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Eden Blues (a.k.a. Doomsday Blues)

Eden Blues is a neat action/adventure game from ERE, French developer known for making quirky titles. From MobyGames' description: "In this real-time adventure you are a prisoner of jail guarded by droids. And you know the roster of their duty: some of them are on beat by day, some by night. [You] have to find the way out of labyrinth using your legs and a knack to bash the doors out. [Your health decreases with time], and you must find the bottles to recuperate. When you are bashing the door, your physical endurance decreases and you must find a food to restore it. In [the] game you'll also find the coins for coffee dispensing machines, but beware of talking portraits and other traps..."

The game is fun, but the adventure elements are not integrated nearly as well as OCEAN's classic The Great Escape. Your constantly decreasing health (from languishing in prison too long, perhaps?) adds the sense of urgency for the entire game, but fortunately those bottles are not so hard to find. Mapping is a must in this game, otherwise you might find yourself back to where you were before, with no more bottles to pick up. The only thing in the game that can be called "puzzle" is the need to observe the droids' movement patterns. Even with interesting new objects you will find every few screens, Eden Blues is simply neither as fun nor original as ERE's other classics. Play The Great Escape instead if you want an escape-from-the-prison action game.

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Eden Blues (a.k.a. Doomsday Blues) screenshot
Eden Blues (a.k.a. Doomsday Blues) screenshot

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