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Race the Nags

Nags is an simple,but highly addictive horse racing game.

The game begins by choosing how many players want to play(1-6 players can play this game).

Nags is a horse racing game. Players bet their moneys on the horses. If the horse wins,the player wins money.

Main screens shows all the information needed. In the blue bar there are name of the horses that are racing on this round and the winning odds. More information of the racing horses can be found by pressing ALT-S.

At the beginning each player get 500$. They have to choose the horse,the amount of money they bet and does it win,place or show (to win a horse must come in first, the place means that the horse must come in as first or second, and to show a horse must be within the first three). When the bets have been placed,the race can begin.

The race is very fast and players can't do anything to influence them. After the race is over the results appear. After that,the next round begins. Players can keep doing this until they get bored and quit,they quit because they have to or they lose their money.

Of course,the game itself is very unique. There aren't many horse racing games(At least i haven't seen any). There are lots of different horses in the game, and their stactics rise when they race.

If you want to get in the highscore list, you just have to quit while you have lots of money. However, gambling can be very addictive. But if you keep your head cool, you can get a million bucks and get your name in the millionaires club.

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