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Eagle Eye Mysteries

One of the best edutainment titles ever that both kids and adults will enjoy, Eagle Eye Mysteries is a fun detective game released under the now-defunct "EA*Kids" label. The game stars young ... game and its sequel Eagle Eye Mysteries in London remains high on many schools' lists of recommended CD-ROM products. If any edutainment title deserves to be called "classic," this is it.

Eagle Eye Mysteries in London

Kids of all ages rejoice! Jake and Jennifer Eagle from Stormfront's excellent Eagle Eye Mysteries are back, and better than ever with over 50 all-new cases, all set in historic England. As with the original, ... with the player's name in a London Times article!" Overall, this is a great sequel to a great game, and one that shouldn't be missed by either budding detectives or experienced sleuths.

Earth Quest

Part of the aborted Quest series, Earth Quest is not really a game but a very well-done reference program that packs an incredibly *huge* amount of information on a few 3.5" disks. It's one of the ... Macintosh, this is similar), and the quiz is quite difficult. This one is probably meant for adults or at least high-school students, because the font is small and the information is very detailed.

Eco-Saurus (a.k.a. Zug's Adventures on Eco-Island)

Eco-Saurus is an excellent edutainment title from First Byte. Designed to teach kids about environmental conservation, you join friendly dinosaur Zug as an Environmental Conservation Official (E.C.O.) ... used a more in-depth database, but as a title developed for youngsters (preschoolers and primary school level), Eco-Saurus has the right balance of education and fun to keep kids glued to the screen.

Einstein Jr.'s Classroom

Einstein Jr.'s Classroom is a fun edutainment title that teaches a wide variety of subjects in easy-to-learn mini-games (although most of them are some form of quiz). Designed for age 8 and up, the program ... program, and maximize its learning advantages. Definitely a versatile, comprehensive title that delivers the bang for your buck (which, since the game is long out of print, is zero ;)). Recommended!

Electric Crayon: At the Zoo

At the Zoo and Dinos are Forever are two more entries in Brian Rice's prolific Electric Crayon series. Like other entries, these programs are electronic coloring books that feature lots of attractive pictures ... (although not by anything more modern than dot-matrix printers), and call up the help menu. All in all, nice - albeit simplistic - coloring programs to bring out the artist in your kids. Recommended.

Electric Crayon: Dinos are Forever

At the Zoo and Dinos are Forever are two more entries in Brian Rice's prolific Electric Crayon series. Like other entries, these programs are electronic coloring books that feature lots of attractive pictures ... (although not by anything more modern than dot-matrix printers), and call up the help menu. All in all, nice - albeit simplistic - coloring programs to bring out the artist in your kids. Recommended.

Electric Crayon: World of Nintendo

World of Nintendo is another entry in an underrated Electric Crayon coloring book series. This is a fun, albeit simple, animated coloring books featuring famous characters from Super Mario series. Designed ... his/her job. With dozens of pictures and plenty of colors to use, World of Nintendo will keep kids in your house entertained for a while - perhaps while waiting to play the next Super Mario game :)

Ernie's Magic Shapes

Kids game with Ernie doing his trics.

Escher Interactive

Strategy Plus says it all about one of the most intriguing CD-ROMs ever made about M.C. Escher, one of the most interesting and reclusive artists of the modern day: "Escher Interactive: Exploring ... Think how unpretentious coffee tables would be without 'em." Must-have indeed, especially for anyone interested in how the relationship between art and science can be explored and interpreted.

Exotic Car Showroom

One of the more obscure releases from Capstone, and for good reason, Exotic Car Showroom is an average application that showcases a few car makes, without any "game" element. Unlike Ford Simulator ... worth of enjoyment from another average release from Capstone, the "nadir" of computer gaming. Otherwise, you can help save our bandwidth by browsing on-line car archives instead ;)

First Person: Stephen Jay Gould - on Evolution

Another virtually flawless CD-ROM from Voyager Company, First Person: Stephen Jay Gould - on Evolution was the first release in Voyager's short-lived "First Person" series of CD-ROMs that showcase ... history, First Person: Stephen Jay Gould is a must-have CD-ROM that will broaden your perspective and knowledge about one of the most important scientific discoveries in history. Highly recommended.

Fortune Teller

One of the first - if not THE first - commercial fortune telling software for PC, Fortune Teller from Xyton Software is remarkable not only because it is old, but also because it is not based on Western ... on life, and Fortune Teller brings this aspect out well. If you have even a passing interest in astrology, Fortune Teller will prove an excellent addition to your electronic library. Recommended!

Foxtrot Delta

Foxtrot Delta is a fun and unique edutainment game that teaches kids about Australia geography and history, as well as medical facts about major diseases. The game casts you as a doctor/pilot working for ... worth noting - and applauded - that portion of the proceeds from the sale of this game was donated to the RFDS. This is a great idea, and definitely should inspire more game companies to follow suit.

Funnels & Buckets

Educational game where you have to type in correct answer to mathematical problems for kids, such as 4 + 1 = , and 63 % 9 = .

Funnels and Buckets

Funnels and Buckets is a very old but excellent math game for primary school students aimed at teaching basic arithmetic. Your goal: type the correct answer to each math equation that is falling out of ... over 20 years after its release. Funnels and Buckets fits both criteria, and therefore ranks among the best programs of its kind, and a must-have for every parent or collector. Highly recommended.

Galleons of Glory

This is a fun, "light" strategy game similar in concept to The Oregon Trail that puts you in command of the Spanish galleon setting sail to find the New World. One of the best touches in the ... in the form of your crew members are colorful, distinctive, and always helpful. All in all, a well-designed "edutainment" title that succeeds in balancing the education and fun factors.

Gertrude's Secrets

The Learning Company developed a number of excellent but sadly underrated children's titles in the mid-80s based on the same engine that combines ease of use with fun educational puzzles. Gertrude's Secrets ... by pressing the SPACEBAR key. In short, Gertrude's Secrets is a great game that even decades later is still better than many CD-ROM edutainment titles today. Highly recommended for 4-7 years old!

Gravitation Ltd.

Gravitation Ltd. is a great edutainment software for the Macintosh, released as shareware in 1997. Billed as "solar system simulation," it can probably be more accurately described as a 2D gravity/orbital ... moons and asteroids, help balloons, and many more features. Although released as a shareware product for which you are encouraged to pay to register, the program is identical to the full version.

Gumboots Australia

Bushbuck Charms, Viking Ships and Voodoo Eggs and Gumboots Australia are among the best Carmen Sandiego "clones" after Broderbund popularized the "edutainment" concept with this series. ... some other criminal mastermind. Both are good games with excellent on-line help and educational value, and you (or your kids) will learn a lot about the world's geography in the globe-spanning hunts.

Headline Harry and The Great Paper Race

Perhaps best described as "Carmen Sandiego for adults," Headline Harry and The Greatest Paper Race is an excellent edutainment game that puts you in a role of Harry, a veteran journalist who ... the clues are mostly amusing when they're not unintelligible. Recommended for any adult who wonders how much fun learning US geography can be, but wants a more challenging game than Carmen series.

In Search of The Most Amazing Thing

In Search of The Most Amazing Thing is a great adventure/action/strategy hybrid for the whole family that remains this day, almost two decades after its release, as one the most innovative games of its ... site). Overall, ISOTMAT is definitely as must-have if you don't mind primitive graphics, especially for anyone who is looking for a unique, user-friendly adventure in the style of Jules Verne novels.

Jack Kerouac Romnibus, A

Jack Kerouac, icon of the Beat Generation, novelist and poet, is one of the most influential writers of the twentieth-century. Not surprisingly, his thoughts have had a growing impact on today's Generation ... for Kerouac fans, but for anyone interested in reading one of the best novels ever written. A Jack Kerouac Romnibus is undoubtedly one of the best reference CD-ROMs ever produced, and a must-have.

Katie's Farm

Katie's Farm is the last title (except for a remake in 1994 called The New Katie's Farm) in Lawrence Productions' highly awarded McGee series of games for preschoolers. Like other McGee titles, Katie's ... and user-friendly atmosphere, Katie's Farm is highly recommended for toddlers-- it will keep them glued to the screen, and the game's kid-friendly interface makes parental guidance unnecessary.


Kindercomp is yet another achievement in Spinnaker's successful line of edutainment titles. In this fun game designed for kids aged 3 to 8, toddlers will have fun with 6 mini-games that teach a wide range ... - Kindercomp remains highly playable decades after its original release, despite primitive graphics and sounds. Definitely a highly underrated, and very rare, early pioneer in the edutainment field.

Last Chance to See

We think of Douglas Adams as the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--in other words, as a superb chronicler of other-worldly life forms and one of the funniest people in the world. In Last ... sit back, listen, look at the photos, and follow the anecdotes on each species. It's a fascinating journey, and one that will make you realize how selfish we humans can really be. Highly recommended.

Learn about Astronomy

Learn about Astronomy, Learn about the Human Body, and Learn the Alphabet are three excellent edutainment titles in Compedia?s underrated ?Top Class? series. Each title combines concise lectures (complete ... ;) With attractive graphics, well-written and accessible content, and fun quizzes and games, these Top Class titles are some of the most underrated edutainment programs ever made. Highly recommended!

Learn about Fractions

Learn about Fractions is a good educational title by Compedia, part of its excellent "Top Class" series. Like other Top Class titles, Learn about Fractions offers a series of multiple-choice ... to know about fractions - although for some people it may be too much math in one evening ;) Recommended, especially to kids who are beginning to learn more advanced algebra than simple arithmetic.

Learn about Programming

Learn about Programming is yet another excellent entry in Compedia's long line of "Top Class" edutainment titles. As the title suggests, this little program teaches the basics of programming ... concepts). If you have even a passing interest in computer programming, this is one game that will keep you entertain - and teach you enough programming basics for you to start coding BASIC programs.

Learn about the Human Body

Learn about Astronomy, Learn about the Human Body, and Learn the Alphabet are three excellent edutainment titles in Compedia?s underrated ?Top Class? series. Each title combines concise lectures (complete ... ;) With attractive graphics, well-written and accessible content, and fun quizzes and games, these Top Class titles are some of the most underrated edutainment programs ever made. Highly recommended!

Learn the Alphabet

Learn about Astronomy, Learn about the Human Body, and Learn the Alphabet are three excellent edutainment titles in Compedia?s underrated ?Top Class? series. Each title combines concise lectures (complete ... ;) With attractive graphics, well-written and accessible content, and fun quizzes and games, these Top Class titles are some of the most underrated edutainment programs ever made. Highly recommended!

Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the best CD-ROMs ever made in any genre, period. The review of this outstanding CD in Business Week hit the spot so well I'd like to transcribe it here in full: "When Microsoft Chairman William ... to rip this wonderful CD to put on the site. Just keep your eye out for this one on sites like EBay. It's well worth whatever price you will have to pay for this truly forgotten classic. A must-have.


Also released as Sesame Street ABC (but of course with Sesame Street characters instead) for the NES, Letter-Go-Round is a decent educational title aimed at kids aged 4-8. The game includes six spelling-related ... library of words is quite large. Too bad the game was released too early to have more colorful graphics, though: the 4-color CGA palette for a kid's game doesn't stand the test of time too well :)


LinguaMatch is a neat little electronic dictionary that translates hundreds of words in any of these languages to any other: US English, UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Words ... words to justify purchase. Overall, LinguaMatch is a great example of a kind of useful application that were sorely needed before CD-ROM dictionaries and later the Internet came about. Recommended!

Little People Main Street

Little People Main Street is presented in the exact same style as Little People Farm, featuring the same extremely colorful graphics and the same soothing music. The game play is also still the same: you ... to the pet store to the fire department, there are lots of places for young children to explore. Your child will enjoy Little People Main Street and so will you! Get out there and hit the town!

Logical Games and Puzzles

Logical Games and Puzzles is a great collection of math puzzles coded by David Lovelock, math professor at University of Arizona. The package includes such classroom classics as Factor Game, Hurkle, and ... all 3 games prof. Lovelock coded, and is highly recommended to kids aged 8-15 who enjoy math, as well as anyone who loves math puzzles in the same vein as Martin Gardner's column but less difficult.

Lost Tribe, The

One of the best and most unique edutainment titles ever made, The Lost Tribe is a fun survival simulation that is reminiscent of MECC's Oregon Trail, but with much more sophisticated gameplay. The premise: ... solid gameplay, fascinating concepts, and excellent graphics (the game mixes cartoon-style animations and humorous digitized film clips to good effect), The Lost Tribe deserves to be your choice!

M*A*T*H*S Circus (a.k.a. Maths Circus)

Definitely one of the best math titles ever made, M*A*T*H*S Circus is a collection of puzzle-like math-oriented activities for all ages. Although it may appear to be a program for young kids, don't let ... and sounds, as well as support for players with disability. The series is also alive and well, with many sequels (called "Acts") being released on almost a yearly basis. Highly recommended.


One of the best CD-ROMs ever made and in my humble opinion the best software ever made about Shakespeare's works, Voyager's Macbeth is a masterpiece in literary CD-ROM. The CD not only includes the fully ... two Shakespearian scholars -- with Voyager's technical and design expertise in creating attractive CD-ROMs. If you have even a slight interest in Shakespeare, this wonderful CD-ROM is a must-have.

Mario is Missing

One of the best Carmen Sandiego clones, Mario is Missing is a fun edutainment title that is aimed at educating kids ages 8-12 about the world's geography and history. As the title suggests, it stars Mario, ... won't give Carmen a run for her money, but it's still a very entertaining game for anyone who is not joystick-shy. The streets are a bit too repetitive, though, so a lot of patience is required.

Mario Teaches Typing

Review 1: A great typing tutorial that is best described as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for kids, Mario Teaches Typing is a full-featured typing program that has something for everyone, although kids ... for this game is children under the age of 8 - and they would feel quite proud to have their top score printed out, proving they graduated from Mario's Typing School, where Mario Teaches Typing.

Mario's Early Years! Preschool Fun

The third and last title in Software Toolworks' relatively unknown Mario Early Years! educational series, Preschool Fun is a fun game that teaches toddlers about basic concepts, such as numbers, colors, ... world that most kids are familiar with, Preschool Fun will keep toddlers glued to the screen without realizing that they're actually learning something-- a hallmark of all good edutainment titles.

Mario's Time Machine

An edutainment title starring Nintendo's best known game character and friends, Mario's Time Machine features colorful graphics, fun historical factoids from the various eras, but is ultimately bogged ... exciting. Software Toolworks' other Mario titles, Mario is Missing (which is aimed at older kids), and Mario's Early Years series (aimed at younger kids) are much better than this average old game.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing from Software Toolworks is a revolutionary typing program that spawned many sequels and a host of imitators. 4-color CGA graphics doesn't hamper the game's appeal at all, as ... label of Broderbund) even after its original developer The Software Toolworks changed its name to Mindscape and later bought out. Definitely the best keyboard-related product since Dvorak's keyboard.

Mega Math

One of the least known Sierra game ever, Mega Math is the last title in short-lived Turbo Learning series. This decent math game stars Quarky and Quaysoo, two spunky aliens from Jeff Tunnell's earlier ... game. As it is, it's just an okay educational game that's fun for a while, but gets boring once you've seen all the mini games and zany antics of cartoon characters. Turbo Science is much better.

Merlin's Math

Merlin's Math is a decent math program designed to teach young kids the basics of algebra. Designed mainly as a promotional product for Penguin chocolate, the game is much shorter than a typical edutainment ... not much variety of games, but it does the job of educating kids about basic math. For a more interesting and diverse program, check out the Super Solver series from the Learning Company instead.

Mind Castle: Spell of The Word Wizard

Mind Castle: Spell of The Word Wizard is a fun educational game with a neat fantasy plot, which goes as follows: nearly seven years ago, a young man named Smith disappeared while exploring an ancient tower ... fun word puzzles that teach concepts beyond mere spelling, and a user-friendly interface, Mind Castle is a great game for older kids (ages 8 and up) who want a fun vocabulary-building exercise.

Mind Mirror

The one and only computer simulation designed by Timothy Leary, one of the world's leading psychologists, is an interesting program that lets you rate any person, then map the results and evaluate them. ... games/programs you'll ever come across. While it doesn't offer much adrenaline rush, its emphasis on real-life issues gives great insight -- for both your life and the philosophy of Leary himself.

Mind Prober

One of the many "psychoanalytical" programs released in mid-1980s, Mind Prober by Human Edge is an intriguing piece of software that tries to pinpoint your personality and gives advice based ... that contains many chapters on how to better understand people around you (downloadable as PDF file here). It's also one of the first programs of its kind to ever come out for PC. Recommended!

Mission UFO: A Solar System Odyssey

Mission UFO is an educational game for kids to learn facts about our solar system but it still is some fun for the older people who are interested in some interesting facts about the planets and space ... don't know how our planets look like. And, of course, I recommend it for all children who want to become astronauts! Give it a try and do not expect this to be a game like Elite or Wing Commander.

Monster Math

Review 1: Similar in concept to its cousin Adventures in Math, in Monster Math you must answer basic math questions to erase the monsters. Different difficulty levels accommodate different skills, and ... Simple yet effective-- recommended! Review 2: Kind of educating game where the kids can learn some math. After playing this game, adding, substracting, multiplying, etc. is no problem anymore.

Moptown Parade

One of the oldest releases by The Learning Company, Moptown Parade is a fun little edutainment game aimed at teaching basic pattern recognition and logic skills to kids aged 4-7. The goal is simple: choose ... about logic. This is a cut-down version of the original Apple II release, which contains 6 more games-- let me know if anyone can confirm whether Learning Company ever released the full game for PC.

Museum Madness

One of the best releases from MECC, Museum Madness is a great educational title that will help kids ages 12 and above hone their knowledge of science and history, as well as problem-solving skills, in ... young adventurers-- the game's target audience, in other words. I highly recommend that you perservere, though, because the game gets much, much better after you make it inside. Highly recommended!

Music Construction Set

Any good music creating software provides the usual enter, edit, load, save, and play functions, but Electronic Arts' Music Construction Set offers much more, and still stands to this day one of the best ... the vast majority of songs require less than 700 notes, this should not be considered very important. In short, MCS is a good example of how long well-programmed titles can stand the test of time.

Mystery at The Museums

The second offering from Binary Zoo is a slight letdown compared to its stellar predecessor Wild Sciences Arcade despite design inputs and backing from the prestigious Smithsonian Institute. Invaluable ... and it is up to you to recover them. Puzzles are derivative from other games (a Tetris variation, memory games, etc) but at least they do combine educational facts and figures and are fun to play.

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