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Big Game Fishing

Review 1:

Big Game Fishing is a fun arcade-oriented fishing game by Simulmondo that focuses as much on financial realities of fishing as the sport itself. There is a simple but reasonably realistic plot: you are a businessman who is virtually broke, on a coveted vacation at a nondescript island. Being broke, the only way your vacation could last more than a day is if you catch enough fish to pay for boat rental fees, gas, and other expenses.

The game starts ashore, where you can buy baits, gas, and other necessities in a store before setting out. Fishing is a good combination of reflexes and planning: you must plot your route carefully, observe the weather, seagulls, and sonar scan to locate the fish and time the opportunity to hook him. A joystick is the best way to play this game, as joystick movements for most actions (reeling, casting etc.) feel quite authentic.

Because you need to sell fish to rent a boat etc. to fish for the next day, this adds an interesting strategic dimension to the game. Bigger fish nets more money, but they only live in the deepest waters, which require a lot of gas (hence money) to get to. This essentially forces you to fish close to the coast, saving any cash you earn to plan farther expeditions. Overall, Big Game Fishing is a solid fishing game that won't appeal to hardcore fishing fans who crave realism and accuracy, but will prove a lot of fun to everyone else. As in real life, though, fishing is a sport that requires a lot of patience, so don't expect fish to bite as soon as you drop the line. Recommended.

Review 2:

Not one of my real favourites. I like the idea, fishing games are not that bad on average. But this is a hard one.

You're going fishing after a long time of hard work. You rent a boat. Now you have to pick some bait, fuel, fishing lines, batteries for your radio and more. After that, pick out a location where you want to go today. And then you're ready to fish, throw out your line and hope that a large fish bites your bait. But that's not the hard part, no, the hard part really is getting the fish into your basket! Try it yourself, I'm sure it will take some time before you get your first one in.

The things are not really realistic, but it's surely not made up... When pulling out the fish, you got to make sure the line doesn't break and you got to play around with the fish for a bit. But also the speed you're going at, influences the bait you have to choose. In deep waters, you're more likely to catch big fish and your chance of catching is greater. That's done pretty well. But the game is not addicting at all, I haven't heard sounds and the gameplay is not what I expect from such a game. Definately not the worst game around, but it could have been done a lot better!

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Big Game Fishing screenshot
Big Game Fishing screenshot

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