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California Pro Golf

California Pro Golf is a nice, early golf game from Mastertronic that should have gotten more attention than it did. Although not as well known as Accolade's Mean 18, California Pro Golf offers a few rounds of solid golfing, with better-than-average graphics and reasonably realistic factors that include wind speed and direction, club size, and more. The only problem with the game is the limited number of courses (only 2), and the strange fact that you can only choose 4 golf clubs before starting the game (what, no caddy?). The user interface is simple, but effective: you can look at your score or the course map at any time, and the power gauge is big and much easier to use than most other golf games. Despite its limitations, California Pro Golf is a fun, early golf game that fans of the sport should definitely take a look.

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California Pro Golf screenshot
California Pro Golf screenshot

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