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8088 Othello

A simple yet addictive board-game this one... Stumbled upon it when I was browsing through my Harddisk - 8088 Othello? What was that again? Tried it and couldn't let it go for more than an hour. The concept is so simple you almost can't believe how much it can tickle your brain. You start with 2 pieces per player. You play against the computer. If you manage to place a new piece in a way one or more pieces of your opponent are (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) between the new one and one of your pieces that has already been there - if you can't place a new piece like that you can't do anything. Basically you and your computer played opponent are doing nothing more than placing ONE new piece per round. But after some matches you will see that this is far from being easy! The computer is a challenging opponent (haven't found any differences between the different levels) - he builds traps and seems to plan his future moves. Keeping track of all the possibilities is hard - but you will also want to give your best and not lose against the computer over and over again. Well, believe me - you will need some good strategies - don't think this would be easier than chess just because there is only ONE kind of piece on the board!

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8088 Othello screenshot
8088 Othello screenshot

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