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Space Adventure Cobra

Space Adventure Cobra is a really awful SEGA CD game adaptation of one of my favorite manga/anime series. Written by Buichi Terasawa, the series are about the exciting exploits of Cobra, a wise-cracking, ... series instead if you are interested in the story. The fact that it was based on one of my favorite anime series and a half-decent story are the only things saving it from the Real Dog status here.

Space Quest 0: Replicated

Space Quest 0: Replicated is an excellent fanmade Space Quest game that in my humble opinion is even more fun than The Lost Chapter, another fanmade SQ game reviewed on this site a few years ago. Set in ... simply must check out this excellent fan game that remains not only faithful to the spirit of Sierra's classic, but also adds a whole new memorable chapter to the saga of our favorite space janitor.


After the somewhat disappointing Sorcerer, Infocom's Enchanter trilogy ends with a spectacular bang in the name of Spellbreaker. This is everything a fantasy adventure should be: well-written, challenging, ... and Trinity can boast the same seamless integration of puzzles and plot. Definitely one of Infocom's best games, Spellbreaker is a must-play for every fan of interactive fiction. Highly recommended.

Spellcasting 101

Review 1: In this textual adventure, You play a role of Earnie Eaglebaek, a "victim" of mean stepfather which dreams of becoming a world famous sorcerer. His dreams may come true as soon as ... clever and logical ("Island of Lost Soles" puzzle being one of my most favorite puzzles of all time, and numerous little details enhance the atmosphere. A great start to a great series.

Spellcasting 201

Review 1: It didn't take too long for Legend to come up with the sequel for Spellcasting, and noone was disappointed. Unlike majority of sequels, this one was if not an improvement, then at least of ... now in his sophomore year, Ernie must finish impossible tasks in order to become member of a fraternity. More fun and the first game, with more sexual innuendos and creative spell-related puzzles.

Spellcasting 301

Review 1: As Ernie Eaglebeak, sorceror's apprentice in the third installation (and last one) of Spellcasting series, you going on the spring break with your fraternity brothers. Using your wits and whatever ... to win the game, although it's a lot more fun to do so). A clever plot twist and surprise ending will delight fans of the series and provide excellent closure to one of the best game series ever.


Roundly criticized by many reviewers as one of the worst adventure games ever made, Spud! is actually a pretty decent point-and-click 3D cartoon adventure from UK developer Charybdis Limited. Similar to ... although I would have liked it a lot more if it weren't for the bugs. Though not a top game, Spud! is well worth a look for all adventure game fans, especially those who like the quirky Normality.

Star Control 3

Legend took a brief interlude from the adventure genre to develop the third installment of Star Control for Accolade. Unfortunately, the adventuring part boils down to a lot of clicking through endless ... as if the game was (gasp!) rushed out the door before being fine-tuned. It's fun... just don't expect it to be anything like a Legend adventure (or even Star Control 1 & 2, for that matter).

Star Empire

One of the rarest games ever made - for PC and other 8-bit systems - is First Row's first release, and one of the first "space opera" adventure games that StarFlight would take to new heights. ... its place in the annals of computer gaming - although its influence is debatable because the game is so obscure, even in 1988. Recommended as a nostalgic trip for die-hard fans of space games.

Star Saga: One - Beyond The Boundary

One of the most underrated, unknown classics ever made for the PC, Star Saga: One - Beyond The Boundary is the first in a short-lived series of science fiction adventure/RPG games developed in 1988 and ... with Game Factory that lets you move around the map, record your discoveries, and share that with friends so you no longer have to sit face-to-face with 5 other players to enjoy the experience :)

Star Saga: Two - The Clathran Menace

One of the most underrated, unknown classics ever made for the PC, Star Saga: Two - The Clathran Menace is the second and unfortunately final in the short-lived Star Saga series of epic science fiction ... with Game Factory that lets you move around the map, record your discoveries, and share that with friends so you no longer have to sit face-to-face with 5 other players to enjoy the experience :)

Star Trek TNG: The Transinium Challenge

This obscure adventure game is an excellent Star Trek: TNG title that captures all the flavor of the TV series, with cool digitized animations of the cast and object. The game features the excellent "conference" ... Fiction's other old game Hidden Agenda, where you evaluate found objects and solicit opinions from crew members. As Riker, unravel the mystery surrounding a space station attack. Highly recommended.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

A disappointing game based on the Star Trek movie of the same name, Final Frontier's quirky combat controls and lack of real interactivity in the plot department sank the game faster than James T. Kirk's ... graphics did little to improve things, so this game is really for die-hard Trekkies who simply must have every Star Trek game ever produced . The rest of us would do well to steer clear of this game.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Review 1: For all those Trekkies out there - this is YOUR game! I've always liked Star Trek (especially the original series) and I got VERY happy when I was able to get my hands on this one. A solid ... will be a few unexpected moments. Having said all of this, if you are still interested in playing, go download yourself a star chart and "boldly go" into playing this truly amazing game.

Star Trek: First Contact

Review 1: Last of the Star Trek trio of games Simon & Schuster and arguably the best, First Contact continues the exploits of intrepid captain James T. Kirk and his crew abroad the starship Enterprise. ... cursor keys and, when neccessary, type the commands (but they are usually simple answers to questions or turbolift commands). Overall, this graphicless game is a great gaming experience. Live it up!

Star Trek: Judgment Rites

After resting on their laurels, Interplay is back with an even better and longer sequel to 25th Anniversary called Judgment Rites. Although gameplay remains the same (after all, it's a prudent "don't ... solution is less obvious. Unfortunately, frustrating combat is also back, and dialogues are tedious at times. It's still a great game, however, and worthy of every adventurer's collection.

Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative

This sequel to Promethean Prophecy is text-based Star Trek adventure that's quite difficult to play and even more difficult to finish. It's quite fun, though, and well-implemented. Using the same interface ... of the Enterprise crew is capable of. Overall, an average sequel to Promethean Prophecy that has worse writing and more confusing puzzles. A must-have only for Trekkies and die-hard adventurers.

Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy

Arguably the best Star Trek adventure game ever made until Interplay's 25th Anniversary, this Simon & Schuster text game is actually stronger than its better-known sequel, The Kobayashi Alternative, ... with different colors for each character). Overall, Promethean Prophecy is a fun game recommended for all Star Trek fans-- but beward of several time-limit puzzles and ignoring the Prime Directive!

Star Trek: The Rebel Universe

Take control of the starship Enterprise in this conversion of a good Commodore 64 game, which tried too hard to be everything -- taken separately, none of the action, strategy, and adventure elements are ... But the whole in this case is greater than the sum of its part, and the game has that strange, alluring quality that kept me playing. Or maybe it's just that I'm a sentimental, nostalgic Trekkie :)


Silmarils' first sci-fi game offers a good dose of action / adventure mix despite hackneyed plot (your must board the starship StarBlade to prevent the evil Queen Mother insectoid from breeding). The emphasis ... time, as hordes of aliens are on your trail throughout the game. Repetitive combat and gameplay makes this one of Silmarils' most disappointing games despite the usual lush graphics and good music.


One of my most favorite sci-fi text adventures, Starcross is yet another masterpiece from Infocom, this time one of their earliest sci-fi releases. In the game, you play a black-hole miner who is captured ... though - a game that will captivate and challenge you for hours on end. It requires a lot of time and patience, but you will be well rewarded with an outstanding and unique adventure when you do.

Starfight VI: Gatekeepers

StarFight VI: Gatekeepers is an incredible spaceflight adventure game that saw over 15 months in development. Aside from the amazing fact that this game is freeware, StarFight VI also ranks as one of the ... decide to be a download mirror for the game's creators JD-Production. (although due to our *cough* bandwidth traffic, we advise you to try the other download mirrors on the game's website first :P )


Stationfall is an excellent sequel to classic Planetfall, although it does not have the same charm as its predecessor. The game is set 5 years after the events in Planetfall. Sent in a shuttle on a routine ... atmosphere and many good puzzles. The humor is less pronounced, but still permeates much of the game. If you enjoy sci-fi IF titles, you could do far worse than this classic. Highly recommended!

Stephen King's "The Mist"

Undoubtedly one of the best IF titles from Angelsoft, Stephen King's The Mist is based on a famous short story by the world's leading horror author Stephen King. The choice of "The Mist" out ... so you may assume that shooting isn't the right solution and try to do something else. This gripe aside, this is a great action-packed adventure that King fans and IF veterans alike will enjoy.

Sub Mission

An evil warlord has abducted 2 earthlings. He is a maniacal, war game loving (looks like he's one of us!:-)), evil person. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let yourself be captured by ... of how to play the game. This is yet another unique game. See if you like the adventure part of the game. If you only want to get into some underwater action, you might want to check elsewhere.

Superhero League of Hoboken

This is a zany adventure/RPG game designed by none other than Steve Meretzky. Although admittedly not as funny as his Spellcasting series, this game is still chock full of Meretzsky hallmarks: lots of ... Highly recommended for everyone, although be prepared for some aggravating back-tracking if you forget an important item somewhere, and some very cheesy dialogues that are too atrocious to be funny .


Scott Miller's Beyond The Titanic and Supernova are two atmospheric, well-written IF that have sadly been ignored by the gaming public, perhaps due to the fact that their publisher Apogee is better known ... adventure. To their credit, Apogee released both games as freeware in March 1998, although they couldn't find a way to make the games savable to hard drive-- so you still need a floppy to save games.

Survival in New York City

Survival in New York City is a marginally above-average interactive fiction title, included in Keypunch's Swords and Sorcery package. Given Keypunch's notoriety as the company that kept stealing other ... of versatility. Regardless, it is a neat little game that features some concepts - multiple solutions and multiple endings - that are not so common in the heyday of text games. Well worth a look.


Infocom's third murder mystery game no longer puts you in the shoes of a police detective, but a nosy reporter who has been framed with the murder of Veronica Ashcroft, a famous superstar who has been ... otherwise be. If you like murder mystery games, Suspect still ranks as one of the very best. In terms of difficulty level, I would put it one notch above The Witness but not as hard as Deadline.


The other "Expert" level sci-fi game from Infocom (the other being Starcross), Suspended is a unique and ambitious text adventure that suffers from an extremely high difficulty level and awkward ... easy. The puzzles are very difficult and not altogether fair to the player - Starcross is much better in that regard. Well worth a look, but be prepared for many frustrating sessions with this one.

Swiss Family Robinson

A fun adventure based on a popular children's tale about a shipwrecked family, Swiss Family Robinson was designed for young adventurers, ages 7 to 12. As such, it is a commendable attempt that is unfortunately ... The game's quirky parser makes it too hard for the age group it was designed for, so parents should play along with their children to minimize frustration. Highly recommended, with some reservations.

Switch (a.k.a. Panic!)

Switch (Panic! in the US) is quite possibly the oddest game I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of decidedly odd games. The story, so much as you need one: in the future, all the appliances in the world ... akin to tripping on LSD will do well to stay far, far away. Others who enjoy weird and silly will have a fun trip, at least a few times, through Switch. If only every Sega CD game had been this good!

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