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Galactic Capitalism

Trade stuff in the universe. This is a Windows platform game.


Galaxy is a superb fan-made remake of a classic Avalon Hill game of the same name, designed by Tom Cleaver and released for the Commodore Business Machine (CBM) 8000 in 1981. In this simpler precursor ... thanks to the fact that the game actually shipped with the source codes, which allows Jay to port it from language to language, from machine to machine until the present day. Highly recommended!

Game of the Amazons, The

The Game of the Amazons is an excellent PC version of "El Juego de las Amazonas," an original, chess-based board game invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas of Argentina. In this two-player game, ... levels, and the rules are different enough from chess to keep even expert players entertained. Overall, The Game of the Amazons is one of the best chess variants ever created. Highly recommended!

Games People Play, The

The Games People Play is a lackluster collection of two card games (Gin and Cribbage) and two board games (Checkers and Backgammon). Clearly Software Toolworks wanted to market the game as a "premium" ... important aspect of a good board game, TGPP leaves a lot to be desired. Recommended only if you are a novice to these games and prefer to learn the games rather than finding a tough opponent to beat.

Gary Grigsby's Pacific War

"THE simulation of the Pacific. Graphically acceptable, its strength lay in the sheer data and scope of the campaign. In all truth, I find it overwhelming, but I can recognize quality when I see it. ... emphasizes logistics, and will allow the player to choose his own level of command -- supreme commander, area commander, or even a task force commander while the computer runs everything else."

Gary Grigsby's War in Russia

M. Evan. Brooks: "An operational/strategic simulation of the entire Eastern Front (1941-1945), this game was easily learned and played; sheer size and certain defects in the artificial intelligence ... and in many ways the culmination of his dedication on perfecting the game engine for this World War 2 theatre that started with War in Russia for the Apple II in 1984 and the subsequent Second Front.


The Imagination Series games are admittedly the worst of KOEI's games, and this first offering unfortunately doesn't bode well for the future of the series. In an amalgam of a plot involving dragons, wizards, ... commands in this game are very simplistic and the gameplay extremely simple. Good for beginners in the strategy genre, perhaps, but even they will wonder whether the game is worth playing at all.

Gender Wars

A fun isometric squad-level strategy game a la X-COM but with a unique premise, Gender Wars was unfortunately largely neglected when it was first released. Games Domain' Chris McMullen says it all in his ... easily better than Syndicate, but the bugs, and lack of a map just stop it from being a classic game." Fans of unique, tongue-in-cheek games such as Z will in particular enjoy this one.

Gene Wars

Undoubtedly the worst game Bullfrog ever released, Gene Wars is a prime example of a great concept botched by poor implementation. The concept, as with all Bullfrog's games, is very intriguing: in this ... game is Maxis' Unnatural Selection, and in our opinion the best game ever made about genetic engineering (at least until Mindscape's Creatures, but that one is a more of a toy than strategy game).

Genghis Khan (Positive)

One of the first attempts by a Spanish game company to capture market share in the crowded strategy games market, Genghis Khan is unfortunately a failure - due largely perhaps to too little time on the ... genre it was aiming for. Of interest only to die-hard collectors: this PC version - published by Microdaft as "shovelware" on CD-ROM in 1993 - is one of the rarest PC games in existence.

Gengkhis Khan 1

In my opinion the second-best KOEI series after Romance of The Three Kingdoms, this series is based on the awe-inspiring exploits of Temujin, a.k.a. Genghis Khan, the Mongol ruler who once ruled the biggest ... after your unification of the Mongol empire is complete, you will have access to new strategic options, such as diplomacy, in your next step to conquer the known world. Definitely not to be missed!

Gengkhis Khan 2

Review 1: In my opinion the second-best KOEI series after Romance of The Three Kingdoms, this series is based on the awe-inspiring exploits of Temujin, a.k.a. Genghis Khan, the Mongol ruler who once ... Genghis Khan. There is an awful lot to keep track of in very little time, so the user is going to have to have his wits about him…and use them all…in order to keep control of the Mongolian steppe.

Gettysburg: The Turning Point

Gettysburg: The Turning Point is a classic wargame. If you can get by the CGA graphics and lack of mouse support interface, you will soon find yourself in a very well reproduced simulation of this famous ... became the mainstay of wargaming. Among the awards this game garnered include: Computer Gaming World' Hall of Fame Award, 1988, and Charles Roberts Award, Best Military/Strategy Computer Game, 1986.

Gipf for One

Gipf for One is an excellent PC version of GIPF, a fascinating abstract board game invented by Kris Burm in 1997. Like the board game, the objective of Gipf for One is to be the last player to add a piece ... human player as well, if you want). Like all excellent abstract strategy games like chess, Gipf for One offers virtually unlimited possibilities that guarantee no two games will ever be the same.

Global Conquest

From Brian Moriarty's tribute to Dani Bunten: "[Command HQ's successor, 1992's Global Conquest, was the first four-player network game released by a major publisher. Its absorbing mix of real-time ... including Dune II, Warcraftand Command and Conquer." The game would sadly turn out to be Dani Bunten's last game she designed, before moving on to Mpath to create multiplayer-only games.

Global Domination

Global Domination is an awful multiplayer real-time game of world conquest that is bogged down by very confusing interface and boring display of bland statistics that most Impressions games suffer from. ... to gameplay, but overall, there was little of innovation or graphic appeal to sustain this on anyone's hard drive. For a better use of this engine, play the semi-sequel When Two Worlds War instead.

Global Effect

A neat and unique strategy game from the makers of excellent Supremacy, Global Effect puts a new spin on the "conquer-thy-neighbor" genre by focusing on the environmental impact of your decisions. ... on grasslands, or grow more trees and reap the benefit. It is also among the first real-time games that offer multiplayer support, although the confusing interface detracts a little from the fun.

Gloriana (a.k.a. Elisabeth I)

Gloriana is another excellent old game from Ascaron, one of the most underrated strategy game companies today. Originally released in Germany as Elisabeth I, Gloriana is a historical trading simulation ... ever made. If you like The Patrician or other trading games, you will definitely enjoy this old game. It is fun, entertaining, and historically accurate enough to please historians everywhere.


You start off as a fella looking to make a fortune in the goldrush. Before u go hunting for gold u can work at stores and other places to make money. Buying shares in these businesses also gives u the ... the dividends. You can then buy products from the store as u go off to make your fortune in the gold fields! Great game and is really addictive, though can get boring if u have played it a few times.

Good Neighbors Solitaire (a.k.a. Monte Carlo Solitaire)

Good Neightbors Solitaire is a catchy little solitaire, in which the objective is to pair off and remove all the cards in the 52-card deck. You can remove any pair of cards of the same rank, provided they ... is lost. Fun, entertaining, and relaxing, this little gem is fun to while away some 5-10 minutes of your free time with, although it is probably too easy to pose a real challenge for puzzle experts.

Grand Slam Bridge II

Excellent sequel to Grand Slam Bridge released after a long 6-year gap. This time, the game sports a revamped engine, outstanding VGA graphics, a much stronger AI, and plenty of new options. The game lets ... bridge game that truly stands the test of time, even against newer bridge releases that focus more on multimedia pizzazz than good old fashioned fun. Highly recommended for all bridge players.

Grandest Fleet 2, The

The Grandest Fleet 2 is the never-released sequel to The Grandest Fleet, QQP's underrated naval wargame that updated the classic Lost Admiral with SVGA graphics and more emphasis on economics. The Grandest ... so the game was never officially released. Highly recommended, but only if you like the first game or naval wargames in general and don't mind another "more of the same" approach.

Grandest Fleet, The

As Lost Admiral II was never released, The Grandest Fleet should be considered the sequel to The Lost Admiral. It is essentially The Lost Admiral dressed up in whiz-bang VGA graphics with many improvements ... AI doesn't live up to the its predecessor's excellent AI, and at higher difficulty levels the AI's weakness is compensated by "cheating": it gets higher production capacity and resources.

Grandmaster Chess

One of the best games from Capstone (and given their miserable track record, that is saying a lot), Grandmaster Chess is an innovative chess game that sadly received far too little recognition in its time. ... mileage may vary. Anyone who wants a solid chess game that represents a different and innovative approach than Mindscape's familiar classics should definitely give Grandmaster Chess a serious look.

Gravity Sports 3

Yet another innovative but not very well known freeware puzzler from Japan. Gravity Sports 3 is a cool puzzle game where you control a cute anime girl named Jiima, who wants to collect all the candies ... make your own levels. In short, Gravity Sports 3 is an elegant and fun puzzle game with a very elegant and innovative "why didn't noone think of this before?" premise. Highly recommended!

Great Battles: Collector's Edition, The

The Great Battles Collector's Edition is 4 games in one- The Great Battles of Alexander (the Great), The Great Battles of Hannibal, The Great Battles of Caesar, and a Scenario Designer/Player Utility. ... fans of ancient history who don't get to see much on the market anymore of games covering this fabulous era. For those fans, this game is highly recommended-- expect to see many hours of challenge.

Grid Poker

Grid Poker is a fun poker solitaire game, with cards presented in ASCII characters. Your objective is to place cards on the grid such that they form poker hands, which are scored vertically, horizontially, ... Overall, if you enjoy solitaire games, this is one game well worth your time. Also check out another freeware game called Poker Solitaire on this site for a more modern version of the same card game.


Yet another original solitaire game from Robert Roberds and BSX International, Gridly is a unique game that requires much more strategy than luck - a refreshing change from the majority of traditional ... actually marketed as "shareware" but since the registered version is identical to the shareware one (except for the absence of "nag screen"), I have labelled it abandonware here.

Gulf Strike

"Based on the more successful boardgame of the same name, its play mechanics were clumsy. However, its graphics were even worse, and the color scheme had to be one of the worst ever seen in the computer ... the game was one of the more accurate simulations." Definitely one of the best wargames Avalon Hill released during the 1980s, although still far inferior to SSI's classics.


Guzzle is an entertaining mix of drinking and trivia games for 2 to 4 players. The game is meant to be an "electronic companion" when you and a few friends get together for a drinking competition. ... actually marketed as "shareware" but since the registered version is identical to the shareware one (except for the absence of "nag screen"), I have labelled it abandonware here.

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