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5th Fleet

One of the best board-style wargames ever made, 5th Fleet is a great naval simulation based on Avalon Hill board game of the same name. PC Gamer review has the lowdown on this excellent old game: "Avalon ... who just aren't in the mood for Harpoon's complexities, or who are looking for a naval-war game that can be started and finished in a single evening, will find it a delight. Well done."

7 Card Stud

Inspired by the adventures of: Amarillo Slim 'Living Legend of Poker'. In this game you can play poker against 5 computer-players. So this one is different as the 'usual' computer poker game.

8088 Othello

A simple yet addictive board-game this one... Stumbled upon it when I was browsing through my Harddisk - 8088 Othello? What was that again? Tried it and couldn't let it go for more than an hour. The concept ... the computer over and over again. Well, believe me - you will need some good strategies - don't think this would be easier than chess just because there is only ONE kind of piece on the board!

Advanced Civilization

Advanced Civilization is another one of Avalon Hill's classic board games of which they made a faithfull conversion. Unless one has actually played the board game and realizes what's going on, however, ... For those of you who have played Civilization, and even some who haven't, I found this game to be a very fun and a perfect conversion of it's predecessor that is definitely worth the hefty download.


Akron is a decent PC implementation of the abstract board game of the same name which was invented by Cameron Browne. In the author's own words: "Akron is a new connection game played with marbles ... computer opponent whose strategy can be toggled in the middle of a game. Recommended for anyone looking for a refreshing abstract game to play that is easy to learn and can be finished in 15 minutes.

Animal Game, The

The Animal Game is a solid PC implementation of a board game of the same name that is very popular in China but little known outside. Also known as Shou Qi or The Jungle Game, this board game similar to ... a good fight. If you enjoy chess or abstract board games in general, this rendition is sure to delight. Formerly shareware, the game has been released as freeware by its author. Highly recommended!


Review 1: Ants is a very unique card and strategy game. You have 8 cards in front of you where each of them is within 3 different categories, building, battle and magic. You start with a certain amount ... you like beer-and-pretzel strategy games that are fun for at least 5-10 minutes it takes to beat it, or if you enjoy Arcomage but don't feel like it's worth the $12.95 price tag, Ants fits the bill.

Axis & Allies: Iron Blitz Edition

Review 1: Iron Blitz Edition is THE proper computer version that does justice to the classic board wargame, released years after the disappointing (and very buggy) first release by MicroProse. ... the world as the Soviets or Americans. There are also a number of interesting "what if?" scenarios, in which certain countries stay neutral. These greatly extend the life of the game.


Review 1: Well, this is not bad - it's a solid Backgammon game that can be played easily. There don't seem to be any bugs and the interface is simple. It's nice for those Backgammon players who like ... opponent, and the usual assortment of options (hint, take back move, etc.) that are common in later backgammon games. If you like backgammon, this early classic is well worth a look. Recommended!

Battle Chess for Windows

Battle Chess for Windows is a little-known Windows 3.1 version (which works well in Windows XP and above) of Interplay's classic chess game. The game is identical to the original (1988) release of Battle ... Teaches Chess - features that would have added much more staying power beyond cool animations. A top game, but one that you will find fun only once in a while after you have seen all the animations.


Review 1: Battlestar is a space combat game similar to the popular board game Battleships. At least that is what it looks like to me as you start the game with a certain amount of missiles and a list ... that lunge towards you, trying to stop you from completing your quest, to collect all the emeralds and banish the ghost of Gumple Bumperdink from Onion Land. Bad Onion includes twelve levels.

Blood Bowl

Review 1: This game is based on the famous fantasy board game. Blood Bowl is another version of American football. All though there are a few differences. Instead of normal human players you can also ... interface mar the solid game engine. The AI could also use improvements, but overall, it's still a commendable effort that is great for fans of the board game who cannot find friends to play against.


Review 1: The game has two modes, the 'classic' turn-base game and the-real time game. The idea is very simple - to connect 4 balls in a row. In real-time mode you can win by getting "4 in a row" ... learn, hard to master" quality that characterize classic board games, Catapults is a great variant that comes highly recommended - especially if you can get 3 other friends to join the mayhem ;)

Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion

Review 1: Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion is a very competent translation of Parker Brothers' popular board game to the computer screen. Although I found the mouse-driven movements hard to do, and the ... view of the board. Along with the animations is a really good soundtrack that includes sounds of the storm outside the mansion and a forbidding butler who calls out each suggestion as it is played.


One of the world's first chess games designed for experts, Cyrus is also unfortunately one of the least known due to limited distribution. Which is a shame, because the game not only sports one of the ... enough challenge for an average chess player. Overall, Cyrus is an excellent chess program from a specialized chess software company (now defunct) that deserves a second chance. Highly recommended!

Deluxe Trivial Pursuit

Review 1: Trivial Pursuit on the computer... always a tricky thing. The game lets you reveal the answer to the questions and asks if you made it correct. Basically completely nonsense to play alone and ... Pursuit is the best computer version of the family favorite until Hasbro released the multimedia version almost a decade later. A must-have for every trivia fan's collection - highly recommended!


Diam is a cool Flash version of a neat abstract board game for 2-4 players that makes an ingenious use of the third dimension (i.e. height). The goal of the game is to place 2 pawns of identical color ... this computer version is actually better in that regard. If you are looking for a neat, modern abstract board game that is more interesting than checkers but easier than chess, Diam fits the bill.

Dogs of War

Review 1: Hot seat multiplayer games seem to be a relic of the past. Most of the games nowadays being real time, you can play over LAN or the internet, but that's just not as much fun as playing a cool ... support to play over the Internet. If you enjoy strategic-level wargames, Dogs of War is simply a must-have, and a welcome change in the genre that is typically dominated by tactical-level titles.


Dvonner is a great Windows game that features tough AI opponent for the game of Dvonn, a fun and unique tile-stacking abstract board game invented by Kris Burn in 2001. From the official site: "DVONN ... of Gipf for One, another cool abstract game reviewed elsewhere on this site, you will probably also enjoy this fanmade PC version of one of today's most interesting series of abstract board games.

Fearsome Floors (a.k.a. Finster Flure)

Fearsome Floors is an accurate Macromedia Flash conversion of a neat German board game of the same name (called Finster Flure in German). The goal is to get the yellow smilies (i.e. your opponents' playing ... with more in the pipeline for future versions. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a fun, 'quickie' turn-based games in the vein of Space Hulk, but one that can be finished in one setting.

FormulaPC (a.k.a. Formula Dé)

FormulaPC is an excellent fanmade PC version of Formula Dé, a unique board game from EuroGames that captures the spirit of Formula One racing in a whole new way: on the tabletop. Like its board game original, ... in the game. If you have played Formula Dé before, FormulaPC is a must-have. If you haven?t, check out one of the most compelling and unique board games available today. Highly recommended!


Funball is a fun and little-known shareware 2-player boardgame from Jeffrey Belt, published by Impulse Games. Your goal in this unique Checkers variant is two-pronged: either reach the enemy's base, or ... Funball is a fun and unique board game that deserves much more notice from boardgame fans, especially those who enjoy abstract board games with a lot of rules and options. Highly recommended!

Goats and Tigers (a.k.a. Bagha Chal)

Goats and Tigers is a solid PC implementation of "Bagha Chal," a little-known board game popular in Nepal and Tibet. I have been looking high and low for a PC version of this very interesting ... a good addition to your library - although it still doesn't beat the beautiful bronze set that I have. Recommended, but the ability to play as tigers and more gameplay options would have been nice.

Hero Quest

Review 1: Classical board game. If You ever played Hero's Quest or Space Crusade by MB Games (board games), then You probably know everything about this computer game. On the other side, if You haven't ... walking face first into a trap. At the end of each quest you get to spend all that lovely treasure that you found (you did find some right?) and buy swords, shields and spells to aid in your quest.


HeroQuest is a superb fanmade PC version of Milton Bradley and Games Workshop's popular but now out-of-print boardgame of the same name. In this turn-based board game in a fantasy setting, you can play ... design your own quests. If you love the original board game or want to try a "lite" turn-based strategy game, check out this very well-designed game that keeps the HeroQuest spirit alive.


Hexxagon is a pretty challenging board game. Move around to occupy the whole board and defeat your opponent. Your can use your pieces by moving/duplicating them or just jumping. Whenever you move your piece to a field right besides any of your opponents pieces, they change into yours, and vice versa. Three difficulty levels and customisable boards. A puzzle game worth a try.

Hexxagon 2

Well... this game is almost identical to Hexxagon 1 except for the layour. It's a pretty challenging board game though. Move around to occupy the whole board and defeat your opponent. Your can use your ... any of your opponents pieces, they change into yours, and vice versa. There are three difficulty levels and customisable boards. Worth a try if you are looking for a good and different board game.

Hexxagon for Windows

Hexxagon for Windows is a superb fanmade remake of a 1992 game of the same name from Argo Games. Hexxagon, in turn, is a variant of a neat strategy game called Ataxx which is implemented in Spot for DOS ... in this one is easier to beat than in the original. If you enjoy abstract board games or have played the 1992 DOS version, this is one game that will occupy a permanent spot in your hard drive.

Hitler's War

Hitler's War is a solid fanmade translation of Avalon Hill's tabletop war game for Windows. In this "introductory level" wargame, you can lead the German army as Hitler against human players ... be. I'd still pull this game out every now and then, though - it's worth having if you have little ones that you want to eventually break into the hobby; this would be a great title for that."

Homas Tour

Homas Tour is the original edition of the cycle racing game later known as Um Reifenbreite. The concise description from goes as follows: "Translating as "By the Width of a ... A good mix of luck (via die rolls and event cards) and strategy (many options during the race), Homas Tour is a must-have for every bicycle fan and fans of simple-but-fun sports-themed boardgames.

Chess (1981)

Chess (1981) is a very old chess game for the PC and has only got a small couple of skills.

Chessmaster 2000

Review 1: The first in the best chess series ever introduced a fantastic game of chess. You can not only play the game versus the computer opponent, but you can also learn to be a pro chess player using ... you are looking for a chess-sim of this kind and your eyes aren't hurt so easily. Admittedly, the graphics are ugly, they would've been better off doing this game in black & white in my opinion.

Chessmaster 2100

Review 1: A bit advanced version of Chessmaster 2000. 2100 now supports two player mode, a lot of new options and better graphics. The game is now presented in 640x400 resolution and the classic black&white ... have an old computer then get this game now! Review 4: Chessgame, easy controls. This game is actually an update from Chessmaster 2000 with a higher resolution gameplay and some other helptools.

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