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Buffalo Bills Rodeo Games

The name pretty much says it all: In Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games, you are a young man who is part of Buffalo Bill's travelling rodeo act, which consists of various Wild West tricks and feats. You have to put together an act of your own, consisting of any or all of six different stunts: sharpshooting, knife throwing, calf roping, calf wrestling, bronco riding and stagecoach rescues.

Each game is set up in a classic arcade format, and you have to get the highest score possible using the arrow keys and spacebar. There is no real object, just to get the highest score.

The game is very fun, and I especially like the knife throwing game (you'll see what I mean). The soundtrack has a wide variety of light and bouncy tunes to entertain you with. Like all old DOS games, the graphics are nothing special but do the trick well enough, and the very colorful and vibrant pictures are an added plus.

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