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Review 1: Not an impressive game at all. You have to defend the United States from Russia as they are launching several attacks via missilies and similar weapons. The game offers different game play ... odds with enemy ships that appear constantly. My suggestion: play the Amiga version of this game instead, or Cinemaware's later classics. A good idea botched by technical limitations, so it seems.

Sabre Team

One of the best squad-level turn-based games ever made, Sabre Team was a minor hit on the Amiga for Krisalis, but failed to make any impact in the PC market, no doubt due to the (well-deserve) success ... end up with too few action points to use them all. Perfect for fans of X-COM and Jagged Alliance who are looking for a game that bridges these two classics, and don't mind some user-unfriendliness.


Sacrifice is a tremendous masterpiece from Shiny that ranks as one of the most unique and compelling strategy games ever made. Despite a plethora of glowing reviews from critics, the game's sales figure ... blend of wondrous art and addictive gameplay, Sacrifice is a rare gem that every strategy fan should have in their collection and play at least twice. Highly underrated, revolutionary masterpiece.

Santa Paravia and Fumaccio

Probably one of Keypunch's best releases, Santa Paravia and Fumaccio is a fun empire management game with a strong emphasis on economics. Up to 8 players compete against each other in a bid to become the ... if he/she can get friends to join a game. Those who are looking for a more authentic Renaissance experience would do well to skip this one, and play Holistic Design's Machiavelli The Prince instead.


Saralon is an entertaining Chinese-flavored puzzle game. Uses some ideas from Activision's earlier classic Mahjongg game Shanghai, though with different rules and offers more than enough of its own to ... it... me lazy webmaster ;) Recommended, especially to anyone who likes Mahjongg variants or Oriental board games in general who wants a more challenging game that relies less on luck than skills.

Scorched Earth

Review 1: The predecessor of the well known Worms games, made by Wendell Hicken, a solo programmer. Great multiplayer option will provide hours and hours of fun. Your goal - destroy the enemy artillery ... boosted graphics to have great game play. I recommend everyone to download it, it's especially fun to play if you have a laptop and are travelling. Fortunately it works great on my old 486 laptop.

Scrabble for Windows

Scrabble for Windows is a great Windows 3.1 update of previous Scrabble games that Mastertronic (which later was acquired by Virgin and became "Virgin Mastertronic" label) had been developing ... you, disallow 2-letter words, and see other players' racks. All in all, a very polished and highly playable Scrabble game that will keep fans entertained for many games to come. Highly recommended.

Scrabble: Deluxe Edition

A great version of classic boardgame, Scrabble Deluxe features excellent AI with 9 different skill levels to suit both novices and experts, up to 4-player hotseat games, and a clean mouse-based interface. ... in this classic word game that is every bit as good as it looks. If you like the game, be sure to check out the 1994 updated version for Windows called Scrabble for Windows, also on this site.

Sea Legends

One of the best spiritual successors to Sid Meier's classic Pirates! that unfortunately few knew about, Russian developer Mir Dialogue has painstakingly reproduced in Sea Legends almost all the elements ... hit points). In conclusion, Sea Legends takes all the elements that made Pirates! a classic, and adds a healthy dose of action and intrigue to make a great game even better." A must-have!

Sea Rogue

Sea Rogue is one of my most favorite old games of all time: it's eminently playable, fun, refreshing, original, and yet not many people have heard of it. Designed by ex-Navy veterans at Software Sorcery, ... replay value is high, as you will always come across wrecks that you have not previously encountered in the previous game. Overall, a must have for anyone with a slight interest in treasure hunting.

Second Conflict

Second Conflict is a fun "beer & pretzel" style game of galactic warfare for Windows, and one of the first shareware strategy games that are worth the registration costs. Sequel to Galactic ... hotseat is supported, unfortunately). With a quick & fun gameplay and excellent user interface, Second Conflict is well worth a look for anyone who wants a quick, no-frills galactic war game.

Second Front

"The Eastern Front of World War II, covered from start to finish. Different levels allowed one to see losses taken down to squad level. One could replace commanders, build armies, seize objectives -- it was all here, but it was soon replaced by [Grigby's own] War in Russia."

Semper Fi

Games Domain's Dean Gordon says it all about this atypical squad-level wargame that does not live up to Stanley Associates' earlier 5th Fleet, primarily because it is too short and too easy: "The ... Fi? As is, the game has some great gameplay aspects but feels and plays unfinished. For the hard-core amongst us though, there is enough there to sate your hunger until TacOps 98 is released."

Settlers II Gold Edition, The

Review 1: In my opinion the best game in The Settlers series, The Settlers II Gold Edition is a great compilation of the original Settlers II and the Mission Pack add-on. Arguably one of the best-looking, ... more than 30 different professions your men can have, and many different building types. Of course, there are other settlers in your area, too, so war is unavoidable. The graphic is Super-VGA, enjoy!

Settlers of Catan

Review 1: Settlers of Catan is a faithful reproduction of the board game of the same name. You and three other competitors are newly arrived settlers on the undiscovered land of Catan. You must expand ... of finding all my roads blocked off by roads belonging to other players? There is a Robber piece too!! This is a great game and one of the better computer versions floating around on the Internet.

Settlers of Catan [2002]

Settlers of Catan (2002) is yet another fanmade PC clone of classic German board game of the same name, originally published by Kosmos Games and later in the U.S. by Mayfair Games. For anyone who's never ... of Catan is a very faithful reproduction of the boardgame classic, with competent AI and better graphics than many other fanmade PC versions, including the 1998 one you can find on this site.

Settlers, The (a.k.a. Serf City: Life is Feudal)

Review 1: A great start to a great series, The Settlers (published by SSI in the USA as Serf City) is a fun micromanagement game that is based on a tried-and-true 4X idea, but executed in an innovative ... this by mining resources as stones, water and trees. The creatures you play with look very funny and cartoonish. To complete a level you have to destroy your opponents houses and stuff. Top game!

Seven Years War

Seven Years War is a decent WarCraft II clone - that is, a real-time strategy game - based on the "Seven Years War," the period between 1592 and 1598 A.D. during which Japanese shogun Toyotomi ... to set it apart from WarCraft II clones. However, if you're looking for a decent RTS that is accessible and not overly complex, or a RTS set in the Orient, Seven Years War is well worth a look.

Shadow Watch

Shadow Watch is a fun, albeit short sci-fi tactical strategy game in the same vein as X-COM that offers some original ideas that make up for the short length, slow gameplay, and none-too-bright AI. My ... mechanics that work quite well. I remembered it so well that I recently dug it out and played it all over again on my WinME box last year. I'd recommend giving it a try to any tactical RPG fan."

Shiloh: Grant's Trial in The West

"SSI's first rendition of Civil War, The battle, it was a true "beer-and-pretzels" type of game. Easy to learn and play, it was marred by marginal graphics and ahistoric results. The "edge ... syndrome ruled here as it was the preferred method to fix and destroy the enemy." It was also a more accurate rendition of the Battle of Shiloh than the 1981 game SSI first released on Apple II.

Shogi Master

Shogi is a Japanese variant of chess where you can return your opponent's captured pieces to the game, but on your side instead! There are many other rule differences (and unique pieces) in this fantastic ... been very popular in Japan for centuries. Shogi Master recreates the game superbly with a tough computer opponent. This product was only available by mail order but now you may download and enjoy it!

Shogi Variants

Shogi Variants is a great freeware game for Windows 3.x and up that boasts a wide range of variants of Shogi, a popular Japanese chess game. The official description says it all: "Shogi Variants is ... to judge ;)) If you already enjoy the actual game, you will likely have a lot of fun with this freeware old game. Otherwise, try Ishi Press' Shogi Master instead for a more beginner-friendly title.

Shortline Railroad

Shortline is an excellent beer-and-pretzel realtime railroad management game that eschews complicated financial aspects (as in A-Train) and all realistic factors in favor of the pure joy of creating a ... passage of different trains to target points, and your success both in traffic dispatch and railroad management and construction determines your score. It's a lot of fun, and quite addictive :)


Review 1: A very promising game when you first take a look at the well done intro and the first few screens you see in the game. But Siege simply fails to live up the first parts and is an average strategy ... castles. The grahics are very well made. You can make own scenrarios or play already existing scenarios. Before you start the game you can choose whether you want to defend or attack the castle.

Siege (Freeware)

Siege is an excellent and unique puzzle/strategy game from Fallen Angel Industries. The review at Total Klik says it all about this underrated gem: "Siege blends the strategy and puzzle game genres ... download it now. Whether its the graphics, the gameplay, the music, or just the sweet menu, this game is awesome." A tremendous fun, especially in two-player mode against another human player.

Siege! (a.k.a. Freedom Under Siege)

Siege! is an interesting and unique board game that plays like a more 'real-world' version of Checkers. Your objective in the game is to control the most territory on the board after a given number of ... that is the case. Fortunately, you can play against a friend via hot-seat, modem, or LAN. Overall, a unique board game that is long on innovative ideas, but short on longevity. Worth a look, though.


Slave and JubMoo ("catch the pig" in English) are two most popular parlor card games in Thailand. The games are similar in that each player's moves depend on the previous player's move, and both ... publicize two original and fun card games from my homeland. Note: Although the Help screen is in English, the games don't include rules of the card games, so make sure you download the manual below.

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