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Grandest Fleet 2, The

The Grandest Fleet 2 is the never-released sequel to The Grandest Fleet, QQP's underrated naval wargame that updated the classic Lost Admiral with SVGA graphics and more emphasis on economics. The Grandest Fleet 2 is probably better described as an 'add-on' to The Grandest Fleet than a new stand-alone game, as it uses identical graphics and game engine. Still, the AI has been beefed up, and the 'what-if' scenarios are much more diverse and interesting than in the original game. The download on this site is the final release of the game that was 'leaked' to illegal BBS's. QQP shortly went under afterwards, so the game was never officially released. Highly recommended, but only if you like the first game or naval wargames in general and don't mind another "more of the same" approach.

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