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Soccer Kid

A fun, highly underrated platformer from Krisalis, and perhaps the only entry in our "Football (Soccer" theme that doesn't belong in the Sport genre ;) MobyGames has the lowdown" on this ... the ability to save between each country (but not between individual levels)." With a unique premise, fun levels, and great gameplay, Soccer Kid is highly recommended for action and soccer fans.


Review 1: Soldat is a unique side-view multiplayer action game. It takes the best from games like Liero, Worms, Quake and Counter-Strike and gives you fast action gameplay with tons of blood and flesh. ... decided to put the latest version as at July 31, 2002 here because the official site is very slow. Keep your eyes peeled on the site for future updates, including a map editor. Highly recommended!

Sony Game

Probably one of the worst promotional games ever made, Sony Game is a quaint platformer starring everyone's favorite Walkman-- SONY's, of course. It's a typical platformer in every respect, except that ... anyway?). Good for a few laugh or if you want to browse SONY's catalog in the most unusual way. Otherwise, it's really not worth anyone's time, and there are far better promotional games around.

Sopwith: The Author's Edition

Sopwith: The Author's Edition is a greatly modified version of the original freeware classic Sopwith with the following features: Faster framerate Novice (with unlimited ammo/no stalls) and Expert mode ... after Sopwith 2-- and long after BMB Compuscience is no more. Too bad the network modes have been disabled, but the game is still a lot of fun either against a human friend or a computer pilot.


PC Gamer says it all about this ambitious 3D platformer that is not as good as Pandemonium!, but is well worth a look: "Attempting to mix elements from first-person shooters like Doom with 3D platformers ... you moan "That's it?" All in all, Soultrap is a game that will undoubtedly appeal to the Bug! and Mario 64 fans in the crowd, though the frustration level may be too high for some."

SouthPark Mario Brothers - Enhanced Edition

Although Nintendo never made a PC port of its console-only blockbuster Super Mario Brothers, PC gamers have access to many unauthorized "PC versions" programmed by zealous fans. SouthPark Super ... very authentic feel (even soundtrack!) to the Nintendo classic, South Park Super Mario Brothers is one of the best "unofficial" PC versions ever made, and offers many hours of platform fun.

Space Commanders

Review 1: The legendary Space Invaders was transported onto PC platforms in 1983 by a company named AJF, but the name had to be changed. It was named Space Commanders and here it is now. Control your ... there are many different Space Invaders-Games out there (some of them even using Color!!!) I think this one is one of the most playable versions - the graphics are not THAT great, but still okay.

Space Commanders 2

Review 1: Monochrome version of Space Commanders actually. Since not everyone had a CGA card in 1984, AJF had to make a monochrome version of a rather popular game of that time. The legendary Space Invaders ... versions while on the other hand providing a lot of retro feeling through the minimalistic monochrome graphics. Btw.: That graphic's pretty good if you got a laptop with a monochrome display.

Space Dude

Space Dude is a funny and quirky action game from FormGen. Billed as "an interactive animated motion picture where you control the action", it is really a loop of mini games tied together by ... required in each scenario, but once you get the hang of the game, it becomes quite enjoyable. If you like Wacky Funsters or similarly zany action games, you'll have a lot of fun with this old game.

Space Fortress

Space Fortress is a fun and unique action/simulation hybrid set in space. Your goal: "...defend your fortress as long as possible from enemies that endlessly increase in strength and numbers. This ... old game that will appeal to both fans of spaceship simulations who want something a bit simpler than Super Star Trek, and action fans who want something more sophisticated than a normal shooter.

Space Games

Space Games is yet another collection of thoroughly average arcade games sold as one compilation. Keypunch was one of the world's first "shovelware" publishers, and this title is no exception. ... which you must pilot a starship to a safe landing. These games are nothing but cheap knock-offs of better-known games. Recommended only for die-hard collectors who must collect every game ever made.

Space Harrier

SEGA's arcade 3D shooter brought to the IBM-PC. The arcade game was fantastic for its time (1985) and mainly lived from its great graphics and sounds. Most conversions were unable to capture anything from ... this is nothing short of a gaming classic. It may not match the arcade original in terms of graphics and sounds, but original concepts and dragon-riding levels are enough to merit a Top Dog status.

Space Hawk

Space Hawk is a decent "caveflyer" multiplayer shooter inspired by Amiga classic Gravity Force. Formerly meant to be released as shareware, the game has been made freeware by the author. The ... Still, if you enjoy caveflyers, you'll have at least a few minutes of fun with Space Hawk's great graphics and varied level designs - until you get bored and go back to the likes of AUTS and V-Wing.

Space Invader

Bad Space Commander clone.

Space Miner

Such a nice game and they even got the graphics looking quite alright for CGA. Space Miner is a game that definitely stands out of the crowd of the early space shooter games. You fly your little ship to ... - you don't need to be a very nostalgic person as I didn't even realize the graphics were only CGA - they just fit into this gem. And the best of all - you don't even need a slowdown-utility!

Space Racer

Review 1: Another attempt to make a good action racing game. Space Racer takes place in the space (surprise, surprise) and you will have to race against different computer players and they are of course ... with a "blast your opponents out of the way" action element. Quite fun and as in Mach 3, there's a cool Michel Winogradoff sampled PC-speaker title tune. Should be played in pure DOS mode.

Space Strike

Space Strike is a great commercial Space Invaders clone. Although it's not that different from Atari's classic (and indeed, you might mistake the game for Space Invaders if you hadn't look at the title ... generally fun gameplay, Space Strike is a decent game for its time. It's just perhaps a little bit too "inspired" by Atari's game ;) Worth a look, especially for fans of Mr. Abrash himself.

Space Vegetables Corp, The

The Space Vegetables Corp. is a relatively rare but decent action game from MicroValue. The game is similar an older Commodore 64 game called Star Paws: as a space-age farmer, you have to protect your ... various websites, although it was never officially released (you can read more details at this page. All in all, a decent game holds no candle to the likes of Lunar Jetman, although not a bad game.

Space War

SpaceWar is the first PC port of the first computer game ever made - what more needs to be said? The game was first released for DEC's PDP-1 computer at MIT in 1960. The Spacewar page at has ... that you wouldn't want to miss. Note: As a bonus, you can download the 1998 Windows remake of the game below. Created as a remake of the 1979 Cinematronics version, only two player mode is supported.

Spear of Destiny
Spear: Resurrection

Spear Resurrection is probably the best "Total Conversion" of id's Wolfenstein 3D in existence. Sporting 23 very well-designed missions, new graphics, new enemies, new features including destructible ... can do to resurrect (pardon the pun) an aging engine, Spear Resurrection is a fun and addictive first-person shooter that does a great homage to id and their timeless series. Two thumbs up, way up!


A fun frag-fest that pays homage to the arcade classic Battlezone, Spectre is a fun multiplayer 3D tank game that features a great capture-the-flag mode, cool futuristic graphics, and intuitive interface. Although the computer AI is capable, the game is very addictive in multiplayer mode. Spectre VR updates the original Spectre 2 years later with better graphics and more tank types to choose from.

Spectre VR

A fun frag-fest that pays homage to the arcade classic Battlezone, Spectre is a fun multiplayer 3D tank game that features a great capture-the-flag mode, cool futuristic graphics, and intuitive interface. Although the computer AI is capable, the game is very addictive in multiplayer mode. Spectre VR updates the original Spectre 2 years later with better graphics and more tank types to choose from.

Spiderbot (a.k.a. Arac)

Spiderbot is a unique platform game that combines the usual side-scrolling action with puzzle-solving. As a robotic insect racing to protect your home from evil insects' invasion, you can capture the invading insects, then brainwash them to make passageways for you. After you locate your exoskeleton, you can become the spiderbot and shoot radioactive webs. Fast, fun, with thoughts required along the way.


Game with the well-known Spiderman.

Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety

Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety is the sequel of Maximum Carnage, one of the best superhero action games ever made. Unfortunately Maximum Carnage was never released on PC, so PC gamers will ... only if you're a die-hard fan of Spider-Man. I recommend you stay clear of this average old game and play the vastly superior and much more atmospheric Maximum Carnage on SNES emulator instead.

Spider-Man and Captain America in: Dr. Doom's Revenge

Touted (incorrectly) by Paragon as "the world's first interactive comic book," this is a fun side-scrolling action game featuring none other than Spider-Man and Captain America. Use their superpowers in over 30 battles to stop the fearsome Dr. Doom and his villains from blowing up New York City. Aside from good gameplay, the game also came with a nice limited edition comic book.

SpiffyPilot (a.k.a. Spilot)

SpiffyPilot is a fun futuristic action game created as a senior project in high school. As the official description puts it, " control a ship that can jump, shoot, turn, and accelerate. So far, ... an IPX network. The game is fast, fun, and even lets you design your own levels with the included level editor. What more can you ask for in a coffee break game that's even free to boot? Recommended!

Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior is a marginally above-average 3D fighting game from Taiwanese company CG. The game is very little known because it was never marketed outside Asia, and it never sold well inside the continent ... graphics, Spirit Warrior is a pretty standard 3D fighting game that plays just like another Virtua Fighter wannabe. Not recommended, unless you simply must collect every fighting game in existence ;)


Lucky Luke and Spirou are two relatively obscure 2D side-scrolling platformers designed by Infogrames based on popular Belgian comics. Lucky Luke is a Western cowboy, while Spirou is a bumbling bellboy ... gameplay is not as good as Tintin games. Recommended. If you like these games and own the PlayStation or GameBoy consoles, check out more recent releases from Infogrames based on the same licenses.

Splinter Source

Splinter Source is a fun fanmade game based on Splinter Cell. Similar to Codename: Gordon and DOOM 2D, Splinter Source presents a dimensional shift from 3D to 2D. In the author's words: "You don't ... and the open-ended nature of the game means you can replay it multiple times to try out different strategies. Highly recommended to fans of Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, or similar espionage titles.


Spout is a fun arcade-ish game from Japan that is best described as an "abstract caveflier/shooter." Similar to many Finnish freeware classics like V-Wing, your goal in Spout is simply to make ... be. Yet another proof of how little it takes to make a fun game - in this case, a tiny pixel-size ship and some innovative gameplay. Recommended, especially for fans of windowed coffee break games.

Spy vs Spy 3: Arctic Antics

Third game in the series. Big nose spies are back and this time they're fighting on a winter island. The goal is the same again - collect certain items and escape the area. Probably the best Spy vs. Spy game in the series.


Freddy Fish, Fleet Sweep, and Spyder are three arcade oldies by Mirror Images Software, no doubt one of the most obscure game developers ever. Similar to Windmill Software, Mirror Images produced games ... from quick repetitiveness, but they'll hold your interest for a few minutes at least. If you just want to pick the best game of the lot, try Spyder, peek at Freddy Fish and leave Fleet Sweep alone.

Squares X

Squares X is a fun coffee break action game coded in Game Maker. The review at says it all about one of the best fanmade remakes of addictive Flash games: "Squares X is a clone ... arcade games, you'll definitely have fun with Squares X, as it is a crisp deviation of the normal arcade genre. This game deserves nothing less than the label, "a must download.""


Squeezils is a fun and innovative 3D action game from Protozoa, a small and now-defunct developer better known for making short eye-catching 3D animated clips in mid-1990s. Although billed as an "action ... Squeezils is worth a look for its unique premise, but it may most appeal to young gamers in your house who have more tolerance for repetition, and who will be attracted to the game's cartoony charm.

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