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Eco Phantoms

One of the most obscure strategy/action hybrids of all time, Eco Phantoms is an ambitious mix of action and strategy that does neither well. Detailed description and review from MobyGames: "After ... title, and can ever lay your hands on a copy, then try it for yourself...Who knows? It might work for you. At the very least, congratulations to Splinter Vision for making something different."

Eddie Kantar's Bridge Companion

Endorsed by one of the world's most famous players, Ed Kantar's Bridge Companion is one of the few bridge games that focus on teaching the basic rules, similar to Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess for chess. ... advanced bidding. If you are new to the game, Ed Kantar is a good game to start with. Intermediate and advanced players should look for something more challenging, such as EA's Grand Slam Bridge II.

Emperor of The Fading Suns

Holistic Design is one of the most overlooked developer ever-- they never seemed to pick the right publishers that would promote the games for what they are: deep, solid, and wholly engrossing strategy ... a considerable cult following. With excellent AI, extraordinary depth, and a well-written space opera mythos, EOFS is a must-play for anyone who enjoys "grand-scale" space strategy games.

Empire II: The Art of War

A disappointing end to the illustrious Empire series that began in 1978, Empire II: The Art of War feels like it was rushed out the door long before the game was ready. This results in an inconsistent, ... units. If you're an avid wargamer, you'll probably enjoy it. However, if you've heard great things about Empire and Empire Deluxe and think this will make an acceptable substitute, think again."

Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles

This gem was supposed to be the first in a series by a small English company. The reviews at the time were glowing, but unfortunately the game didn't sell well. It comes with ready made scenarios from ... out unit disposition and terrian or just play for fun..this game simulates the nature of Ancient Warfare at a fast and fun..yet accurate pace. Printouts are available after each battle as well.


Review 1: This sleeper hit of 1997 is an excellent business simulation that, similar to Capitalism Plus, encompasses every aspect of business, from choosing what products to sell, to marketing it across ... I was impressed by this game. I love to play business simulations and this one is really one of the best I've ever played. I'd really recommend this one to business simulation fans! Check it out!

Epic Connect

In 1995, Epic Megagames published a number of shareware computerized board games designed by Twisted Pine Software. Branded "Brainiacs" series after a movie of the same name, the games did not ... a button at the top of a column the cursor will change from a pointer to a pointing hand. The pointing hand cursor is Connect's way of telling you that you can perform a move at this location."

Epic Hoppers

In 1995, Epic Megagames published a number of shareware computerized board games designed by Twisted Pine Software. Branded "Brainiacs" series after a movie of the same name, the games did not ... the same as outside it. The pieces jumped over can be either friendly or enemy, and they are not taken from the board. The first player to fully occupy the enemy's Corner Camp is the winner."

Epic Checkers

In 1995, Epic Megagames published a number of shareware computerized board games designed by Twisted Pine Software. Branded "Brainiacs" series after a movie of the same name, the games did not ... also serve as legal take-off points for another jump. If you can get a checker to the last row of the board, that checker becomes a king. Now it can move, or capture, going in either direction."


As officer of the United Nations World Health, your job is to respond quickly and effectively with nuclear strikes to stem a global epidemic. While gameplay is somewhat abstruse, the unique and intriguing concept makes this one of the most unique games you'll ever come across.

Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life

Review 1: In my opinion the most "realistic" and fun strategy game ever made about scientific evolution, Evolution from Greg Costikyan is a unique, well-designed, and very well-balanced real-time ... but playing it will change your mind. This is a realistic strategy game and it is well balanced. Anyone who likes RTSs will like this game. You can play with up to six other players in this game.

Exploration (a.k.a. Voyages of Discovery)

Exploration is a fun game of 15th ? 19th century era of exploration from Interactive Magic. Earlier released in Europe by Black Legend as Voyages of Discovery, the game attempts nothing that we haven?t ... only after you have played just about every other historical trading game. Only an average rating for this one. If you like extensive micro management, however, this game is well worth a look.

Fantasy Empires

Review 1: Yet another SSI strategy game that didn't really make it (note that SSI haven't made great strategy games) but Fantasy Empires is just too unique in it's interface and a bit difficult to learn ... is simply a must-play for all fantasy wargamers. My only gripe is that because you must conquer EVERY territory to win the game, later stages can become a long, boring waiting game of attrition.

Fantasy General

Review 1: Of all SSI's releases in the "5-star" series based on the acclaimed engine of Panzer General, Fantasy General is my most favorite and one of the most underrated. What makes Fantasy ... you busy for many hours. Overall I was truly impressed with this game and, to be frank, the depth far outweighs any modern RTS game. Fantasy General will be on my hard-drive for a long time to come.


Farkle is a small but fun PC version of a medieval dice game of the same name. The objective is to score points by rolling combinations of dice, until one player scores over the 'game' score. Each player ... implementation, although no computer AI has been implimented yet. It's fun as a solo game or against another friend, though :) If you enjoy dice games or puzzle games in general, give Farkle a look.

Fascination (ComSpec)

Incredible and Fascination from ComSpec are fun and quite original solitaire games, although they don't have much replay value beyond the first few games. The object of the games are similar: in Incredible, ... limited and short to have any high replayability. Don't come close at all to QQP's classic Solitaire's Journey, but at least they are fun enough to while away a few minutes during your coffee break.

Favorite Games for Windows

Favorite Games for Windows is a decent compilation of traditional family games for Windows. The games included are Backgammon, Hearts, Rummy, Yacht (also known as Yahtzee), and Checkers. Each of the games ... for beginners who are looking for a no-frills version of familiar games to while away a few minutes at work. For faster gameplay or more challenging versions, you are better off looking elsewhere.

Fields of Battle

One of the most ambitious shareware wargames ever made, Fields of Battle is a strategic simulation of World War I on the strategic level. While the grognards will likely be disappointed at the absence ... only skin deep" is perhaps a cliche, but it is a perfect description of Fields of Battle-- a game whose simplistic interface betrays a much deeper underlying engine that is highly underrated.

Fields of Glory

This has to be one of the most detailed historical strategy games ever made. It is based on the historical battles fought by Napoleon Bonaparte and his armies, including the famous battle of Waterloo. ... knows all the capabilities of his units, he will win. I must also say that strategy games are not my cup of tea, but I think those who like the genre will not be disappointed by this game.

Fight for Fame

Fight for Fame is an excellent shareware real-time strategy game for one to six players set in the eigth century. The multitude of options makes Fight for Fame a deeper game than most RTS titles. You are ... or not you are a history buff or strategy game fan, you definitely should check out this excellent game that will surprise you with its breadth of options and gameplay depth. Highly recommended!

Final Conflict

Review 1: Final Conflict is a lackluster simulation of a nuclear conflict that feels as if the designer couldn't make up his mind between making it an action game or a thoughtful simulation.The premise, ... game Missile Command then you'll be right at home. For the average gamer this will provide a few hours of enjoyment, die hard strategy gamers will give up out of disgust. Fun, but nothing special.

Final Conflict (1997)

A very lackluster RTS in every sense of the word, Final Conflict won't raise any eyebrows or lure any Command & Conquer fans away from their screen. Despite being made in 1997, the game looks and plays ... simple "tank-rush" strategy should do the trick. All in all, a thoroughly bland game from an equally bland company. Avoid this so-so game unless you are absolutely bored of every other RTS.

Final Frontier

Final Frontier is a decent futuristic wargame that puts you in control of various robot military units. The game is one of Mirrorsoft's least known games, and for good reason: aside from the notable fact ... enough units to use the all-too-familiar "tank rush" tactic typical in later real-time games. Overall, worth a look mostly as an example of a not-so-common below-average game from PSS.

Fire Brigade: The Battle for Kiev 1943

One of the most overlooked wargames of all time, Fire Brigade is an exceptional game by Panther Games that simulates the 1943 battles around Kiev on the Eastern Front. Released only in Australia, Fire ... - a game that deserves at least as much recognition as classics from fellow Australian company, SSG. And big thanks to our resident cracker Mok for patching this oldie to run on new graphics cards :)

Fire Zone

A very little known game, Fire Zone is an ambitious tactical-level wargame that boasts PSS' usual top-notch AI, but unintuitive interface and questionable logistics. The game is similar to QQP's celebrated ... have marginal effects. Overall, a neat little gem that's notable more for its efforts than for real longevity or addictiveness. Definitely worth a look for all fans of futuristic wargames e.g. Ogre.

Fireteam 2200

Fireteam 2200 is a detailed and complex wargame about tactical ground combat in the 23rd century. The usual trappings of a galactic conquest game are here: many star systems to explore and conquer, R&D ... to poor interface and a too ambitious level of complexity that wasn't matched by competent AI. Anyone looking for a complex 4X galactic conquest game should try Star Legions or SSG's classic instead.


This early game by Virtual Pool developer is a fun jigsaw puzzle game with a novel concept: each jigsaw piece is animated the way it will be in a completed picture, so you need to synchronize animations ... challenge that sets the game apart from other jigsaw games. Be prepared for some very tough puzzles. Overall, it's a great twist on the familiar game that will keep jigsaw fans enthralled for hours.

Focus (a.k.a. Domination)

Focus (a.k.a. Domination) is a fun and unique board game invented by Sid Sackson, the legendary creator of Diplomacy, Acquire, and dozens of other classic board games. Bob Claster, maintainer of the one ... described above, it's simple in conception yet completely original." If you enjoy original and challenging board games, Focus is a masterpiece by master game designer you wouldn't want to miss.


Review 1: A brief but notable foray into the board game market by the masters of interactive fiction, Fooblitzsky is a novel attempt to use the PC to assist in playing a board game (e.g. roll a die) ... as a *board* game-- and not only a good one at that. Review 2: Some remake of a strange boardgame. You're a dog and have to collect some items on a board. The game is unfortenately 2-color mode.

Fort Apache

The third offering in the infamous "Micro Miniatures" series, Fort Apache is virtually identical to the previous two releases, Rorke's Drift and Charge of The Light Brigade, except for a different ... Miniature games, and the muddled user interface is left intact. Definitely not an enjoyable game experience, even with better graphics and many more formation and attack options this time around.


Forzee and Wowzee are a pair of innovative solitaire games from BSX International, a small shareware developer who was more famous for Madame Ching series of adult games that could be found on most BBS's ... makes Wowzee a tougher game of the two, but both games will challenge all card players who are looking for innovative solitaire games that depend more on skills than pure luck. Highly recommended!

Four Corners Solitaire

Four Corners Solitaire is a fun solitaire game that takes its name from the opening layout, in which each suit is assigned its own exclusive corner on the table. Each corner has an Ace in the middle, surrounded ... an enjoyable solitaire to play during coffee breaks at work. For a more challenging solitaire game, check out 35 Card Solitaire on this site. For an easier one, check out Good Neighbors Solitaire.

Fragile Allegiance (a.k.a. K240)

In all respects a greatly revamped version of Amiga classic K240 space strategy game. Similar to its predecessor, this is one of those games that you will love for the rest of your life, one of those games ... strategy with the only failing point being the inability to perform interesting research, but this is catered for by the ability to purchase new blueprints from TetraCorp headquarters. A must have!

Fritz 2.00

Fritz 2.00 is a great program that is currently the most powerful artificial chess player in the world. This is the early version of Deep Fritz 8, the program that tied 2:2 in an exciting match with world ... intuitive mouse-based interface, crisp graphics, and plenty of historical playing books you can use. Definitely one of the most powerful, although not completely accessible, chess programs ever made.

Front Lines

Front Lines is a hypothetical wargame that strongly resembles QQP's venerable The Perfect General series, combining the elements of board game warfare with good graphics and sound. Set in the next century, ... realism, though, means expert wargamers should stick to Norm Koger's Red Lightning for their realistic hypothetical wargame fix. Not as good as The Perfect General, but a worthy attempt. Recommended!

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