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Shoot everything you see, while entering the fortress of the terrorists. The gameplay is fun, you just move your crosspoint across the screen and your man will follow it. You can throw bombs at tanks ans just shoot the soldiers with bullets.

Caesar's Palace

A semi-sequel to Mastertronic's earlier House of Cards and one of the first games Mastertronic released as "Virgin Mastertronic" under the new ownership of Virgin, Caesar's Palace uses basically ... new to the table. The lack of long-term play value such as tournament mode also limits the game's appeal... fun for a quick hand if you're nostalgic, but otherwise it's as banal as card games go.

Cake Fight

A cute little vertical shooter that is undoubtedly more than inspired by classic Twinbee series, so I've decided to include it as part of our "3U Games" collection. Some background for non-Japanese ... air-based enemies for your shooting pleasure. With vibrant graphics and near-flawless gameplay, CakeFight is definitely one of the best, and most unknown, freeware shooters ever. Highly recommended!

California Raisins, The

The only PC game based on one of the most popular commercials of all time, The California Raisins is an average, if a bit mindless, platform action game. Before we get to the game, though, a little introduction ... to escape :) While probably a must-have in terms of collector's value (this is as rare as it gets, folks), California Raisins simply lacks play value to sustain anyone's interest beyond a few levels.

Cannon Fodder

Review 1: Probably the first violent action game in gaming history to succeed at depicting violence in cutesy cartoon feel, Cannon Fodder is a great game from Sensible Software, makers of Sensible Soccer ... kill the enemies, destroy their buildings, etc, etc. The game is played from a topdown view, so you can see the battlefield you walk on. The music and graphics are very very good! Worth a download!

Cannon Fodder 2

Review 1: The regular visitors among you may know that I am not the biggest Action-Fan or even like military games. So what did this game do to deserve the highest rating? First of all it combines some ... interactive environment: hop into a jeep and crush your enemies underfoot, pick up and throw bombs, and many more secrets I'll let you find out ;) The little guys advance in rank, so treat them well!


Capone is a decent "shooting gallery" action game from Actionware, erstwhile Amiga game maker who released a handful of game in late 1990s. This is one of their two Operation Wolf clones, P.O.W. ... to avoid hitting) - so don't be fooled by the easy first three levels. Decent graphics can't save this game from much above mediocrity. Recommended only if you really, really like shooting galleries.

Captain Comic

You are Captain Comic, galactic hero. Your mission is to recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc, which have been stolen away and hidden on the remote planet of Tambi. Your task will not be easy, ... and defensive capability, navigate dangerous terrain, and avoid or destroy a horde of deadly creatures. It will take all of the captain's skill and wit to see the treasures returned to Omsoc.

Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality

Review 1: Captain Comic and its sequel are competent shareware platformers in an era where the shareware scene was dominated by Apogee and Epic Megagames (and still is, to a lesser extent). The best ... which can fire a varying number of shots depending on how many blastola colas you have collected. Other items you can find include the pickaxe, jet pack, magic wand and other little trinkets.

Captain Dynamo

Review 1: Captain Dynamo is a solid entry in Codemasters' string of excellent cartoon platformers. As chubby, smiley Captain Dynamo, your goal is to rescue your girl's diamonds from a loony old villain. ... gems and other stuff for points. The dude Dynamo look really cool; sort like an antihero with a good cartoonish figure. When you jump, he puts one arm in the air just like superman, but very goofish.

Captain Fizz meets the Blaster-Trons

Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons is a great fanmade remake of the Amiga/ZX Spectrum game of the same name, developed in 1989 by Psyclapse, Psygnosis' sub-division. The review at Amiga Games Database ... game. While not a bad game, you can't help but feel that there are better games of this genre around, such as Gauntlet and Alien Breed, as mentioned before. Paradroid 90 is also much better."

Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear

One of the most underrated Apple II games ever made, Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear is a very funny platformer that is both addictive and very frustrating due to the high difficulty level. The ... great game for many stimulating replays, although it's a pity that all the encounters (except the Doomsday machine sequence) are fixed so you'll know where the enemies will come from the second time.

Captain Pork's Revenge

Captain Pork's Revenge is a superior sequel to Captain Pork's World of Violence, itself one of the best Liero clones ever made. In the author's own words, the game features "...many vast improvements ... played the original, check out one of the most underrated and unknown Worms-style games ever made - although I wish the bots were more intelligent. Recommended, especially if you like the original.

Captain Pork's World of Violence

Captain Pork's World of Violence is a fun side-view platformer in the style of Molez and Liero, offering both single and multiplayer modes. If you have played Liero or Worms, you'll know what to expect ... modes that range from hotseat to IPX and Internet connection. So if you love this kind of games and got too bored with Liero, Captain Pork's World of Violence will prove a very nice change of pace.

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is yet another awful action game from Box Office, this time based on a 1987 TV series of the same name. The plot of the TV series goes as follows: in the year ... sworn Box Office and Capstone were run by the same people who specialized in wasting precious TV/movie licenses. This is one to avoid, unless playing a boring shooter if something you're looking for.

Captain Quazar

Captain Quazar is a fun and little-known game from now-defunct Studio 3DO that combines the frenetic fun of Atari's classic Berzerk with the wacky cartoon humor of Gunstar Heroes. The plot: as galactic ... 1024x768 like me. If you can ignore or get used to these gripes, though, you will find Captain Quazar a fun and charming little game that you won't mind coming back to again and again. Recommended!

Carax '95

Carax '95 is a fun retro-style vertical shooter designed by Bio_100%, one of Japan's oldest freeware design group. Carax '95 resembles Galaxian and Space Invaders, in that you basically wait at the bottom ... in anime cartoon style, and the animations are very smooth. If you enjoy Galaxian, you will find Carax '95 an excellent coffee-break version that deserves a spot on your computer. Recommended!

Card Hunter Sakura 2

Card Hunter Sakura 2 is a fun fighting game based on Card Captor Sakura, a popular Japanese manga and subsequent anime series. One of the better Dojin soft releases (i.e. unofficial fanmade games), CHS2 ... problem for anyone who cut their teeth on 2D classics like Street Fighter 2. All in all, this is a must-have for fans of Card Captor Sakura, and a fun game for fighting fans in general. Recommended!

Carnage (Freeware)

Carnage is a fun freeware remake of two classic Amiga games: Biplane Duel and Dogfight, which are in turn inspired by the classic Sopwith PC game. The aim of this game for 2-8 players is to take control ... (for PII 350, the appropriate delay is 35; you have to set it much higher if you are playing on PIII or newer computers), something more games should offer. This is small, but very fun old game!

Carnivores 2

Arguably the best "hunting simulator" ever made, Carnivores 2 is an excellent budget game that proves that not every hunting game is Deer Hunter clone. PC Gameworld says it all about what makes ... involving, and it looks and sounds almost as good as a game you would pay full price for." Definitely a great entry from Action Forms, developer of another underrated FPS called Chasm: The Rift.

Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age is the final and definitely best in Action Forms' underrated Carnivores series of first-person shooter games. Bradford Roberts of The Games Domain explains in his very thorough review: ... off into the brush. You explore some of the locations at dawn and the combination of light, shadow and clouds edges toward real beauty. If this is the end of the series, it's an impressive finale.

Cash Invaders

In the crowded arena of Space Invaders clones (there must be hundreds of them floating around the WWW), Cash Invaders stands out from the rest with sheer size and playability. Inspired not only by Space ... Space Invaders clone. Smoothly animated ray-traced graphics and nice ship/alien design rounds off this fun game that you will come back now and again for some mindless fun. Highly recommended!

Castle Master 2: The Crypt

Fans of Incentive's breakthrough Castle Master 1 won't be disappointed with this sequel, which improves upon its predecessor by having more of everything: bigger world to explore (this time, a dank underground ... find, and more strange artifacts to find and find use for. Suffice it to say that if you've enjoyed Castle Master 1, you'll enjoy this game even more (or any later Incentive game, for that matter).

Castle Wolfenstein

Review 1: Long before Wolfenstein 3D by ID Software was made there was this game - Castle Wolfenstein! You're American POW in the German jail, located in the Castle Wolfenstein. Your goal - escape. Awful ... (with slowdown program, of course). Review 4: Run through Castle Wolfenstein, eliminate the Nazi's. Search them for bullets and stuff. Infiltrate in the castle where Hitler supposed to be hidden.


First in a hit series that is still going strong on the Nintendo 64, Castlevania is the first and only entry that was ported to the PC. The plot is standard kill-the-Dracula fare, but what the game lacks ... for frustration, because you'll definitely need it. This is a game that inspired countless clones and spawned numerous sequels, although none of them was ported to the PC. Highly recommended!

Castlevania Haunted Castle 3

Castlevania Haunted Castle 3 is a great freeware platformer from Miguel "MIG2" Perez, independent developer most famous for Lost Valley. In this fangame set in the Castlevania universe, you play ... try. The game's huge size, good graphics, RPG elements, and frenetic gameplay make it worth keeping for every Castlevania fan. Just beware of some bugs and unforgiving difficulty of some sequences.

Catch 'Em

Catch 'Em is an interesting platform/action game from Prestige, much better known on the Amiga. Adrian Simpson gives a good description of the game in his review for the Amiga Games Database: "If ... same. All in all, Catch 'Em is a decent, slightly above-average platformer that sounds much better in concept than in reality. It has been done before and better in Opera Soft's Livingstone games.

Catch The Cookie

Catch The Cookie is a fun, if mindless, arcade/shooter game included free inside a few Nabisco packages. The game was marketed only in Spain, which is a shame, because it's very playable and strangely ... Nabisco brands: Oreo and Chips Ahoy! for example. With bright, cartoony graphics and fun gameplay, Catch The Cookie is a quality promotional game that's well worth a look and a few crunchy bites ;)

Cave of Monsters

Cave of Monsters is a fun platformer coded with Game Maker program. Darthlupi (of Mage Craft and Legend of Shadow fame - see reviews of his games on this very site) gave it a very favorable review and ... like in the old 8 bit days. Keep trying! All in all a fun game. 4 levels that are enough to keep you playing with a smile. Just don't get to frustrated, and you are going to have a good time."

Cavern Fighter

Cavern Fighter is a faithful PC remake of a classic Spectrum ZX game from Bug-Byte, which is one of the best Scramble clones. As Crash magazine elaborates in their review of the Spectrum original, "[Cavern ... If you like arcade games or cavefliers in general, check out this great remake that proudly joins the ranks of Jet Set Willy as one of the most authentic remakes of a classic game. Recommended!

Caverns of Bob

Cheap platform game.


Caveship is a fun entry in Retro Remakes' One Switch Competition. The game is similar to UrthWurm but with even simpler controls: like other games in the competition, you use only one key in the game. ... quickly, or else the space you must maneuver through is too narrow. All in all, though, Caveship is a polished and fun little game that deserves a much higher rank in the competition. Recommended!

CD Man

One of the world's most recognizable arcade game character Pac-Man finds a new form in this very cute clone. CD-Man features 5 different worlds, each featuring nicely-drawn graphics in high-res EGA mode ... to say really-- if you like Pac-Man, you'll probably love CD-Man and consider it one of the best clones ever made. If you dislike Pac-Man, there is nothing here that will make you change your mind :)


"The future, mankind has left its home planet of Earth in search of new inhabitable worlds. Such places were indeed discovered and colonized. Life seemed to exist all over the galaxy. Intelligent ... gamers like me, but the game is not overly frustrating or unfairly difficult. All in all, a charming and fun action game that will surely please fans of Zelda and action genre in general.


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