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Sparks 3

Sparks 3 is a fun little 3D puzzle game that is similar to the cross between Rubik's Cube and NetWalk, one of my most favorite shareware games (also reviewed on this site). The goal is to connect the square power node to all of the round computer nodes by rotating the connected cubes. But like Rubik's Cube, it's not as easy as it sounds, because each small cube has patterns on most of its sides, so you have to keep rotating and keeping track of all the nodes. The 2D map of the cube surface is displayed on the top right of the screen, giving you a clear view of what's going on. Simple, but fun and addictive. If you enjoy brainteasers and especially Rubik's Cubde, Sparks 3 is a great addition to your electronic library. Perfect for those short coffee breaks, and you can download the source codes from the author's official site below if you want to see how it's done. Highly recommended!

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Sparks 3 screenshot
Sparks 3 screenshot

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