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Carnage (Freeware)

Carnage is a fun freeware remake of two classic Amiga games: Biplane Duel and Dogfight, which are in turn inspired by the classic Sopwith PC game. The aim of this game for 2-8 players is to take control of a bi-plane, fly around the screen shooting other planes and try not to get shot down or crash into the ground. The last plane left 'standing' is the winner. There is no computer AI, but if you can round up a few friends for some good ol' fashion hotseat play, you are guaranteed for a fun multiplayer experience.

Although it makes no pretense to be a "realistic" game, the way Carnage handles plane driving is considerably realistic. The plane can travel in any of twelve directions, but you must first take off by turning on the engine and building up speed. If your plane is too slow, it will stall; and when that happens, you must point the aircraft straight down at the ground until the speed picks up enough for you too fly normally. Another nice touch of realism is the way damage is depicted. You have 16 "lives" at the beginning of the game, but will lose one every time you are shot or crash into the ground, barn, or another plane. Once you lose a life, you start again with a completely new plane, but with less reliable instruments: part or none of the stall indicator may work, and the number of planes left indicator may not show the correct amount.

If you enjoy multiplayer action games, give Carnage a go. The game even has built-in delay to slow the game down for new computers (for PII 350, the appropriate delay is 35; you have to set it much higher if you are playing on PIII or newer computers), something more games should offer. This is small, but very fun old game!

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Carnage (Freeware) screenshot
Carnage (Freeware) screenshot

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