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Mind Prober

One of the many "psychoanalytical" programs released in mid-1980s, Mind Prober by Human Edge is an intriguing piece of software that tries to pinpoint your personality and gives advice based on your answers to questions, most of which consist of answering whether you agree or disagree with various adjectives used to describe you. The program purports to help you understand yourself better as well as the minds if your friends, spouse, or anyone. Based on questions, the program gives you instant evaluation reports, from first impression to secret fantasies you may (*gasp*) harbor. The approach is quite scientific, and the results (at least for me) are interesting. For anyone who enjoys Alter Ego or Mind Mirror, Mind Prober is an early cut-to-the-chase self-analysis program that is well worth a look. The program also comes with a thick manual-plus-book that contains many chapters on how to better understand people around you (downloadable as PDF file here). It's also one of the first programs of its kind to ever come out for PC. Recommended!

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Mind Prober screenshot
Mind Prober screenshot

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