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Review 1:

In this game there is a scientist, and all his particles have gone astray. You have to help him clean them up by putting them into test tubes. There are two modes you can play in (endurance or wave) and there are also difficulty levels.

Basically there are 6 tubes, and the particles come down them, and you can't let them fall out the ends (aka drop)! You only get so many drops, and as you progress up through the levels it gets harder. You have this test tube on a slider and you have to catch the particle when it comes out of the tube by sliding across. You then empty one particle at a time from the test tube into the beaker below. You can hold up to 5 particles in the test tube so you can be strategic with how you empty them, as when you get three of one colour on top of each other in the beaker they disappear and you get points (sound like some sort Tetris kinda?)

Sounds easy huh? Well that's not all you see, there are other particles in amongst them and they have different tricks. Some are helpful and empty the test tube, whilst some are evil and turn the ones already in there to lead.

I always thought the graphics were really good for this game. It had an interesting beginning and was always pleasant to look at. The gameplay is excellent, it's a really fun and challenging puzzle game. Tubes is a great game when it comes to taking a puzzle game and approaching it from a great angle. Many games are straightforward and have no theme. Tubes is also really hard to quit. It's also quite rare and overlooked, so the more people out there who give it a shot and spread the word the better. Download it!

Review 2:

Fun puzzlegame where you have to collect balls of the same color. When you've got 3 in a row the balls will disappear. You can collect the balls in a sort of tube, then deposit them where you want. You also can control the incoming tubes, by pressing Alt under the right tube, then all balls in that tube will come faster then balls in other tubes.

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Tubes screenshot
Tubes screenshot

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