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Bop 'N Wrestle

Bop 'N Wrestle is a fun arcade-style wrestling game that was way ahead of its time in terms of graphics and player animations, although coaching options leave a lot to be desired. Your job: use over 20 different wrestling moves to advance Georgeous Greg towards winning the championship belt. The best thing about the game is the sheer number of wrestling moves you can use: clotheslines, full nelsons, backbreakers, and even suplexes are all here-- provided you learn how to execute them with awkward keyboard controls. Still, excellent graphics and animations that look great even today more than make up for the non-transparent interface. You can even do the crowd-pleasing Turnbuckle Fly move, which sees you land onto your groaning opponent from the corner ropes. A bit mindless, but a lot of fun, with enough wrestling moves and variety of opponents to keep wrestling fans entertained.

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Bop 'N Wrestle screenshot
Bop 'N Wrestle screenshot

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