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Icarus (a.k.a. Day 4, The)

Dragon Force, Icarus, and Assault Dragon are three competent 2D side-scrolling shooters from Korea, based on the same mundane sci-fi plot about defending the Earth from alien invaders. All three games ... but the nice variety of levels and enemy ships make for a few hours of relaxing fun. Well worth a look as some of the best games from Korea, even if they are by no means classics of the genre.

If It Moves, Shoot It!

If It Moves, Shoot It! is a classic top-down shooter by Emerald Software. The graphics in general are very well drawn, especially the detailed level backgrounds. One of the few classic shoot-em ups on ... takes the idea of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" to heart and ends up being a very addictive shooter that's easy to get into, but not so easily out of. A must-have for every shooter fan!


IFRIT is a fun 2D horizontal shooter from Japan in the same vein as R-Type and similar games, albeit a lot simpler. Polished anime graphics, decent soundtrack, and solid gameplay round out this well-designed ... minutes. If you love R-Type, you will probably enjoy this similar game - although it plays more like a "poor man's version" of R-Type than an exciting game that brings it to the next level.

Ikari Warriors

One of the most popular arcade games of its time, SNK's Ikari Warriors was a vertically-scrolling mission deep into hostile territory. Your mission: rescue General Alexander Bonn, C.I.F. US Forces in Central ... conversions of the SNK arcade hits, and are solid precursors to the likes of Double Dragon and much better-looking Ikari III: The Rescue, which was done in all 16-color EGA glory. Highly recommended!

Ikari Warriors 3

Review 1: The Ikari Warriors series is mainly based on a game like Commando but this third game in the series has taken the game engine from a game like Double Dragon into the game as the game isn't ... a couple of other moves. Review 4: Action game in which you have to free some daughter of a bigperson in the jungle. Along the way you'll get better weapons and stuff. Nice topdown action game.

Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road

One of the most popular arcade games of its time, SNK's Ikari Warriors was a vertically-scrolling mission deep into hostile territory. Your mission: rescue General Alexander Bonn, C.I.F. US Forces in Central ... conversions of the SNK arcade hits, and are solid precursors to the likes of Double Dragon and much better-looking Ikari III: The Rescue, which was done in all 16-color EGA glory. Highly recommended!


Review 1: Pretty similar to the legendary Arkanoid game and just as fun. Break the bricks with a small ball, collect letters to get bonuses and do that through hundreds of levels. Review 2: From the ... in my favorite computer games magazine ASM. Overall a decent game and one of the better Breakout clones, but very tough in difficulty. Runs like a dream even on a Pentium II/450 under Windows 98.


ImpArea and Charm Rocks are two interesting action games from DOKA that resemble a combination of board games and whack-a-mole. The objectives of both games are similar: catch as many 'imps' as you can. ... ImpArea, where the objective is more turn-based and less hectic. Both games, especially Charm Rocks, deserve a look by anyone who enjoys quirkly little action games that are refreshingly different.


A worthy third-place winner in the first Remakes Competition at, Impossaball is a great PC remake of a classic Spectrum/Amstrad game of the same name, originally released way back in 1987 by ... and just plain fun to play. If you love arcade games - and especially difficult games - Impossaball is a must have. The game's addictiveness will keep you coming back for more frustration and fun.

Impossible Mission 2

Review 1: A classic and one of the best C64 games ever made was also ported to PC. But since PC is a much stronger machine, this game is just about an average product. How come evil scientists always ... computer terminals is a lot of fun. After it was first released in 1987 in CGA, Konami released the EGA/VGA version in 1989 with much improved graphics and sounds that finally rival the C64 version.

In Extremis

Review 1: For those who don't like Alien, leave the room now. In Extremis, released in 1993 by Delphine Software and weighing in at almost seven megabytes, rips off the plot of Alien so badly that you ... like FTS or previous Delphine games, you'll be sorely disappointed with this average DOOM clone that brings nothing new to the table. No wonder the game disappeared from store shelves very quickly.

In Pursuit of Greed

In Pursuit of Greed is a decent first-person shooter (FPS) set in the distant future. Despite pixellated graphics and repetitive first few levels, the game gets considerably better and more interesting ... enough patience to slog through the first few levels, you will find an interesting and above-average game lurking behind the tedious beginning. It is by no means a classic, but it's worth a look.

In Search of Dr. Riptide

In Search of Dr. Riptide is a fun shareware platformer from Raoul Said, designer of Pea Shootin' Pete. Similar to his other game, ISODR is fun, colorful, and nicely animated. As a naval officer, your mission ... Pete or well-designed shooters in general, you will like this fun, unassuming game that boasts much higher production value (and number of levels) than its shareware status may suggest. Recommended!


Incoming is an excellent 3D shooter from Rage Software. True to Rage's reputation as a leading action game developer, Incoming does not disappoint. Beautiful graphics, intense action, and a wide variety ... it's simple. But one could also say the same about Missile Command, Battlezone, and numerous other simple-yet-addictive classics. It's just a tad too short for an action game. Highly recommended.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - The Action Game

When LucasArts (then LucasFilm Games) released an adventure game based on blockbuster movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in 1989, an action game based on the same movie was concurrently released, ... is little more than closing credits. Overall, this is another powerhouse license botched by game developers, and a reminder of why LucasArts should stick to its proven expertise in adventure games.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Review 1: Oh yes, this is a good example for a game that probably never should have been made. It's a weird action-mixture made up from the movie of the same name. I bet they could have made a nice adventure ... an Indiana Jones license. If you want to play a decent Indiana Jones game, play Fate of Atlantis. Even if you can look past the dated graphics and sound you probably won't enjoy playing this one.?


Review 1: An innovative 3D exploration / action game that was truly ahead of its time, Infestation boasts excellent level design, neat 3D weapons and objects to find and use, and some creative aliens. ... most people. Highly recommended. Review 2: Some kind of 3D vectorbased 'space' shooter. You drive on a planet and have to kill the 'bug's' and other stuff around you. The graphics are pretty good.

Infestation (2000])

Infestation is a fun and diverse 3D ground combat game that features Transformers-style futuristic vehicle that can be transformed into five different shapes. In a mundane shoot-the-aliens plot, you pilot ... prefer Frontier's earlier V2000 (a 'sequel' to Virus), mostly because Infestation is less challenging and populated by less interesting alien enemies. Worth a look, but not a classic by a long shot.

Inner Worlds

Inner Worlds is a fun, very atmospheric shareware game that rivals Konami's classic Castlevania and features a few nice twists to the tried-and-true concept. You play a scantily-clad Nikita, who has the ... you can enter. With 3 very different worlds, a lot of secrets to discover, and solid gameplay, this is one platform game that will keep you up nights, and will especially please Castlevania fans.


Review 1: Interphase is an average action game from Mirrorsoft that disappointingly squanders the license of Neuromancer, classic cyberpunk novel it was based on. Interphase offers two gameplay modes: ... quite interesting puzzles to solve in the game, thought they do get a little "samey". The controls and interface can be a slightly awkward at times but it doesn't affect the game too much.


Interpose is a beautiful and very smooth VGA shooter that boasts very high production value for a shareware game (similar to all other Webfoot games). The plot, while not really necessary, is interesting ... Interpose is one of the better shareware games that every shooter fan should definitely take a look, although it's not nearly as memorable as the most popular shareware shooters such as Tyrian.

Into The Eagle's Nest

Review 1: Perhaps best described as Wolftenstein 3D from top-down perspective, Into The Eagle's Nest is neither as addictive nor revolutionary as that id classic, although it embodies the same find-keys-to-unlock-doors ... to find an elevatorpass to gain access to the next level. But be careful of the nazis, they are almost behind every door. Along your way you find enough ammo and health to stand against those nazis.

Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom and the sequel Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom are two rare 'retro'-style shareware shooters. From description at MobyGames: "[Invasion] consists ... by mail-order in late 1990s, Pop Software resurfaced briefly in 2001 to sell both games via PayPal on-line, but they have disappeared again since 2002. Download the registered version below :)

Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft

Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft is a case study of a great idea mired by horrendous execution. The premise is simple but very innovative: here is a 3D one-on-one fighting game with characters ... Iron & Blood managed to squander that opportunity with horrible gameplay and unreliable graphics. Fighting and RPG fans alike will have to wait for a game that uses the concept more effectively.

Iron Assault

Iron Assault is a 3D giants robot action game in the mold of Mechwarrior and later Earthsiege. In the year 2094, the world is now in the hands of powerful corporations. As the years have gone by, they ... everything and come back home). If you're a trigger happy player who just wants to blast everything in sight, then Iron Assault might have some appeal. Otherwise, stick to Mechwarrior or even G-Nome.

Iron Blood

Review 1: Hmm..yah, a pretty robot fighting game, you know, a game in which you take a character and blast everything off from the world, with no reason or anything to do so..but hey, programmers to ... to all fans of the genre. If you have even a passing interest in platform games, you will probably like Iron Blood. Fans of Mega Man (i.e. Rockman in Asia) in particular will find the game addictive.

Isin-Densin Zero

Isin-Densin Zero is yet another excellent vertical shooter from Japan's rapidly growing freeware scene. You know the drill by now: excellent graphics, smooth gameplay, and a lot of cool ship designs. The ... an average freeware shooter, spanning over 6 levels, each with its own background graphics. If you like vertical shooters, Isin-Densin Zero is a great old game that you should definitely take a look.


Iskib is a very rare 2D side-scrolling platformer designed to be included with an issue of Compute! magazine - one of the first instances such marketing gimmick was used for a PC magazine. The object of ... although unfortunately its play value is not as high as its rarity value as one of the few games ever commissioned by a gaming magazine. Make sure you use a slowdown utility before playing this one.

Island Peril

One of the worst games I have ever played, Island Peril is a campy FPS that you shouldn't ever play... unless you are curious about how bad a game can get. How bad is the game? I'll let Steve Bauman's ... you wondered, this is pretty much the worst game to grace the hard drive in a long time..." Some campy games are so bad they are funny and entertaining. This, unfortunately, is not one of them.

Isle Of The Dead

Blood! Lot's of blood. Man, I barely remember playing this beauty back many years ago, but I apparently didn't think much of it. Wow, was I wrong. This is a first person hack-and-slash played in a 3D environment, ... various keys you can use, such as "S" to save and "L" to load. It might cost you an arm and a leg - literally - but Isle of the Dead is one old game you should be dying to try!


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