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Review 1: Decent puzzle game by Atreid Concept (Kalisto), S.C. Out is a Chip's Challenge - style game that features an option to create and play your own levels. The premise is simple: navigate your ... 2: French game. But that doesn't matter, as long as you know what 'Jouer' means. You are a tank and you have to move stuff, shoot stuff and solve little puzzles. Quiet good sound and graphics.


MisAdventures of Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer (MASRDBE in short) and Sensitive are two fun turn-based puzzle games with similar concepts: move over each tile exactly once to make them disappear ... that are very easy to learn but challenging to beat, both games come highly recommended. With 45 levels in MASRDBE and 60 in Sensitive, they are sure to occupy your puzzle-solving time for a while.

Sentinel Returns

When it was first released in 1987, Geoff Crammond's genre-busting masterpiece The Sentinel immediately acquired a cult following and achieved considerable commercial success. Definitely one of the most ... options, Sentinel Returns will keep real-time puzzle meisters happy for a long time to come. Definitely an old game that was pulled off the store shelves long before its time. Highly recommended!

Sentinel, The

One of the most original games of all time, The Sentinel is one of Geoff Crammond's early games, and quite an unusual one for him as it is everything but a racing game. The PC version, like most other ... check out the remake from 1998 by Psygnosis called Sentinel Returns, which upgrades the game with vibrant SVGA graphics, great sound effects, while retaining all the addictiveness of the original.


SeptFox is a unique puzzle game that plays like Sokoban with a unique twist. The goal: move a well-known mischievous anime fox to the green exit cone. Obstructing your path are immovable blocks and movable ... of the best freeware puzzlers you can get your hands on. Note: DirectX is required to play. Although the game is in Japanese, English instructions are included in the SEPTFOX.DOC file in the archive.

Serai Puzzle

Serai Puzzle is yet another neat little brainteaser from NZP, maker of excellent freeware solitaire and puzzle games for Windows. Your goal in this one is to move the numbered tiles to arrange the numbers ... impress friends and family, perhaps). But the crisp graphics, intuitive interface, and challenging premise will likely keep you occupied for more than a few coffee breaks. It took me several tries.

Sexy Droids

Review 1: A conversion of Magic Bytes' Amiga game by the same name. Don't think that this is an adult game, it is a PUZZLE! You and your friend (or a computer) have to pick numbers on a board and try ... Perhaps they were trying to distance themselves from the likes of Strip Poker? Whatever the reason, Sexy Droids is a thoroughly uninteresting, average puzzle games that everyone can afford to miss.


Before Aleixei Pajitnov became famous world over for Tetris, he designed this strange puzzle game for Russian developer Academy Soft that is would later be revised as Color Collision for Microsoft's Puzzle Collection. Bounce the moving light beam off various shapes to turn them into required colors. A first display of Pajitnov's action & puzzle blend that would become his hallmark.

Sherlock Holmes

Solve some mysteries with this game.

Shoujo Attack!

One of the best Lemmings clones I have ever played and certainly the funniest, Shoujo Attack! is a great Lemmings clone that manages to parody Japanese anime/manga culture in the process :) Your job: guide ... Attack! is a must-have. It may not be as creative or original as Lemmings, but the very funny tasks and decent level designs make the game a really clever parody that is also addictive to boot.

Sid & Al's Incredible Toons

In Sid & Al, Tunnel catapulted the already addictive concept of The Incredible Machines into a whole new levels by injecting two hapless cartoon characters, a greedy cat a hungry mouse, as both puzzle ... different reactions to different food). The included puzzle designer is a welcome bonus. Don't be fooled by the easy beginning levels-- the "insane" levels are not called that for no reason

Silence of the Chicks

Silence of the Chicks is a superb puzzle game by Oren Bartal, maker of Ultimate Super Stack, a classic QBASIC game reviewed elsewhere on this site. The goal is simple: as a sheep, you must catch the required ... of its 50 levels, SOTC is well worth your time. It may not be original or unique, but it is a good example of how addictive puzzle games can get with devious level designs and an intuitive interface.

Simple Sudoku

Simple Sudoku is a great Windows program that generates high-quality Sudoku puzzles that are symmetrical, with a single solution, and do not require trial-and-error to solve. If you have never played Sudoku ... the ability to prints blank grids for good old-fashioned paper & pencil game. Highly recommended to fans of brainteasers and crossword puzzle lovers who want a change from language-based puzzles.


SiXX is a puzzle game along the lines of Epic's Brix, Mahjong, and more recently Pop Cap's Noah's Ark. Game play is as complex as clicking on two tiles that each have the same symbol - a horse shoe, diamond, ... at a ninety (90) degree angle. The music is fine, the graphics adequate, and the game play is fair enough. However, the match two had been done to death, followed more recently by the match three.


Skooter is a fun freeware remake of an oldie puzzle game for the MSX computer. In the author's words, "[this] remake was made in the most possible faithful way, with slighly modified graphics. The ... level. The limited number of objects and obstacles also make the challenge more focused and the game easier to learn than most puzzlers. Recommended to fans of turn-based, third-person brainteasers.


Review 1: Whoa yeah - leave reality behind and play Sokoban. This game can really hook you up with this simple concept of moving crates to the right places. It starts up so nice and simple but gets harder ... an early 80's game? You'll still get addicted even if the colours make you feel a bit wasted ;). You HAVE to play this game, it's the original and can't be beat. It's the mother of all puzzle games!

Solomon's Key

Review 1: A disappointing conversion of Tecmo's popular platform/puzzle arcade game, done by Probe Entertainment. I remember this game quite well on the C64 when it was a lot of fun. Simple goal, good ... and 'magically' move blocks in order to get to the door. Before you get to the door you have to get the key. Watch out for the monsters and other things in the level that might try to catch you.

Solomon's Key: Another Version

Solomon's Key: Another Version is a neat freeware clone of Solomon's Key, a neat puzzle game from Tecmo that was released on just about every 8-bit computer and consoles including the PC - thought the ... this neat little freeware gem is well worth a look - and it's much better than the awful-looking CGA official PC version of Solomon's Key that was made way back in 1988 (also reviewed on this site).

Sparks 3

Sparks 3 is a fun little 3D puzzle game that is similar to the cross between Rubik's Cube and NetWalk, one of my most favorite shareware games (also reviewed on this site). The goal is to connect the square ... to your electronic library. Perfect for those short coffee breaks, and you can download the source codes from the author's official site below if you want to see how it's done. Highly recommended!


Spread is a fun freeware two-player board game from Korea with a simple premise: change the color of all your opponent's pieces into yours. The rules are straightforward: you can move your piece on square ... your opponent completely. The game is fast, fun, and the computer puts up a pretty decent fight even in "Easy" mode. You can also play against another human being if you wish. Recommended!


Spryjinx is a small freeware gem that combines elements from two Atari 2600 classics, Quick step and Q-Bert, into a charming and fun reflex-oriented puzzler. The object of the game is to either score more ... find the default one too easy. Overall, Spryjinx is a fun, unique, and challenging freeware gem that requires both quick reflexes and quick thinking. Highly recommended for Q-Bert fans everywhere.


Spych is a fun freeware logic game by a freelance Polish designer that provides many hours of puzzle-solving fun in under 100KB of space. The game is reminiscent of X-Land/Epic's shareware game Adventures ... the screen, although that could be due to sound incompatibility problems with my computer. If you love brainteasers, you can't go wrong with trying out this small but fun gem. Highly recommended!

Stained Glass

Stained Glass is a wonderful and original shareware card game that was the inspiration behind Nick Schlott's Tesserae, a commercial game published by GameTek in 1991 that features VGA graphics but same ... guy himself. Not only did he invent a unique and challenging game, but he is also a Hugo and Nebula-nominated science fiction author and publisher. His web site is definitely worth a visit."

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Trivia - Volume 1

Review 1: What color are the eyes of Data? What is the name of Riker's father? - And those are only 2 of the easiest questions. This trivia game contains 100 questions - a must for every Star Trek TNG ... game is still text-based with hardly any graphics to wow over (but then, who needs any?), but this time there are many more questions on diverse topics that range from flora to anecdotal knowledge.

Star Trek: The Trivia Game

The first Star Trek trivia game in existence is also interestingly the very first shareware game Apogee released-- in 1986. Despite archaic text-based interface, the game stands up well with time, featuring dozens of questions related to the original series that range from the common to the obscure. A good way to show off your Trekkie knowledge to friends.

Stone Age

Yet another fun puzzler in Pushover's cartoony style. In this game, guide the dinosaur past all manners of obstacles toward the exit. Obstructing blocks can be moved to clear the way. Similar to Sokoban, but with more variation in obstacles and traps. A definite must for all puzzle lovers, especially those who enjoy Pushover.


Stroke is a fun third-person Japanese freeware puzzle game with a simple premise: collect all the different color gems and exit. The catch is that the floor tile you stand on will disappear once you step ... The game will particularly appeal to any young puzzle lover in your home, thanks to an accessible interface, simple-to-learn gameplay, and attractive graphics. Highly recommended for all puzzle fans.

Super Gem'Z

Super Gem'Z is a fun puzzle game by Kaiko, a short-lived German developer who released several games for the Amiga before disbanding the company in 1993. A mixture between Gem'X, Kaiko's previous game, ... this DOS version was never officially released, although it was coded by Marc Kamradt and Matthias Wiederwach. Later on, VME used the idea in a Playstation game called Inspector Gadget: Maze Panic.

Super Jeopardy!

One of the longest-running game shows in existence today, Jeopardy! has attracted millions of faithful fans worldwide. The show's charismatic host Alex Trebek becomes one of the -- if not THE -- most recognizable ... While the early CGA versions don't stand up well with time due to blocky graphics and grating PC speaker sounds, VGA releases such as Super Jeopardy! remain a lot of fun to play even to this day.

Super Password

One of the rarer TV game show conversions, Super Password is a decent PC version of the Pearson game show, although it's not very exciting since the game show itself isn't very interesting to begin with. ... sports lackluster graphics, boring questions, and very little replay value due to the the repetitive nature of the puzzles. Overall, try this one only if you're a die-hard fan of the original show.

Super Tetris

Review 1: Just another Tetris-clone? No - this is something like an advanced version of that game. For every line you kill you get a certain amount of bombs which can destroy other blocks. Yeah - now ... mode, special items such as bombs that can clear away many blocks at once, and much improved graphics. Anyone who loves Tetris will love this game, except perhaps for a handful of purists :)


Review 1: Swap is a nice puzzle/logic game by Microids. This one is one from the more tougher category. You'll have to clear a board made-up of coloured tiles (squares, triangles or hexagons) by swapping ... on the computer screen ;) Recommended! Review 2: A small funny puzzle game in which you have to swap colored blocks. When blocks of the same color are connected they will be removed from the field.


Swing is one of the better Tetris clones released commercially. The falling block routine remains the same, but made much trickier by the addition of weight element. Your goal is to match three or more ... and are nothing but a nuisance. If you enjoy Tetris, you will definitely like Swing. It is much harder, more varied, and breathes new life in to the familiar formula with many original features.

Symantec Game Pack

Symantec Game Pack is an above-average collection of 6 mini-games written by Charles Timmerman and published by Symantec in 1991 for Windows 3.1. All six games are computerized versions of common parlor ... of games is inconsistent: I found Smart Dots and Hangman quite interesting, but the rest only marginally above average. Worth a look if you're looking for some short games to play at the office.

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