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Star Rank Boxing 2

A decent PC conversion of a solid Commodore 64 boxing game, Star Rank Boxing 2 is a fun boxing game with minimal stats but a lot of fun. Although the CGA graphics makes it look really outdated today, the game was, and still is, one of the few good action-oriented boxing games ever made. For a more sim-oriented title, try Title Fight Pro Boxing instead.

Stoked Rider

Review 1: It`s a snowboarding title, it has pretty nice graphics, but the controls are pretty sloopy... The turns in Stoked Rider are hard. So anyway I think that Stoked Rider would have had a better ... the right number of tricks in order, including the fun "molotov" boost and time bonus. All in all, an excellent coffee break old game that you'll want to come back to time and again.

Strategic Baseball Simulator

The beauty of computer baseball is that it is easy to get the numbers right. Baseball more than any other sport is game of easily seen percentages, averages and potentials. The large number of excellent ... it is also an excellent introduction to the great stars and teams of the past. If you enjoy the game, check out Run SBS, a good site with front-end for SBS as well as other utilities for Windows.

Street Racer

Street Racer is a fun and very little known PC conversion of a Playstation game of the same name, which was in turn based on a 1994 game for the Super Nintendo. Street Racer is basically a Super Mario ... Street Racer is a fun game, and a nice alternative to SuperKart on the PC. It's not as good as Super Mario Kart, but it's still a lot of fun, especially if you play against friends. Recommended!

Street Sports Baseball

Review 1: The baseball version of the somewhat popular sport series offering several different games in a sport series. You control a bunch of kids (4 actually to be precise) and you have 2 options to ... apparatus (dirt mounds and manhole covers for bases, etc.), this is just another arcade-oriented baseball game that's not that different from a lot of other (and better) games you can find.

Street Sports Basketball

Review 1: Unlike C64 version, PC version of Street Sports Basketball has terrible graphics. Completely new approach to a computer basketball game. You'll play basketball - on the streets! Before the ... each team, and the court is smaller than normal. The court is also ringed with curbs which can be used to bounce the ball back into play. Overall, a fun game despite primitive graphics and controls.

Street Sports Soccer

Review 1: The soccer version of the somewhat popular sport series offering several different games in a sport series. You control a bunch of kids (4 actually to be precise) and you have 2 options to ... the same, huge playing fields to struggle through, and irresponsive controls makes this one of Epyx's worst. If you want a good arcade-oriented soccer game, play Sensible World of Soccer instead :)

Striker (from Rage)

Rage's first entry in the Striker series is an ambitious soccer game that boasts smooth graphics, but with no element of excitement. Gets the red card for lack of playability. In short, Striker is a footie ... but nowhere near as much fun as it could have been. Fortunately Rage would improve both gameplay and graphics over time, and Striker '95 is quite a big improvement over this lackluster first release.

Striker '95

Striker '95 is an above-average soccer game that features some of the best graphics for its time. Similar to Actua Soccer by Gremlin, Striker '95 features a true 3D environment, with rotoscoped player ... soccer game that pays much more attention on graphics than gameplay. If you like easy soccer games with great graphics, this one might fit the bill, although the controls take some getting used to.

Stunt Driver

Stunt Driver is an oldie stunt car simulation by Spectrum Holobyte featuring a 1966 Shelby Mustang ready for you to drive to perfection. The game is very similar to Distinctive Software's Stunts both in ... A slow-down util is a must for anything faster than a 486, as the in-game clock and the computer opponents won't work if your computer is too fast. Highly recommended, especially in multiplayer mode.


Subbuteo is a solid PC version of the popular miniature soccer game in the UK that most kids grow up with. Similar to Foosball in the US but much more akin to the actual game, Subbuteo the tabletop game ... a mistake. Overall, Subbuteo is an excellent computerized version of a unique tabletop soccer game that is well worth a look, whether or not you have played the original before. Highly recommended!

SubLOGIC Football

SubLOGIC Football is an oldie American football game developed by Quest Inc. and published by subLOGIC in 1984. The game is very primitive even by 1984 standards. There is only a few teams you can control ... There is no reason anyone should play, let alone enjoy, this marginal game that simply cannot stand the test of time - except perhaps die-hard football fans or rabid collectors like yours truly ;)

Summer Games 2

This follow-up to hugely popular Summer Games features 8 new events, each implemented with fluid animation and a good dose of realism that doesn't sacrifice the fun. The computer players now also compete more aggressively than before, making a gold medal win a real proof of sportsmanship. Certainly one of the few games that truly stand the test of time.

Summer Challenge

Review 1: Probably the best track&field game ever made. You can play it alone, or compete with friends. Hurdles, javelin, high jump, pole vault... a lot of fun and excitement. I broke two keyboards ... one will make You an addict... Review 2: Very well made multisports game from Accolade. Jump with horses, Kayak down a stream, throw with spears, you name it, they got it. Well not all of course.

Summer Olympiad (a.k.a. Summer Challenge)

This is probably the worst sport game Tynesoft ever made. Given the company's excellent track record in sport games (e.g. Stunt Car Racer), this means Summer Olympiad isn't very bad-- it just doesn't live ... not up there with the best. Tynesoft could have done much better. If you are wondering how good Tynesoft can be with tournament games, check out the far superior Winter Olympiad, also on this site.

Super Dodgeball

Without a doubt my most favorite game in Technos' Kunio-kun series, Super Dodgeball is an excellent rendition of dodgeball, a fictional sports game that is a very popular subject for Japanese games. If ... City Ransom, or are a fan of addictive 2-player games, you can't go wrong with this old game that wasn't very popular outside Japan (perhaps due to people's unfamiliarity with the dodgeball game).

Super Football Sunday (a.k.a. Super Sunday)

An early pioneer in the genre of American football that was not nearly half as good as NFL Challenge. Ostentatiously based on Avalon Hill's best-selling football boardgame, Super Bowl Sunday is much more ... fans would do well to stay clear of this game and play NFL Challenger or newer simulations like Tom Landry Strategy Football instead -- or track down the long out-of-print original boardgame.

Super Ski

First in a series of decent skiing games that ended with Super Ski 3, Microids' Super Ski is a fun and surprisingly realistic CGA skiing game. The graphics look crisp and clear -- no small feat given the ... the tournament to hone your skills. Overall, a solid start to one of the most underrated skiing series of all time. Try it out, and you'll be surprised at how good a 1988 skiing game can get :)

Super Ski 2

One of the most underrated sports games for the PC, Microids' Super Ski 2 is a solid skiing game that offers a good variety of skiing events, graphics, and user interface. The game is similar to Accolade's ... check out. It's certainly an old game, and ideal for anyone who wants a more challenging game than Winter Challenge, although lesser-quality graphics and sounds make it an inferior game. Recommended.

Super Ski 3

Last in Microids' lackluster trilogy of skiing games is Super Ski 3, which boasts significant graphical improvements over the previous two games in the series, but unfortunately not playability. The best ... graphics are a big improvement over Super Ski 2, they did not improve enough to warrant anyone's attention. Not recommended, unless you just want to complete your Microids/winter games collection.

Super Ski Pro

Super Ski Pro is the last game in Microid's long line of winter sport games that never seemed to attract much attention - largely because they are not very good. Not for the lack of trying, though: Microids ... Epyx's Winter Games still look and play better than this slightly above average game despite being many years older. Not recommended, unless you like easy skiing games and don't mind blocky graphics.

Super Speed

Review 1: Super Speed is a 2D racing game, and it`s hard to control it and i`d better tell you the buttons because if I wouldn`t then you would probably get mad at me: "Z"- steer left, "X"- ... is a fun, albeit simple racing game that is well worth a look. It may not be the next Micro Machines, but for a few minutes of good ol' racing fun with friends, Super Speed is more than adequate.

Super Sumo Wrestling 2002

Super Sumo Wrestling 2002 is a great freeware QBasic game about sumo wrestling - a sport not usually seen in games (non-Japanese ones, anyway). The game sports nice "SD" (shrunken anime characters) ... Overall, Super Sumo Wrestling 2002 is a polished, immensely entertaining, and even unique freeware gem that is well worth your time, whether or not you are familiar with Japan's national sport.

Super Tour 3

Review 1: Can't say that there are many people that have tried to develop a game within the exciting (at least I think it is) cycling sport. I have only heard of Cycling Manager 1 and 2 which have both ... 3 packs enough gameplay value to entertain any cycling fan for a long time. The game is good enough to qualify as a commercial game, so it's a big bonus that the designer released it free of charge.

SuperBike Challenge

One of the first truly excellent motorcycle racing games, SuperBike Challenge features smooth CGA graphics, multiplayer options, a wide variety of tracks, and intuitive keyboard and joystick controls. ... levels. Although the game has largely been superseded by newer, more graphically appealing titles, it is definitely worth the nostalgic play-through as a game that was once years ahead of its time.


Supercars is a fun top-down racing game stylistically reminiscent of - and probably influenced by - Super Sprint series. Designed by a talented group of programmers who later produced the Lotus series ... you must answer questions to win championship points and money. Wrong answers can cost you either or both. All in all, a highly underrated game that was much better known on the Amiga. Recommended!


One of the best go-kart racing games ever made for the PC, Virgin's SuperKarts features excellent cartoon-style graphics, worldwide tracks, and addictive gameplay that strikes a good balance between car ... they are always worth picking up. Overall, SuperKarts is a great kart racing game that plays similar to shareware hit Wild Wheels, only with beter graphics and detail. A must have for all kart fans!

SuperStar Ice Hockey

Ed Ringler immediately went from being a no-name designer to one of the most venerable sports game designers of all time with this underrated hockey classic that is almost as close as it gets except for ... in practice games, and toggle puck size to make it more visible. With great gameplay, responsive controls, and good graphics for its time, SuperStar Ice Hockey is a must-have for all hockey fans.

SuperStar Soccer

One of the most innovative and well-rounded soccer games ever, SuperStar Soccer was designed by wunderkind designer Ed Ringler whose SuperStar Ice Hockey won critical acclaim that was unfortunately not ... you-- the game packs more than enough feature and fun to occupy soccer fans with fictional SporTime league for hours on end. A stellar achievement, especially considering its age. Highly recommended.

Supremo 99

Ostentatiously one the best soccer management simulation for DOS, and a precursor to ambitious Sick As A Parrot (SAAP). Supremo 99 has just about everything a soccer sim fan could hope for: hundreds of ... 99 is a must-have. If you like the game, also check out SAAP, the shareware Windows successor that is enjoying a growing following among soccer fans. Good, but not as good as Football Fanatic.


Surfive is a fun surfing game Phenomedia developed as a promotional game for Deutsche BP. Anyone who has played California Games 2 will be familiar with how the game works: score points by performing moves ... junk floating in the sea that will trip you from the surfboard. The gameplay is fast, fun, and attractive in SVGA graphics. Ideal for passing a few minutes at the office before you get back to work.

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