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Electric Crayon: World of Nintendo

World of Nintendo is another entry in an underrated Electric Crayon coloring book series. This is a fun, albeit simple, animated coloring books featuring famous characters from Super Mario series. Designed for toddlers, the program is very easy to learn and use: on each page, kids color the picture with a palette of colors at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the active color brings up more colors of similar tones and shades, giving a full 256-color range of VGA resolution at the artist's disposal. Once you complete the picture, you can click on the "run" icon to see a brief, funny animation of the characters you just painted.

Aside from being a simple coloring book, The Electronic Crayon also has some edutainment value: each picture depicts Mario in a specific occupation, e.g. astronomer, scientist, or ballet dancer. Clicking on his job title brings up a screen that explains what that particular professional does in his/her job. With dozens of pictures and plenty of colors to use, World of Nintendo will keep kids in your house entertained for a while - perhaps while waiting to play the next Super Mario game :)

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Electric Crayon: World of Nintendo screenshot
Electric Crayon: World of Nintendo screenshot

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