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P.H.M. Pegasus

The first and perhaps the only hydrofoil simulation, P.H.M. Pegasus has great graphics and gameplay for its time, although the scenarios were less interesting than the much-improved sequel Strike Fleet. ... a good diversion from more serious simulations. The lack of career mode, or relationships of any kind between scenarios also mean that you can finish one game relatively quickly in 1-2 hour sitting.

Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands is the follow-up to Team Yankee and as its name suggests is set in the Pacific Islands, where conflicts demand the intervention of the USA and you, as a crack tank commander. You are in ... of controlling 4 groups of 4 tanks are overcome, the rest of the game is quite easy to get into, and very rewarding. Recommended if you like tank sims, but don't expect it to be very realistic.

Pacific Strike

Pacific Strike is based on a similar engine as Strike Commander. In this game, you play a naval aviator during WWII in the Pacific Theater of Operations. You begin your career during the surprise attack ... the sluggish flight model. If you want to experience air combat over the Pacific, you'd be better served by Dynamix's Ace over the Pacific or, even better, by MicroProse's 1942:Pacific Air War Gold.

Pitstop 2

Review 1: Another bad conversion from the good old C64. While Pitstop 2 was a real legend of Commodore 64, the PC version is pretty bad. It's a standard Formula 1 game for one or two players. Drive several ... Review 3: Race Formula-1 in several tracks while trying to beat a computer opponent. Pay attention to your fuel and tires: It will be necessary to drive into a pitstop to swap them out and refuel.

Porrasturvat (a.k.a. Stair Dismount)

Review 1: Winner of the game development competition in Assembly 2002 and deservedly so, Porrasturvat (Stair Dismount in English) is a quirky and strangely addictive little game by Jetro Lauha, the designer ... Online score list has not been implemented yet. If you can stand repetitive music and quite horrible graphics, then this game should be quite fun. Playing in short bursts will extend replay value.

Ports of Call

This game is basically about using your ships to transfer various goods and wares around the world, while trying to pay as little as possible for fuel and maintenance of the ships you own. Another important ... results will be saved to the highscore so you can compete with yourself over and over again. In conclusion, this is quite an interesting game, certainly worth trying out. Just give it some time.

Power Politics

One of the most comprehensive political simulations ever released, Power Politics puts you in command of a US presidential campaign. In contrast to the realism of SSI's excellent President Elect, here ... what issues to tout in advertising and debates. There are reams of statistics to please all but perhaps the candidate himself, and you can even hire a spin doctor if the campaign is going badly.

Precision Approach

Precision Approach, as the name implies, is a very detailed simulation of aircraft landing-- in this case, a space shuttle. Despite this razor-thin focus, the game is surprisingly replayable for its random ... find it too dry and boring. For anyone who knows what "derotation," "EOW," and "PAPI" mean, though, this is the closest you'll ever get to the actual NASA simulator.

Princess Maker 2

One of the most unique and compelling games ever made, Princess Maker 2 is an excellent "life simulation" from Gainax, and the only game in the Princess Maker series to have been translated into ... for months on end. Two thumbs up, way up! Note: This is the English translation that was never officially released. Therefore, there are *gaps* in translation, and missing text in some endings.

Project Neptune

MobyGames says it all: "taking on the role of special agent Robert "Rip" Steel, it is up to you to destroy the evil Yellow Shadow's network of undersea mining bases [while protecting] your ... but powerful submarine, and must work quickly and strategically, if you are to succeed." Cool arcade / strategy combination, great scenery, and the usual dose of Infogrames eccentricities."

Project: Space Station

Review 1: Before he developed a string of venerable flight sims for LucasArts (Their Finest Hour, X-Wing etc.), Larry Holland designed this exceptional NASA mission simulator that gives you the chance ... emulator. In this game you are in control of NASA and you are in charge of reparing a flight with a space shuttle. It's a kind of simulation game in which you have to do all the stuff. Hard game.


Review 1: Unofficial sequel to great Starflight series, Protostar was brilliant in 1993, with it superior, 256 colors VGA graphics. Featuring more massive plot than original games, and also ability to ... phase to give it more polish. As it stands, though, it's still a fun "diamond in a rough" space trading game that's worthy of Starflight name, although not its masterpiece status.


PSim (short from Particle Simulator) is a primitive artificial life simulation that nonetheless is both interesting and fun. It is based on objects, called particles, which interact with each other in ... It may seem too dry for some, though, so be warned. It's also definitely more like a "software toy" rather than a "game" with predetermined goals, so be warned of that as well.

PT Boat Simulator

PT Boat Simulator is an excellent improved version of PT-109, an outstanding submarine sim published by Spectrum Holobyte in 1987. After developer Digital Illusions disappeared from the gaming industry ... and the plethora of gameplay options make PT Boat Simulator a must-have for armchair sub commanders everywhere. A worthy sequel/remake of PT-109, and a game that remains highly playable to this day.


PT-109 is a revolutionary naval sim for its time that went by largely unnoticed, although it attracted a minor following on the Macintosh, the game's original release format. The game lets you take the ... It may not be as action-packed or intuitive as the venerable 688 Attack Sub, but PT-109 has its unique appeal and gameplay. Highly recommended for experienced skippers and armchair naval commanders.

Race the Nags

Nags is an simple,but highly addictive horse racing game. The game begins by choosing how many players want to play(1-6 players can play this game). Nags is a horse racing game. Players bet their moneys ... you just have to quit while you have lots of money. However, gambling can be very addictive. But if you keep your head cool, you can get a million bucks and get your name in the millionaires club.

Rags to Riches (a.k.a. Wall Street Manager)

A fun but ultimately too dry stock market simulation that tries to make trading stocks more fun by adding neat options like the ability to call your Mom for more money (EG), luxury goods you can buy with ... with all financial and personal assets combined. The result is an average game that's neither realistic nor fun to play, that will give you a few hours of entertainment before it becomes repetitive.

Railroad Empire

Railroad Empire is an older version of ArtDink's underrated A-Train railroad simulation that was published by Maxis in the U.S. Although two years older than its better-known predecessor (no surprises ... more in-depth management options and a chance to speculate in land and stocks along the way should do well to pass this one up and play A-Train, ArtDink's superior update of this forgotten old game.


"A tactical simulation of trireme warfare; an often-ignored subject in wargaming, the treatment herein rendered it hors de combat." There's not much more I can add about the game-- like Avalon Hill's other early fumbles, this game is primitive, inexplicable, and simply not fun. If you're interested in the subject matter, play Wooden Ships and Iron Men instead.


A fun, tongue-in-cheek simulation of Egypt empire, Ramses is a decent freeware game that tackles one of the most ignored topics: simulating ancient economies. Although the game doesn't take itself too ... to the poor, and buy/sell land. Overall, a pleasant diversion fans of business sims -- especially beginners-- might want to take a look. Note: Game text can be toggled between German and English.

Reach for The Skies

Following their success with Flight of the Intruder, Rowan's second flight sim focused on WWII's famous "Battle of Britain". Reach for the Skies is an excellent combat flight simulator giving ... It runs under Windows but very slow, buggy and without sound. To install, use SUBST or copy the four folders onto four floppy disks. It's not cracked, so be sure to crack it with Crock program first.

Red Baron

Review 1: If You ever wanted to fly a WW1 double-winged airplane then try Red Baron - the best of its kind. Play a career either as a German or British pilot and do Your best to complete missions. More ... the 90's; it is also a fitting tribute to the amazing Red Baron who aced so many planes during WWI. This game is truly one of the best flying simulations from my early teen hood. Download it now!

Red Storm Rising

Review 1: Not MicroProse's finest hour, but a great game nonetheless. This game is definitely neither a "realistic" nor "deep" sub sim (compared with, say, 688 Attack Sub), but that's ... a little trickier, with the user not only having to fire, but also to control his own depth and use gauges and instruments to view the enemy. Still, the game has a nice balance and is good overall.

Rekkaturvat (a.k.a. Truck Dismount)

Without a doubt, Porrasturvat (Stair Dismount in English) was one of the most original freeware underdogs of 2002. But how do you code a sequel to a unique game whose purpose is to cause as much pain as ... will keep you entertained... and make it a permanent resident on your hard drive. At least, until we see Plane Dismount or various more gruesome "Dismount" games that will hopefully follow.

Renegade: The Battle for Jacob's Star

The Battle for Jacob Star is the sequel to SSI's early classic Renegade: Legion Interceptor based on FASA's Renegade Legion RPG universe. The game is unfortunately not as good as Legion Interceptor, partly ... game compared to the games of the same period make one wish SSI had just done a true, turn based strategy sequel to Renegade Legion: Interceptor, rather than turning it into a flight-sim game."

Robinson's Requiem

This is one of the most intriguing game concepts of all time-- and the most frustrating. Your goal is simple: escape from alien planet Alcibiade. The process, however, is an ordeal that will leave masochistic ... they are-- since you'll be seeing the death scenes so often in this game even real doctors will wince. If you value your sanity, do NOT play this game-- seriously-- go play the sequel Deus instead.

Romantic Encounters at The Dome

A novel and intriguing attempt to model real-life dating that doesn't quite pull it off, Romantic Encounters at The Dome seems like a perfect program for anyone who has been rejected by his or her date ... for uniqueness' sake. Just don't expect it to help you become Don Juan overnight. If you are looking for a solid and much more logical life simulation, play Alter Ego or even Executive Suite instead.

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