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Eagle's Rider

Review 1: A simple and somewhat average arcade space shooter. You control a spaceship and you have to avoid a lot of asteroids and at the same time shoot down as many enemy spaceships as possible - and ... asteroids and shoot everything in sight to win. It doesn't have the same addictive quality as Silpheed, but is worth a look if you are new to action games or want a different playing perspective.

Earth Siege

Review 1: One of the games I liked most in my history as a gamer, Earth Siege, first chapter of a long lived mech simulators saga, and one of the best game of that period. The story's quite simple, a ... game with an intriguing plot, many types of mechs to control and fight, and furious cockpit action. If you like the game, also check out the expansion pack, which is still sold by here!

Earth Siege 2

Earthsiege 2 is a much-improved sequel to Dynamix/Sierra's Earthsiege, and marks the company's third entrant into the giant robots genre (after Battledrome and EarthsiegeSilent Thunder). As in the first ... the plot and HERC designs are clearly rip-offs). Whatever the reason, the game's 50-plus missions and strong gameplay will keep fans of Mechwarrior 2 hooked for hours on end. Highly recommended!

Eden Blues (a.k.a. Doomsday Blues)

Eden Blues is a neat action/adventure game from ERE, French developer known for making quirky titles. From MobyGames' description: "In this real-time adventure you are a prisoner of jail guarded by ... new objects you will find every few screens, Eden Blues is simply neither as fun nor original as ERE's other classics. Play The Great Escape instead if you want an escape-from-the-prison action game.


An early promotional game from E-Game, Eduman is a straightforward Pac-Man clone with no innovation. Gobble up dots, avoid flies-- that's about it. Fortunately the company would get much better at making ... that add a twist or two to the original arcade concept.... just not in this game. Play it only if you're curious as to what one of my favorite small-game developers was doing early in their career.


A simple small game of the ...roids-type. The goal is simple - you have to shoot up asteroids and some occasionally appearing UFOs which try to shoot you too. The trick with these games is that you have ... on the other hand (he he) - isn't it only fair to face the problems of the minority of lefthanded people at least this one time? Well, it's not THAT a big problem, but you need a bit more training.

Echelon (a.k.a. Shtorm)

Not to be confused with (in my opinion superior) Access Software's game of the same name, Echelon from Russian developer Buka is an ambitious space combat simulation that is better than average and is ... it stands right now, Echelon is just an average space simulation. Spending a bit more time to refine the gameplay elements and to hash out better missions would have given it a better chance."

Eight Ball Deluxe

Review 1: PLOCK - *click* *clickaclick* The typical sounds of a pinball machine. Add some happy nonsense music to it and you got it. This game recreates a great "realistic" pinball atmosphere. ... won't like this computer equivalent either. But if you want to relive a bit of nostalgia on your PC, Eight Ball Deluxe succeeds in spades. Highly recommended, especially for fans of the real table.

Electranoid (a.k.a. Arkanoid Replica)

A great Arkanoid clone that, true to its name, not only replicates that arcade/puzzle classic but also takes it to new heights with more blocks, rockets instead of balls, and enemy machines that shoot you rockets. The object is still to destroy all colored blocks, but now with new additions it's more difficult and reflex-intensive than ever.

Electronic Pinball

Electronic Pinball is the last pinball game from 21st Century Entertainment before quietly going out of business in 1998. As the company was going through financial troubles while developing the game, ... Overall, Electronic Pinball is one of the better pinball games on the market, but will probably disappoint fans of 21st Century who are looking for the next incarnation of Pinball Fantasies.

Electronic Popple

Electronic Popple is a recent but sadly unknown platform game that puts you in a role of ROM or RAM, two memory chips that must journey through the insides of the computer to vanquish the evil electrical ... CAPCOM published this rare old game only in several countries in Asia, and only shortly in the US. Very cute, and lots of fun. Highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of platform genre.


Review 1: Elevator is a fun oldie freeware gem that was a cult favorite around numerous BBS's (Bulletin Board System) in mid-1980s. Like all good action games, Elevator is easy to learn but maddeningly ... games, especially if you enjoyed Lode Runner and Jumpman! Review 3: Fun platform game, where you have to move a little man through a 'building'. It looks easy, but the levels are quite difficult.

Elevators from Hell

Elevator from Hell is a great fanmade PC version of Taito's underrated coin-op classic Elevator Action. Similar to the arcade version, the game is difficult, frustrating, and addictive. Your goal is to ... you. Controls are very easy - just use the number keys - and the graphics is amateurish but adequate. All in all, a nice oldie coffee break game that still retains all the charm over a decade later.


Review 1: Fantasy jump'n run well-suited for fans of the genre. Also features some simple adventuring elements such as picking up objects and "using" them on characters that come by your way. ... graphics and sound are very good and - it's very enjoyable to play! It's not terribly difficult but it should keep you occupied for a while. You might even come back to it - definitely worth a look.

Elvira: The Arcade Game

Review 1: You most likely know the original Elvira series but despite some of the same characters etc. this version of Elvira is very different than the original adventure/roleplay like series. As the ... use of the license that is not half as fun as Horrorsoft RPGs of the same name. If you are looking for a solid, horror-based platform game with appropriately creepy feel, play Castlevania instead.

Emerald Miner

Emerald Miner is a fun "retro" arcade game similar to Digger and Dig Dug. The plot goes as follows: "you are Chuck Stone, sole nephew of Uncle Chip Stone, and you have inherited a strange ... it because you already know the layout of every level. Despite this dent on replayability, Emerald Miner is still a fun and addictive arcade/puzzle hybrid that will keep you glued to the screen.

Endless Horror

Endless Horror's modest EGA graphics and small executable size ensure that the game can be run on virtually any IBM-PC machine, regardless of age. The characters are line-based, similar to the characters ... it on my IBM-PC XT-8088 a few years back. This game is worth a try if you've got an older system on hand which hasn't seen a fighting game before, or if you're a diehard collector (like myself).

Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea

Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea is an early promotional computer game of historical importance: it marked the first time a computer game was used to introduce a new product. In this case, ... gimmick is that after the final puzzle is solved, you can fill out a response card that would automatically enter you in a drawing to win a camcorder. I wonder if that camcorder still works today ;)


A great Arkanoid/Breakout clone from Geckosoft with a few nice twists to the familiar bounce-the-ball-to-destroy-the-blocks theme. The highlights of Enigma are the sheer number of levels (over 150) and ... Arkanoid clones you will ever find. The game was first released as shareware, but here you can download the full registered version since Geckosoft has gone defunct years ago. Highly recommended!


Ah, here's a decent platformer game for PC. Fluid animation, and Whooo... girl in skimpy clothes . There're few things I really really hated about Entity. First, why is it so hard just to perform vertical ... quite annoyed by the fact it's so hard even to perform simple task such as vertical shooting and by the fact I kept get bitten by verocious small T-Rex's and there's nothing I can do to kill them!


Erachacha is a cute and enjoyable platformer from Korean publisher Mirinae Software, starring a cute goblin of the same name. The plot is typical Oriental folktale about ghost, but probably is exotic for ... funny actions, including some very imaginative weapons to discover. Overall, Erachacha is an excellent release from the Orient that platformer fans should definitely take a look. Highly recommended!

Ericsson Mobile Travel

A fun Pac-Man clone sponsored by Ericsson, one of the world's largest mobile phone companies. Your goal in Ericsson Mobile Travel is to visit as many major cities as you possibly can during your holidays ... at the same time move you around at a much faster pace. Yet another fun little time-waster from E-Game, leader in promotional titles-- also much more fun than Eduman, their earlier Pac-Man clone.

Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters

Review 1: Bwah! What a long name for a pretty dumb game. The evil Reptilons have imprisoned all the humans on Planet X and are now creating an army that will destroy the Earth. Two of the Intergalactic ... Gameplay is simple: shoot all the aliens you see and rescue the hostages. Mindless, yes, but the colorful animations and hordes of aliens will keep trigger-happy gamers --well-- happy for a while.

Eskimo Fishing Trip, The

Eskimo Fishing Trip is a neat PC implementation of the mechanical fishing toy, where you try to catch the fish with the fishing rod when their mouths are open. The fish go up and down at random, so you ... old game that's more fun than your normal Whack-A-Mole. The author even released the source code into the public domain, so hopefully we will see an improved/expanded version of the game some day :)

Eternal Daughter

Eternal Daughter is an excellent platformer from Blackeye Software, the wonderful folks who brought us outstanding freeware titles like Snowbrawl and Diabolika. The game casts you as Mia, a young girl ... let?s try it one more time!?, not the kind that makes you uninstall the game in disgust. If you like platformers or love classic NES/SNES games like Metroid, Eternal Daughter is simply a must-have.

Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side

Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side is one of a small handful of one-on-one fighting games that came out for the Sega CD. Thankfully, it's one of the best. Including 13 characters (and 12 hidden ... the controls and find your perfect character, you'll be able to fight with the best of them. This is one of the best one-on-one fighters on the Sega CD, and you owe it to yourself not to pass it up.

Every Extend

Every Extend is a very polished, highly addictive coffee-break action game from Japanese designer OMEGA. Like all addictive action games, Every Extend is very easy to learn, but hard to leave. Your only ... trying to beat your previous high scores. Both Japanese and English manuals are included in the download, although you don't really need to read anything to enjoy this game. Two thumbs up, way up!

Evil Core: Fallen Cities

Evil Core - Fallen Cities is a highly innovative and underrated 3D space shooter that combines elements from multiple genres into a fun experience. The comprehensive review at the Adrenaline Vault says ... patterns of the industry, can do. The game is by no means perfect, but it is definitely worth buying if you want something really distinctive and special that will excite you to the core."

EVO: Search for Eden

One of the most original action/RPG hybrids I've come across, EVO: Search for Eden is a fun game that throws you millions of years back in time. Starting out as a fish, your task is to climb the evolution ... that kept me playing to the end. The short length is a boon in this regard: you won't have to tolerate the repetitiveness that long. Overall, I found EVO to be a unique and involving game.


Evolution is a fun and quirky arcade game from Sydney Development. You start as an amoeba trying to advance up the evolutionary chain to become a human. To do this you will have to go through a total of ... levels are unfortunately too short. The gorilla level is by far my favorite level, although like all the rest it is over all too soon. Worth a look if you like unique and interesting action games.


Review 1: A faithful conversion of Gottlieb's 1989 arcade game that was practically unknown outside Germany. Exterminator is an unusual shoot'em up with some nifty ideas, although it may be too strange ... won't keep your interest for any longer than that. Review 3: You are a pestcontroller. Get rit of the filthy liitle creatures in the houses. You can use the hands for killing the bees and stuff.

Exterminator, The

The Exterminator is a lackluster clone of Centipede from Windmill Software, the preeminent clone house in early 1980s that basically tried to emulate Atari by cloning all of their coin-op classics. The ... of the original and adds nothing that sets it apart. The result is a competent but uninspired clone that will interest you for a few minutes... before you go back to Atari's timeless classic.

Extreme Assault

Extreme Assault is an addictive 3D action game from Blue Byte, a prolific German developer responsible for excellent Battle Isle series. Probably the best-looking action game ever made for DOS, the game ... shooter, and you don't need anything special to play it except fish-eye paranoia, an Eastwood-esque trigger finger, and some form of a death wish." Highly recommended for all action fans.

Extreme Shopper

Yet another fun little gem from E-Game, promotional game developer extraordinaire. This time the sponsor is Galleria, an Internet shopping portal run by GulaSidorna, Sweden's premier Yellow Pages. In-game ... the soundtrack is much better than average freeware games. Randomized levels extend the longevity, making this one of the best time-wasters to play during a short coffee break. Highly recommended!

Eye of Horus

Review 1: Eye of Horus is a neat platform game set in ancient Egypt-- you must venture into the depths of the pyramid to find the magical Eye of Horus. The best thing about this game is that as shaman, ... of this game you have to play it. It's a lot of fun, and a great challenge. Might take a while to understand the order of things and they way you have to do them, but I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

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