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Championship Manager 2

Review 1:

This is probably the most addictive game ever. If you're a football fanatic, there's no way you can avoid getting hooked on this game's extreme playability. The version downloadable is the very first game in the CM2 series, and has been patched using the official patch to enhance the overall experience. If you haven't played CM2 before, you should download this game. Incredibly good.

Review 2:

In my opinion, Championship Manager 2 and all the championship manager serie is one of the best management games in the '90s. It has everything that a soccer fan want to see in a management videogame. The level of the game is also adequated to the division you are going to play, in fact it is better starting with a low division team and then receiving offer based on your performance as manager. It has a rich database with all the player (of course of 1995) but it still mantain an appeal that who really love soccer games will not miss.

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