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SeptFox is a unique puzzle game that plays like Sokoban with a unique twist. The goal: move a well-known mischievous anime fox to the green exit cone. Obstructing your path are immovable blocks and movable dice, each occupying one tile on the board. If you run into the dice, they roll. If two dice that have the same values on all sides are bumped together, they disappear. You can also push the dice without rolling them—this means, for example, that the number on the topside of the dice will stay the same.

The game is much more difficult that it first appears, mostly because you have to roll the die in the right direction in the right number of steps to make it bump into another die and disappear. The game even includes an editor, which you can use to create your own levels to torment others. With a novel twist on Sokoban scheme, attractive graphics, and devious levels, SeptFox is one of the best freeware puzzlers you can get your hands on.

Note: DirectX is required to play. Although the game is in Japanese, English instructions are included in the SEPTFOX.DOC file in the archive.

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SeptFox screenshot
SeptFox screenshot

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