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Iskib is a very rare 2D side-scrolling platformer designed to be included with an issue of Compute! magazine - one of the first instances such marketing gimmick was used for a PC magazine. The object of this fun Buck Rogers-lookalike game is simple: run, jump, and gun your way from the left hand side of the screen to the exit on the right hand side. There are multiple enemy types, power-ups, and other objects to collect. Handy gauges on the top and bottom of the playing field show you the remaining distance you must cover to win the level, the number of objects you carry, the amount of time left to use "special" power-ups, and the remaining jump force. Each new level throws more enemies and hazards in your way. Overall, a pretty decent arcade-ish game that remains playable after all these years, although unfortunately its play value is not as high as its rarity value as one of the few games ever commissioned by a gaming magazine. Make sure you use a slowdown utility before playing this one.

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Iskib screenshot
Iskib screenshot

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