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Review 1: One of the most wanted games of 1991, made by Coktel vision that was later purchased by a game giant - Sierra. I think this fact proves the quality of the company and it's games. Goblins is ... happen to finish it and want more then you'll be pleased to know that there are two sequels to the game. Overall a very good puzzle game despite the fact that it can be a bit frustrating at times.

Gobliins 2

Review 1: The first part was a great success and it was logical that part 2 would come up. And it did! Goblins strike again. This time, there's only two of them but the game is still the same - complete ... it is very difficult. Luckily the immature wit makes up for the frustrating challenges. If you like puzzles, slap-stick humour, and are looking to kill a few hours, than this is the game for you.

Goblins 3

Review 1: Goblins are back! This time Blount is on a mission of rescue. Wynnona was taken hostage by King Bodd, and it's up to our little here to save her. Still the same - complete certain tasks and ... really seem like a goblin type of vehicle, but it served well for the purpose and Blount sure does seem to enjoy the ride. It's not something I would call a must have, but it's a pretty good game!

Gold of the Aztecs

Review 1: When it first came out in 1989. GOA was a real hit for Amiga and Atari. It had great graphics and an original soundtrack. You play a role of a single adventurer in search of the ancient Aztec ... this is similar to Out of This World, and a lot of fun. Overall, if you like action games with some adventure elements, Gold of the Aztecs is one of the better ones you will find. Recommended!

Goody Remake

Goody Remake, as the name implies, is a modern Windows-based remake of Opera Soft's classic Spanish action game of the same name. From my review of Goody elsewhere on this site: "Goody is a fun 2D ... for action and adventure fans alike. This 2005 remake sports excellent SVGA graphics, sound effects, and addictive gameplay that is completely faithful to Opera Soft's original. Highly recommended.

Immortal, The

Review 1: A game made up a bit like Cadaver, released in the same year. But the graphics show a different style - more mystic... Your task is to rescue Mordamir, your master - playing a young apprentice ... and personal statistics. Review 3: Walk around with a mage and sorten stuff out on your way in the dungeons and further. Very cool graphics, Good scenemusic and a nice setting! Worth a download.

It Came from the Desert

Review 1: One of the real classics and from one of the best game companies that have ever existed. Correct, I'm talking about Cinemaware here. The game starts with some strange things happening and you ... this is a must play for all action/adventure fans. Recommended! And better yet, Cinemaware has released the game as freeware in 2001, so go support one of the most underrated developers today :)

Jurassic Park

Review 1: I was in my early teens when Jurassic Park was released in cinemas and can easily remember the mania that surrounded dinosaurs at the time. A game based on the film just added to the hype. ... is based on the book written by M. Crichton. You run around with you stungun, with which you can take care of some dinosaurs. Of course you have to save other people and do lots of different actions.

Largo Winch: Empire under Threat

Largo Winch: Empire under Threat is a surprisingly fun 3D adventure games with action sequences from France. Based on a popular hero of the same name (who is virtually unknown outside France and The Netherlands), ... adventurers too may find much to challenge and delight as once the game gets underway there are lots of locations to explore and plenty of things to do to keep the story moving along."

Last Ninja

Review 1: Ninjas were always feared by eveyone, even the noble Samurais. But not even they are unbeatable. Evil Shogun Kunitoki wants to get Ninja powers and combine them with his own dark powers in ... on 8-bit systems (the C64 and ZX Spectrum).. maybe i'm just getting old ;) Nevertheless, once you get used to the controls and the pixel-perfect precision that the game requires you may enjoy it.

Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance

Review 1: Our dear Last Ninja destroyed Kunitoki's forces on Lin Fen Island, but the master fled to the great city of New York. Now Ninja spirits have sent our hero through time and space and into NY. ... 80's) new york.. and theres a baddie and... oh I can't be bothered. If you've played the first game then this is more of the same, with slightly improved graphics and a more interesting setting.

Lost Dutchman Mine

Review 1: The game puts You in role of a gold miner looking for a legendary Lost Dutchman mine. This is based on a true story of a German immigrant that found gold in The Superstition mountains in Arizona. ... going to find the Dutchman Mine. On this adventure you start in a town where you buy stuff like food and bullets, etc. Along the road you meet Indians, snakes, etc. The graphics are very very nice.

Perfect Assassin

Perfect Assassin is a bad sci-fi action/adventure hybrid that is nowhere near as good as the classics in the genre, but nonetheless deserves much more attention than it got in the gaming press. As the ... armed combat, to the imminent destruction of the universe, a lot of pointless random combat and inane puzzles make Perfect Assassin a horrendous game that all adventure fans should do best to avoid.


One of the most sought-after console games in existence, Snatcher for the SEGA CD is an excellent cyberpunk action/adventure designed by Hideo Kojima, legendary designer who more or less built Konami's ... love this game, especially since it runs almost flawlessly on the GENS emulator for PC. Be warned, though: the game contains some explicit scenes of violence and sex that some may find offensive.

Star Flight

Review 1: Starflight is surely one of the alltime classics of the computer-gaming-history. It set standards, without any doubt! Mankind left the Earth long ago and it's home is now Arth. You set out ... or you could end up having to fight for your life. This is as close to a perfect game as I have ever found, and if you like your games deep and long lasting then I HIGHLY recommend you download it.

Star Flight 2

Review 1: Well, the basic concept of Starflight II is just the same as in the first part - but they surely enhanced the game itself - 2 new alien races are expanding and a mysterious dark cloud in the ... of the game - but I dont want to give away too much, like I said before the beauty of Starflight is discovering things for yourself. Extra Info: Type in the code 34789 to bypass the copy protection.


Unshadowed is a fun action adventure from amateur developer P. J. Richmond. The game makes up for its amateurish (and probably too cartoonish, given the subject matter) graphics with excellent puzzles ... think this game just comes together well. It has rough edges in places and room for improvement, but it consistently presents you with fun and varied situations to the end." Highly recommended.

Veil of Darkness

Review 1: One of the few adventure games from SSI. But this doesn't make the game bad. It's actually one of the best games when it comes to the atmosphere in the game. You have just crashed with your ... in the late 1930s, and it's now up to him to stop vampire Kairn. The great story and atmosphere are guarantee to please both adventure and RPG gamers, despite some frustrating combats near the end.

Wanted: Monty Mole

Wanted: Monty Mole is a great freeware remake of a classic Spectrum ZX/Commodore 64 game of the same name starring Monty, a brave miner mole who is determined to raid his South Yorkshire pit to snatch ... the original in "retro"-style graphics with more colors, retaining the smooth gameplay and clever puzzles of the original game. Highly recommended to fans of action/adventure hybrids.

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