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Stationfall is an excellent sequel to classic Planetfall, although it does not have the same charm as its predecessor. The game is set 5 years after the events in Planetfall. Sent in a shuttle on a routine bureaucratic errand to a local space station, you arrive to find the station deserted, a strange alien space ship in one of the docking bays, and mechanical devices behaving erratically. You must discover what happened to the crew, and deal with the unknown threat before your limited supplies run out.

Stationfall offers a lot of solid writing and detailed descriptions that Meretzsky fans have come to expect. The humor this time around is toned down, however - this is a much more "serious" game than Planetfall. Puzzles are more difficult than Planetfall, although most of them have sufficient clues. They are definitely the highlight of the game, especially since there are fewer memorable NPCs this time around. If you enjoy the sci-fi puzzles in Starcross, you will enjoy the ones in this game.

Overall, Stationfall is great game that won't disappoint fans of Planetfall. It won't bring Floyd back, but it does shine with great atmosphere and many good puzzles. The humor is less pronounced, but still permeates much of the game. If you enjoy sci-fi IF titles, you could do far worse than this classic. Highly recommended!

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