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Fortune Teller

One of the first - if not THE first - commercial fortune telling software for PC, Fortune Teller from Xyton Software is remarkable not only because it is old, but also because it is not based on Western astrology like most later programs. Instead, Fortune Teller is based on Hindu astrology, which requires exact date and time of your birth to make predictions.

Whether or not you believe in horoscopes, Fortune Teller is a remarkable program in many aspects. For example, it is able to offer your horoscope even if you don't remember the exact time you were born - by asking broad questions about your personality. The predictions are also very comprehensive - you can read about your career prospects, love life, sex life, money matters, and other aspects in addition to reading about your general horoscope. Hindu astrology is based on planetary movements and influence on life, and Fortune Teller brings this aspect out well. If you have even a passing interest in astrology, Fortune Teller will prove an excellent addition to your electronic library. Recommended!

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