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California Games

Review 1: Fun sports at its best made this game a true classic on the C64. The PC-version looks pretty much like a 1:1 clone. Looks like they even emulated the same resolution, hey - EGA is able to do ... at, you weren't hindered in your events by crappy graphics, like some games have. I thoroughly recommend this game! Hours and hours of fun are in store for you if you give it a shot, its so much fun!

California Games 2

Review 1: California Games 2 is a game full of fun. In it you can choose which sport to play: Skating, Surfing, Snowboarding, Gliding, Jet ski. SKATING: You are on the ramp which has an end...that sounds ... than others, for instance I became thoroughly addicted to the skateboarding, but could never really get into the jetski event - I guess it's all a matter of taste. I recommend the game. Great fun.

California Pro Golf

California Pro Golf is a nice, early golf game from Mastertronic that should have gotten more attention than it did. Although not as well known as Accolade's Mean 18, California Pro Golf offers a few rounds ... the power gauge is big and much easier to use than most other golf games. Despite its limitations, California Pro Golf is a fun, early golf game that fans of the sport should definitely take a look.

Campo's International Rugby (a.k.a. International Rugby Chal

Review 1: Campo's International Rugby is a great, and largely unknown, rugby game that is endorsed by David "Campo" Campese, Australian rugby legend, who has set up his own management company ... game, I need to win, it's ever frustrating if I don't. I love this one and I think people who are fan of sports games should download this one. I think they will be addicted within 5 minutes too.

Cannon Smash

Of all sports, table tennis has rarely been the subject of computer version. Sure, there's Pong and Arkanoid, which feature simplistic hit-ball-with-paddle action, and then there's also Shufflepuck Cafe ... mode is unfortunately not available, so long-term play value is a bit limited. Here's hoping that the author continue to improve this very promising rendition of one of Asia's most popular sports.

Carl Lewis' Go for The Gold

Similar to Carl Lewis Challenge, The but with older graphics and more emphasis on arcade reflexes than the above game, this is a neat "beer-and-pretzel" style game that lets you compete in any of the main athletic events that range from 100m dash to javelin. Despite the lack of depth, it does include excellent database of event rules and help on game elements.

Carl Lewis Challenge, The

Carl Lewis Challenge, The has a lot of things going for it. One of the few sports games that I have seen from Psygnosis and as usual with their games the graphics stand out as sort of brilliant. The game ... are varied and range from running the 100 meter dash to the javelin throw. And the selection of athletes is generous with a good selection of both male and female stars. I rate it a 3 out of 5.


Carvin is a freeware snowboarding game for DOS that is fast, fun, and very easy to learn. Your goal in game is to clear through 10 hills, while scoring points by collecting 'tokens' that are scattered ... those few precious minutes of coffee break. It's just not addictive enough to warrant a replay. For more involving freeware games based on similar themes, try SnowBrawl and Freeride Earth instead.

Caveman Ugh-lympics

A hilarious, tongue-in-cheek olympics game like you've never seen it before, Caveman Ugh-Lympics depicts what olympics may have been like in the prehistoric times. Choose an athlete among 6 choices, each ... compete in saber race, mate toss, clubbing, firemaking, dino race and dino vault. The events, especially dino vault and firemaking, are very original and fun to watch, despite some awkward controls.

Center Court Tennis

Review 1: Not the best tennis game around, but still recommended if you like to play tennis games. The game does offer features not seen is most tennis game as you can choose between several game levels, ... even volley smashes are near impossible to pull off. Overall, CCT is a superficial tennis game that proves the adage "looks are only skin deep." There are far better tennis games out there.

Circus Games

A small and fun CGA action game similar to Big Top o' Fun with a simple goal: perform 4 circus events individually or in the International Competition where judges will induct you to the Hall of Fame if your score is high enough. The events (tightrope, trick horseriding, trapeze, and tiger training) are imaginative, with lots of variations and tricks to keep things interesting.

Circus Maximus

Ride with chariots through circusmaximus. Not very spectacular.

Club Football: The Manager

Club Football: The Manager is a decent simulation of England's soccer league. As manager of a Division 2 team (which you can select at the beginning), your job is to lead the team to Division 1 and finally ... in the game, and there is nothing here to elevate it to the standards of Premier Manager or Championship Manager, leaders in the genre. Well worth a look, but only if you collect this type of game.

Club Racquetball

No doubt one of the most obscure Macintosh games ever made, Virgin Mastertronic's Club Racquetball is a solid computer version of one of the world's "niche" sports -- racquetball, a distant cousin ... Krisalis' Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash is a much stronger game, but racquetball fans will have little to complain with this old game. Not exceptional, but not a bad game either.

College Slam

College Slam is a fun basketball game that is essentially a carbon copy of Acclaim's earlier NBA Jam Tournament Edition, except with NCAA teams and players instead of NBA ones. There are some additional ... game, you will likely like this one too. Of course, you can also pretend that NBA teams in NBA Jam: TE are your favorite college teams, to spare the bandwidth and time spent downloading this one ;)

Compaq Grand Slam Cup

A relatively rare version of Mindscape's classic tennis game 4D Sports Tennis, Compaq Grand Slam Tour is identical in every respect except for digitized photos of real-world courts that make up the Grand ... smoothly, though). For a more detailed review of gameplay, please read my review of 4D sports Tennis because it is virtually identical ;) Definitely a must-have tennis game for fans of the sport.

Computer Quarterback

One of Dani Bunten's early classics, Computer Quarterback, published in 1979, in Brian Moriarty's tribute, "was originally designed to support exactly two players. It was ported to Apple BASIC from ... reversal of recent industry practice, it was the single-player mode that was reluctantly added at the last minute at the request of the publisher, SSI." A fun game that was ahead of its time

Cricket 97

Cricket 97 is a good-looking cricket game designed by Melbourne House of Australia and published worldwide by EA Sports. Since the only exposure to cricket I have ever had was listening to a UK friend's ... game will bore you to tears. If you want a cricket computer game this is the one to buy. However, unlike soccer games it doesn?t have the appeal to draw in people who are not fans of the sport."

Crush! Deluxe

One of the best, and most underrated, futuristic sport games ever made, Crush! Deluxe is best described as a much-improved version of Micro League's earlier Blood Bowl, a futuristic rugby game. David Finn ... battlefield of CRUSH! I bet it would be a hard game to keep on store shelves. As is, gamers are going to have to look past their craving for multimedia glitz to find the addictive game beneath."

CyberBykes (a.k.a. Shadow Racer VR)

Terrible cyberpunk racing game that could have been much more, CyberBykes sports unconvincing graphics, irritating soundtrack, and an extremely frustrating gameplay that takes far too much effort to be ... and since. If you have one of the older VR glasses, you might want to try the game, since it was one of the first to offer compatibility with such devices. Otherwise, steer clear of this Real Dog.


CyberRace is a very stylish cyberpunk racing game featuring the designs of famed artist Syd Mead (best known for his sets for Blade Runner the movie). Although storyline is superfluous in this kind of ... are always worth the trouble. Recommended, but be warned that this is a game where the cliché "style over substance" does apply. The style alone is worth trying out though, methinks ;)

Championship Manager 1
Championship Manager 2

Review 1: This is probably the most addictive game ever. If you're a football fanatic, there's no way you can avoid getting hooked on this game's extreme playability. The version downloadable is the ... receiving offer based on your performance as manager. It has a rich database with all the player (of course of 1995) but it still mantain an appeal that who really love soccer games will not miss.

Championship Manager '93 w/ 1994 data disk

While being an older game than its bigger sister CM2, CM'94 shares the same quality as its successor: playability. It even has some options and features that CM2 doesn't, but unfortunately it's a bit too easy to win. Still, it's a brilliant game. Its Adlib introduction theme has become a classic :-)

Championship Wave Racer

Championship Wave Racer is a fun boat racing game that is strongly reminiscent of classic Super Sprint and Micro Machines games. Despite taking place on water, the game looks so similar to Codemasters' ... also enjoy this freeware game from a small UK-based developer. My only gripe is that the tracks look too similar to each other; a level editor would have been a nice addition. Highly recommended!

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Warrior

Average kung fu fighting game that pales beside the likes of Bushido and Epyx's classic World Karate Championship due mostly to awkward controls. Choy Lee Fut does have many high points that are worth ... will find yourself facing overwhelming odds. Awkward and somewhat irresponsive joystick controls add to the frustration, making the game more work than fun. As we say today, it's close, but no cigar.

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