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Bad Cat

Nice little cat sports(?!) game with various fun stages, designed by Thomas Hertzler, nowadays president of Blue Byte. The controls are not really intiutive - so be sure to also download the manual below. ... Konami's underrated Boot Camp army drill game, only transported to a cartoonish setting. As a rawdy cat of the title, your task is to pass various obstacle courses, each more difficult than the last.


Review 1: A rather unusual futuristic sports game that was definitely influenced by Bitmap Brother's Speedball. You control one of two arrows capable of shooting power balls. You have to shoot at game ... game. The speech, sound and music of the original game have been lost in the depths of Ballistia. Still, for fans of unconventional sports games such as Speedball, Ballistix is well worth a look.

Bar Games

Review 1: Okay, it's not exactly a sport game, but... where to place it? Arcade? Not really, so... Bar Games is a fun product that lets you and up to three of your friends play the typical games of your ... in particular). This game contains stereotypical comments that some may find offensive. It's all in the spirit of good fun, though, and you can try pick-up lines in this game at a real bar for fun .

Baseball Mogul

One of the best baseball simulations ever made, bar none. Baseball Mogul lets you assume the role of both General Manager and Manager for a professional baseball team of your choice. As the description ... THE game that the hardest of hard-core baseball fans will love. A must-have, without a doubt, and a deserving winner of Computer Gaming World's "Best Sports Game of The Year" award in 1997.

Basket Manager, The

One of Simulmondo's most obscure games, The Basket Manager is a game in one of the niche sub-genres in sport: basketball simulation. It can be regarded as the coaching simulation companion to their earlier ... realistic simulation. It's a curious title that hangs in a limbo between arcade gameplay (which Simulmondo is good at), and an accurate portrayal of basketball coaching. Negligible to say the least.

Basket Master

Review 1: As one of the Amstrad's legendary games, Basket Master was well known title in the late eighties. It was fun, addictive and quite enjoyable game. I never liked it much due to pretty hard controls ... diversion that doesn't aspire to be much, but is good at what it does. Review 5: Nice little basketball game. Play one on one against computer or friend. Gameplay is okay and the graphics are fun

Basketball Challenge

Building on their solid simulation model used in NFL Challenge, XOR released Basketball Challenge 2 years later, to even less fanfare than the original. Don't let the lack of recognition fool you, though-- ... Basketball Challenge is highly recommended for all armchair coaches. The lack of career / tournament mode and the absence of NBA endorsement are just about the only things missing from the game.


BassTour and BassDuel is an excellent fishing game by Dick Olsen, who marketed his games as mail order shareware titles between 1991 and 1995. Although graphically dull, the games attracted a loyal following ... With a lot of options, excellent mouse-based interface, and a wide variety of lures and variables, BassTour and BassDuel remain years later two of the most enjoyable fishing games ever made.


BassTour and BassDuel is an excellent fishing game by Dick Olsen, who marketed his games as mail order shareware titles between 1991 and 1995. Although graphically dull, the games attracted a loyal following ... With a lot of options, excellent mouse-based interface, and a wide variety of lures and variables, BassTour and BassDuel remain years later two of the most enjoyable fishing games ever made.

BC Racers (a.k.a. Stone Racers)

Review 1: A fun prehistoric racing game that was also released on many console systems, e.g. 3DO and Megadrive. The storyline is as simple as the gameplay: millionaire caveman Millstone Rockafella has ... game was released as freeware in 1995 :) Review 2: Small race game in the prehistoric. Looks like Mario Kart, but it's not. Really. The graphics are okay. But you can't do much else then drive..


The legendary drinking game played at fraternities across the U.S. has finally reached the gaming world. Beirut comes to the computer screen with all the fun of real life -- without actually getting drunk ... this freeware title, although it still can't beat the real thing. My advice: play this computer version to see how it works, then grab a few friends and hit a real bar to stage the actual game :)

Best of the Best (a.k.a. Kick Boxer 2)

Best of the Best is an excellent but little-known sequel to Futura's outstanding Panza Kick Boxing. It was curiously released with the subtitle "Championship Karate" in some countries, despite ... the match. Overall, it's a great sequel that features more of all the good things about the previous game—something not very common nowadays. Highly recommended to aspiring pugilists everywhere ;)

Big BumpZ

Big BumpZ is an addictive and original freeware wrestling game from Mat "MDickie" Dickie, maker of a fun series of wrestling game including Wrestling Mpire and Booking Mpire. In Big BumpZ, your ... wrestling game is this addictive, I will be a convert in no time. If you like masochistic games such as Truck Dismount or think wrestling games cannot be fun, Big BumpZ will be a pleasant surprise.

Big Game Fishing

Review 1: Big Game Fishing is a fun arcade-oriented fishing game by Simulmondo that focuses as much on financial realities of fishing as the sport itself. There is a simple but reasonably realistic plot: ... But the game is not addicting at all, I haven't heard sounds and the gameplay is not what I expect from such a game. Definately not the worst game around, but it could have been done a lot better!

Big Red Racing

One of the few games that really provide the most bang for your buck, Big Red Racing delivers furious arcade racing on 24 tracks, each with 2 vehicles to choose from-- for a total of 48 vehicles that range ... of Mars and get wet in the US water race. Awkward controls and none-too-bright computer opponents mar this otherwise great game. It may not be realistic, but it's a helluva fun in multiplayer modes.

Biliardo 2

Biliardo 2 is a great simulation of various billiard games played in Italy. The available games are: 5 Pins, Goriziana, Bowls, Carom (normal, 1 cushion and 3 cushion) and 3 Balls. The game includes complete ... 2 is a very polished, very well-designed billiards game that has so many features it's amazing it's a freeware title. If you enjoy billiards, pool or snooker, you will love this outstanding gem.

Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge

A solid Nascar racing game that places more emphasis on adrenaline rush than realism, Konami's Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge is a great arcade-style racing game that also offers plenty of options to ... only view to watch the action is the standard behind-the-wheel perspective. Nevertheless, BENC offers a lot of fun and some very challenging tracks that should keep Nascar fans occupied for hours.

Blades of Steel

Review 1: I have to admit I am not the biggest of all ice-hockey-experts. This game at least doesn't look bad, unfortunately it seems to be annoyingly hard. In case the computer-opponent shoots at your ... its earlier Nintendo 64 version was a failure due to the fact that it strayed too far from the action-packed formula, and ended up as a mediocre hockey sim that is neither realistic nor fun.

Blitz Try

Blitz Try is yet another excellent anime action game from Compile, one of Japan?s best-kept secrets ;) Your goal: race three laps around a platform-style side-scrolling course against computer-controlled ... demo version, so unfortunately you don?t have a chance to try the other courses. A lot of fun, though, and highly replayable, making it another great candidate for our Coffee Break Fun collection.

Blobby Volley

Review 1: Blobby Volley is a fun little Volleyball game by German freeware developers Daniel Skoraszewsky and Silvio Mummert. It is a perfect time waster, simple, very addictive and very fun. The usual ... are represented by blobs of jelly. It has good graphics and closely follows the rules of real volleyball. Players can be either on the some computer or connect to each other through the internet.

Bluewater Hunter

Sponsored by "Body Glove" brand of bodysuit, Bluewater Hunter is an interesting underwater hunting game that immerses you in the dangerous world of freediving. Your goal is to hunt the world's ... of the more interesting fishing games on the market. It is repetitive in places, but it should not deter fans of the sport who take the adage "patience is a virtue" to heart. Recommended!

Bo Jackson Baseball

One of the best-looking arcade-oriented baseball games for its time, Data East's Bo Jackson Baseball also offers some managerial options, although not as extensive as "true" baseball sims such ... sim. It's not among the very best arcade baseball sims ever made, but it's still highly playable. Diehard fans of realistic sport sims should definitely look elsewhere, e.g. Micro League Baseball IV.

Boot Camp (a.k.a. Combat School)

One of the more original sports games I've seen, Konami's Boot Camp is, as the name implies, a game about life in the military camp. The goal in each level is simple: get to the end of the obstacle course ... perspective, excellent controls, and surprises on every level keep the game from becoming boring. Boot Camp is a fun an innovative sports game-- just don't expect it to be the next California Games.

Bop 'N Wrestle

Bop 'N Wrestle is a fun arcade-style wrestling game that was way ahead of its time in terms of graphics and player animations, although coaching options leave a lot to be desired. Your job: use over 20 ... move, which sees you land onto your groaning opponent from the corner ropes. A bit mindless, but a lot of fun, with enough wrestling moves and variety of opponents to keep wrestling fans entertained.

Boxindanga (a.k.a. Boxing)

Now this is what I call nostalgia! Boxindanga is an amazingly faithful remake of Boxing, a classic game from Activision that was released for Atari 2600 system over 20 years ago. Like the original classic, ... 2600 original. Definitely one of the best "retro" remakes you'll ever come across, Boxindanga reminds me just how much fun - and blister-inducing - simple video games can get. Recommended!

Brett Hull Hockey 95

One of the best action-oriented hockey games ever made, this 1995 version of Accolade's Brett Hull Hockey series is widely regarded as the best game in the series, even though two more sequels would be ... power-plays for in-game statistics. Whether or not you're a diehard hockey fan, Brett Hull Hockey 95 offers addictive action that rivals (and IMHO even surpasses) EA's better-known NHL Hockey 95.

British Open Championship Golf

Probably the most obscure game ever designed by Looking Glass Technologies, British Open: Championship Golf is also a hugely underrated golf game that deserves recognition for the many innovations in the ... excitement surrounding pro golf. If you are bored of the solo, "one man vs. the world" gameplay of other golf games, you will love the realism, atmosphere, and innovations in British Open.

Bruce Jenner's Decathlon

Bruce Jenner's Decathlon is a decent sports game from Interactive Magic that will probably be a love-hate affair for most gamers. I was infuriated by the button-mashing (or mouse-mashing, to be more accurate) ... is so close to your reach. Whatever the reason, BJD is notable for being an innovator in a crowded genre, although unfortunately not where it counts the most. Recommended, but not nearly a top game.

Brutal Sports Football

Review 1: Another football clone. And a fun one. It's a combination between the original football (soccer to you US folks) game and American football. Each team have a goal and you score a goal each ... The game's sole focus on furious action and the lack of in-depth play tactics makes it appealing to both action gamers and football fans looking for a quick distraction from complex sports titles.

Buffalo Bills Rodeo Games

The name pretty much says it all: In Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games, you are a young man who is part of Buffalo Bill's travelling rodeo act, which consists of various Wild West tricks and feats. You have to ... of light and bouncy tunes to entertain you with. Like all old DOS games, the graphics are nothing special but do the trick well enough, and the very colorful and vibrant pictures are an added plus.

Bully's Sporting Darts

Review 1: Most likely the best darts game I have played. Although this is mostly based on that only very few darts games exist this game does have certain things that make it a good and serious darts ... Have fun! Review 5: Quite a nice darting game, which looks simple, but you need quite some practice to throw as it is quite hard. You can play all kinds of darting games, like here I play '501'.

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