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Siege (Freeware)

Siege is an excellent and unique puzzle/strategy game from Fallen Angel Industries. The review at Total Klik says it all about this underrated gem:

"Siege blends the strategy and puzzle game genres to create something exceptionally unique. Using 1 of 6 generals you war with each other with 20 unit types at your disposal. These units are 'summoned' by making patterns in the puzzle grid. Sound confusing? It isn't really. Especially since Siege is complete with its own super-easy to use tutorial. Packing catchy music, great graphics, and a unique, fun-to-play style.

But, because this game was made so quickly, and is only small, it comes with a small share of bugs. Playing in two player mode i have noticed that some buttons confuse each other, and you can find yourself clearing your enemies grid. (Which isnt always a bad thing.) Also, sometimes you find that some combinations dont work, when other times they do.

All and all this game is yet another great release from FAInd, and i strongly advise you download it now. Whether its the graphics, the gameplay, the music, or just the sweet menu, this game is awesome." A tremendous fun, especially in two-player mode against another human player.

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Siege (Freeware) screenshot
Siege (Freeware) screenshot

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