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I, Damiano

A unique and vastly unknown interactive fiction game based on underrated Damiano fantasy novels R.A. MacAvoy. Curiously enough, the European publisher Firebird didn't mention developer's name Bantam Imagic ... is that the game's lack of challenging puzzles makes it a good choice for IF beginners. But then again, you could instead play Brian Moriarty's clever Wishbringer if you want a good beginner's game.

Igor: Project Uikokahonia

Review 1: To be honest, I've never heard of Pendulo studios until I saw this game. It is shame that it never had an attention it deserves because this is a pretty good game. It looks a lot like some ... The clean interface, creative but forgiving puzzles, and tongue-in-cheek humor recall LucasArts' games, and deservedly so; if only dialogues were better written, it will rival with the very best.


"One of the best fanmade remakes ever made, Imogen is a great Windows version of a huge, and highly underrated, adventure/puzzle gem from Michael St. Aubyn of Micro Power. As the remake authors describe, ... interface. If you enjoy clever adventure games that focus more on physical puzzles than inventory items, Imogen will glue you to the screen until the quest is over. Highly recommended!"

In The Dead of Night

In one of the better but sadly less-known shareware games, you'll play the role of Tom Scool, private investigator hired to steal a rare gem from a famous actress in her mountain chalet. The game sports ... and an excellent plot. Overall, an atmospheric game that could easily have sold as a commercial game, and bodes well for Trecision's later adventure games, including the recent outstanding Nightlong.


One of the weirdest adventure games ever -- but perhaps not so strange given Coktel Vision's reputation-- Inca is a pseudo-historical adventure game that is best described as Jules Verne meets Aztec culture. ... combat sequences really hurt the fun. If you absolutely hate action sequences, steer clear of Inca. Adventure game fans who persevere, though, will be rewarded with a unique and fun adventure.

Inca (Hayden)

Given that it is one of the rarest commercial text adventures in existence, it is disappointing that Hayden Software's Inca is unfortunately not a very good game. A banal treasure hunt that could have ... disk image (get it from the link below). Don't expect too much. Hayden really should stick with releasing updates to their superb Computer Novel Construction Set than bother with making real games.


An excellent remake of classic Atari 2600 cartridge game, Indenture is one of the first maze adventures ever created. The gameplay is very simple: maneuver the square (representing your character) through ... remake of a classic that doesn't really stand the test of time very well, but has the same sense of novelty and excitement that its original created in late 1970s, before Zork came into being.

Indiana Jones in: Revenge of The Ancients

You're world-famous explorer Indiana Jones, in search of a lost civilization in one of the earliest computer game licenses of the hit movie ever made. The premise in Revenge of the Ancients somewhat parallels ... as one of the best Angelsoft releases, and Indiana Jones fans will immediately recognize both the physical puzzles (most of which must be solved in a certain number of turns) and riddle-based ones.


Stephen Granade posted an excellent review of this fun old game from Infocom in SPAG, so I'd like to quote it here in full: "On your first big archaeological dig, you manage to waste most of your ... kind of an ending, and is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Infidel is definitely an old game that's worthy of an Infocom name, although IMHO the ending ruins much of its play value.

Innocent until Caught

Review 1: Another adventure game (yeah, well, so sue me... I happen to love them), and it's a science fiction one too (that's always a good thing, non? ;) It all starts when Jack T. Ladd gets apprehended ... cheesy dialogues are funny and never overkill, and most characters are memorable. Definitely a must-play for anyone interested in casual sci-fi games that nevertheless offers tremendous play value.

Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is an excellent family-oriented point-and-click adventure startting the kind but bumbling cartoon hero. The game is aimed at a younger crowd, with a focus on environmental issues and abundant ... is done well, and puzzles are logical. It may also be the first game in history that lets you play a dog, although not to as great an effect as in Sierra's Pepper's Adventures in Time.. Recommended!

Invincible Island

A polished remake of an oldie Spectrum ZX computer game, Invincible Island is a fun entry in Retro Remakes' One Switch Competition. The plot: an evil man named Xatro left seven parchments on Invincible ... general makes this a difficult game, although the semi-interesting storyline and decent puzzles make the game worth finishing. Recommended, although only for the most patient among adventure gamers.

Iron Lord

From the first glance of the opening screen...this game had me hooked! I suggest you take a look at the extras and play the track from this game (it's from the C64 version of the game, but still...). The ... some excellent games. There are parts where it reminds me strongly of the Defender of the Crown. Iron Lord may not be quite up to the level of the Defender, but it certainly is a game worth playing!

Island of Danger

The Islands of Danger remains this day one of the most unique and memorable text-mode game ever written. As one of the first shareware titles programmed by Richard Carr, IoD bodes well for his subsequent ... work together to defeat you." Overall, a great example of how great gameplay without flashy graphics can be created. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Pyro 2, another ASCII classic.

J.B. Harold in: Murder Club

J.B. Harold in: Murder Club is a little-known PC conversion of a TurboDuo game of the same name. As investigator JB Harold, you must investigate the murder of a well-known businessman and bring the murderer ... finally see if your case stands up in court. Despite some writing quirks (perhaps due to poor translation), and somewhat "dry" gameplay, it's still a solid and thoroughly challenging game.

Jack in The Dark

Review 1: A mini-game made by Infogrames as teaser to Alone in the Dark 2, Jack in the Dark is a fun short story of a little girl trapped in a toystore who must negotiate a variety of malignant toys ... store. This game is supposed to show all the beauty of AITD2 engine and it does it in a great way. And that's just about all it does. It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete... Really!

Jack The Ripper

Review 1: Jack the Ripper is arguably the ultimate detective game. Based on the sensational Jack the Ripper murders in 19th century London, your job is to deduce the killer's identity before he strikes ... need to travel too much. The murders are commited while playing the game, so you will have to keep your eyes and ears open and if you do, this could be the best adventure game you've ever played!

James Bond 007 in: A View to A Kill

Just as in Goldfinger, you play the daring British secret agent Bond-- James Bond. The game follows the plot of the movie of the same name somewhat, but not as faithfully as Goldfinger-- it didn't start ... is my favorite. Overall, a good game worthy of a Bond name, although don't expect it to be like the movie. If you want a Bond game that is follows the movie more closely, play Goldfinger instead.

James Bond: The Stealth Affair (a.k.a. Operation Stealth)

James Bond: The Stealth Affair is a fun spy adventure that was originally released in Europe as Operation Stealth in Europe without the James Bond license-- a fact that explains why the game's plot doesn't ... gaffe in the game: James Bond apparently had enough of Q and decided to work for the CIA instead . John Glames in the original Operation Stealth wasn't a good enough name for a spy, so it seems.

James Clavell's Shogun

A faithful adaptation of James Clavell's hit novel of the same name, Shogun casts you in the role of Blackthorne, an English navigator hoping to fine fortune in the 19th century Japan, only to find that ... that belongs to every gamer's collection. Although the game would appeal more to Infocom veterans, novices should not be discouraged to try this one out, as the built-in on-line hints are excellent.

Jewels of Darkness Trilogy, The (a.k.a. Collosal Adventure,

Review 1: A trilogy of Zork-style games that comprises Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest, and Dungeon Adventure. The PC version is the update of the original text-only Middle Earth Trilogy. Colossal ... later removed, possibly to avoid charges of copyright infringement. Review 2: One of the masterpieces of Level 9 computing. Graphics/ Text Adventure, based on the Middle Earth stories of Tolkien..


There are still witches in Aquitania. Centuries ago they did great harm until the good sorcerer Turani created a bracelet that gave magic luck to the inhabitants of Aquitania. No one was injured or bewitched ... is not as solid as The Pawn, but it still sports plenty of fun twists and a host of colorful characters. As with other Magnetic Scrolls games, Jinxter is another must-have in any IF fan's library.

Jonny Quest

PC adaptation of a popular edutainment TV series, Jonny Quest is an action/adventure game that puts you in control of the title character and his pal Hadji in a quest to recover ancient artifacts in Guetemala from the bad guys. There are numerous fighting scenes, but thankfully most of them are easy. Easy puzzles make for a good, but short, family adventure.


Journey is an epic fantasy game that marks a radical departure for Infocom: the entire game is played similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book, in which you choose actions from a menu of choices. The ... and see the world from their different viewpoints also adds a great deal to the atmosphere. Definitely a must play for everyone, although be sure to save a lot, and don't waste the essences :)

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