites: Trekboer and Calixto Island.

Sherlock Holmes: Another Bow

The first Sherlock Holmes game ever made for PC is a fun interactive fiction title that features an all-new mystery created specifically for the game. The premise is that aging Holmes, now in his 60's, ... Another Bow is a highly entertaining interactive novel that indeed deserves the label "Living Literature." As avid reader and Holmes fan, I highly recommend Another Bow to fellow IF fans.

Sherlock Holmes: The Vatican Cameos

Sherlock Holmes: The Vatican Cameos is an interesting text adventure that is more interesting by virtue of innovative designs than the actual gameplay. The game is based on the "affair of the Vatican ... very limited interface unfortunately prevents it from being too interactive, but if you prefer games like The Scoop to full-fledged text adventures, this little-known game may prove entertaining.

Sherlock: Riddle of The Crown Jewels

Bob Bates' first game for Infocom (before the much better Arthur and his more famous role as the founder and designer of Legend Entertainment) showcases his talent in writing and attention to detail, but ... a huge amount of obscure puzzles. For a more accessible Holmesian game (although admittedly not as true to his mythos), try Bantam's Another Bow or EA's Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes instead.

Shogun (Mastertronic)

Review 1: Shogun is one of the earliest adventure games that combine traditional adventure with both action and strategic elements-- an attempt that proved largely successful here. In this unique adventure ... screens are that they are shown from the site, though you character walks through viewed from the top, that means you 'fly' around a screen which is 2D, get it? If not, just play this masterpiece.


Review 1: "Schiffbruch" is a mix of building, strategy, and adventure, played from an isometric perspective. The game deals with a shipwreck (translator's note: "Schiffbruch" means ... things in it. This game is freeware and originally the game was German, but it has been translated to English and that's also the version you will be downloading here. Be sure to check this one out!

Sign of the Sun

Sign of the Sun is a decent adventure game that unfortunately descends into mediocrity quickly after a fascinating intro and never quite recovers. The best thing about the game is the interesting plot: ... an average adventure game that could do much more with the fascinating plot. Recommended only as a "novelty" kind of game - and if you simply must play every adventure game ever made.

Silicon Dreams Trilogy, The (a.k.a. Snowball, Eden, Worms in

A trilogy of sci-fi games that comprises Snowball, Return to Eden, and The Worm in Paradise. All three games follow the exploits of Kim Kimberly, the legendary secret agent and space pilot. In Snowball, ... can now type HELP to get helpful hints on various puzzles in the game and general gameplay information. Return to Eden is IMHO the best in this series, with good puzzles and well-written locations.

Simon the Sorcerer

Review 1: You start in the old mans cottage (with a beautiful pile of compost in the back yard). It's a classic adventure game, so you'll have to collect things. You'll also need money which you must ... of the nature of the game you may want to turn the music off as it becomes very repetitive as you have to leave and re-enter rooms repeatedly. Overally, I would recommend the game highly. Enjoy.


Skullduggery is a decent IF game that offers a novel combination of ASCII graphics and text, but unfortunately bogged down with a simplistic parser. Carl's succinct review says it all about this so-so ... where it doesn't recognise the adjectives given in the output text." If you enjoy IF games set in fantasy world, you might enjoy it for a few minutes before parser quirks annoy you too much.


Short adventure with Snoopy.

Snoopy and Peanuts

Review 1: Don't be fooled by cute graphics and famous characters. Snoopy and Peanuts is a pretty boring and incredibly short game to play! There are quite many drawbacks in this product including the ... and you can roam around the neighbourhood. But I have to admit that I did get rather bored and lost as soon as I started playing. Bit of a bummer, cos I love the Snoopy & Peanuts cartoons.


Although it is the weakest game in the Enchanter Trilogy, Sorcerer is still a fun game that boasts some of the most memorable puzzles in Infocom canon. The game is set a few years after the events in Enchanter ... the difficulty level that is one notch up from Enchanter makes the game a good middle ground between Enchanter and Spellbreaker, the last and most difficult game in the series. Highly recommended!

Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle

One of the classic games by Scott Adams in the early '80s, Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle is an above-average dungeon romp that sends you, a young sorcerer's apprentice, into the dreaded castle to retrieve ... the parser here is vastly inferior (it was coded on the same engine used for Adams' Fantastic Fourgame). Still, some clever puzzles and decent writing makes this a game worthy of Scott Adams' name.

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