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Aces of The Deep

Review 1: Following classic Aces over Europe, Dynamix moved from the heights above the ground into the depths of the ocean. Aces of the Deep is WWII U-boat simulation, putting you into the command of ... and boat renderings are especially improved. In short, this is a must-have strategy simulation for sim fans, World War II buffs, and submarine enthusiasts. It is highly recommended for download.


"Billed as a strategic-tactical simulation of the World War II Western Front, it was marginally adequate on the former level and an arcade rendition of the latter. Some interface inadequacies contributed ... PC conversion from original Commodore 64 was done by Chris Sawyer, of Transport Tycoon fame. If you like this average game, check out the even worse sequel called Campaign II on this site as well.

Campaign II

Veteran wargamer M. E. Brooks spares no punches in his criticism of this inferior sequel to ambitious Campaign: "This simulation of modern conflict took a mediocre gaming system (Campaign) and completely ... look only if you like alternate history games, or want to try a fancy 3D tank simulator that bears no resemblance to reality but offers a bit more complex gameplay than the likes of Carrier Command.

Car & Driver

Review 1: Car and Driver reminds me of Test Drive games a lot. The physics in the game are very accurate (maybe even too much) so fast driving and good steering in the same time is not possible. The ... mode and more and better computer opponents. This is a game that I don't particularly recommend, but if you really feel you have seen all other racing games and you're rather bored, check it out!

Car Builder

Review 1: Haven't seen a game like this before unless it offered some kind of action/arcade sequence to the game as well. Car Builder is exactly what it says and nothing more. It's all about designing, ... its chunky CGA graphics are a bit dated, it still shines with gameplay a-plenty. I've included some "recent" cars of my own, so that you may see what can be done with the game. Enjoy!

Cardinal of The Kremlin

An ambitious game based on Tom Clancy's famous political thriller, Cardinal of the Kremlin lets you assume responsibilities of all the major characters in the novel: your job is to rescue FBI spy "The ... where the results of your actions are often unclear. Still, it's worth a look for those interested in The Cold War-- as long as you don't expect a realistic sim of Balance of Power's caliber.


Multiplayer race game, helicopter view.

Carrier Command

Carrier Command is an excellent simulation that almost perfectly captures the excitement (and aggravation) of war by combining action and straetegic elements with revolutionary 3D wireframe graphics. Put ... between "Action" and "Strategy" mode depending on how much strategy you want to handle. Highly recommended. Too bad the sequel Battle Command is much inferior to this classic.

Cartel$ & Cutthroat$

Cartel$ & Cutthroat$, aside from being master designer Dani Bunten's first game for the PC, is notable for being one of the first business sims in existence that remains almost two decades later as ... in BASICA. Cartel$ & Cutthroat$ is, at its worst, a challenging economic simulation that's equally educational and entertaining. At its best, it's an epitome of game design. Highly recommended.


Review 1: So you want to make your own Hollywood movie with the biggest stars? Then this game is for you…emm no wait…if you want to make your own little cartoon Cartooners is the perfect tool. You will ... will be recorded, after that you do it over again. If you are finished rewind everything and press on "Play" to play your movie. After that you can save it if you want for another time.

Cisco heat

Review 1: Police racing? In San Francisco? Wow, what a weird idea! But it works, as this is one fine racing game. You can select to drive either the old or a new model of a police car then race 7 opponents ... police. The game looks a bit like outrun, but that won't you stand in the way for this great race game. You probably noticed that the setting of the game in in San Fransisco, hence the name Cisco.


This is quite an amazing title for those days. You have to fly some missions with a comanche helicopter over amazing landscapes, generated by the computer. Those landscape looked in those days very realistic on your 14" screen, but nowadays you just count the pixels. Luckily you can turn off the game-music because it can be quite irritating after a while. Nevertheless a very cool game.

Combat Air Patrol

Combat Air Patrol is a very disappointing flight sim from Psygnosis - perhaps a good proof that the company should stick to what they do best: addictive action games. The review at Games Domain elaborate ... exciting) number of flight simulator releases in its history, there can't be more reason to avoid Combat Air Patrol like the plague and find a more worthy candidate for your gaming dollars."

Command Aces of The Deep

Review 1: Command Aces of the Deep is an excellent Windows version of Dynamix acclaimed WW2 submarine sim Aces of The Deep. Although CAOTD is too similar to its predecessor in terms of gameplay and scenarios, ... enable players to command destroyers and escorts as well. But until that day, I'll be prowling the North Atlantic on the bridge of my Type IX in Command Aces of the Deep, the best of all U-boat sims.

Computer Underground (a.k.a. C.U.)

Computer Underground is a fun freeware game about -- you guessed it -- a hacker's life. Similar to games such as Neuromancer or more recently Uplink, your goal in CU is to become the greatest hacker in ... unnecessary. If you enjoy games like Uplink, CU is worth a look. It's not as good as those commercial titles, but it's good enough for a few minutes of fun. Interesting, at least :)

Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator

Review 1: An excellent but hardly-known sim, Conflict achieves what it sets out to be in the title: a political simulation of age-old conflicts in the turbulent middle east. Set foreign, economic, and ... kill your country too. The game is ok, the graphics are very basic and the sounds are minimal. The gameplay is ok, but it's not a real addicting game. The main idea of the game is very good though.

Corncob 3D (a.k.a. Corncob Deluxe)

One of the best shareware air combat games ever made, Corncob 3D (a.k.a. Corncob Deluxe, name of the registered version) is a great 3D flight sim set in an alternate world history (that seems a tad far-fetched ... that pits WWII planes against weird aliens, and reasonably realistic flight dynamics, Corncob 3D is an enjoyable, "light" flight sim that is well worth a look by every armchair pilot.

Corporate Raider

Sequel to excellent but little-known Inside Trader, Corporate Raider is also an excellent stock market simulator. This time, however, you are owner of a company as opposed to an outside investor in Inside ... Although its underlying model is not as solid as, say, Wall $treet Raider, news items still do affect the market, and the many not-so-legal options you have at your disposal make the game refreshing.

Crazy Cars

Little race game. Drive with your mercedes down the road. Get checkpoints and points. Looks a bit like Out Run, but this game as also some good music tracks!

Crazy Cars 2

Review 1: Trixter's review at MobyGames says it all about this lackluster racing game: "One-line Summary: A major disappointment in the history of the series. The Good: The premise is sound; you ... American Challenge in the USA) instead. Review 2: You're busted for speeding! Race for the state line in a Ferrari F40 to avoid the cops and evade capture. Use your map to plot the best course.

Crazy Cars 3

Review 1: Well, this is just one of my favourites when it comes to driving games! The game is a bit like the game Death Rally, but it's less dark and agressive. There are some races in which you can ... on from the previous two titles by adding the ability to climb (or fall down) the rungs of a division ladder, upgrading your car, and betting on a race's outcome to increase your available cash.

Crime and Punishment

Most likely the only courtroom simulation in existence that lets you be the judge as opposed to the lawyers, Crime and Punishment is a unique and intriguing sim that is a result of many years of research ... behind it to satisfy armchair judges of all ages. Note: The download here is the "warez" PC version, but it's somehow missing graphics and background information the Commodore 64 has.

Crisis in The Kremlin

Here's your chance to prove Gorbachev right -- or wrong. Your initial choice as either Ligachov, Yeltsin, or Gorbachov affects your initial posture in domestic and foreign policy which you can adjust at ... although replay value is limited because many crises (e.g. 1986 Chernobyl disaster) do not vary from game to game. Recommended for everyone interested in cold-war era USSR or real-world politics.

Cycles, The

Review 1: Made up just like Grandprix Circuit, but this time you're riding a motorcycle - one of 3 different types. You race on 15 different tracks against opponents the computer controls. Pretty much ... classes (500, 250, or 125cc) in the world's most grueling courses that range from Australia to Brazil. Another forgotten classic that reaffirms Accolade as the premier developer of sport games.

Chopper Commando

Simple chopper game.

Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk, The

Billed as a "revolutionary screen entertainment package," The Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk is a neat and quite unique simulation that is part "life simulation" a la Little Computer People ... in all, The Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk is a fun screen entertainment that deserves much more attention. If you're looking for either a unique screensaver or a fun time waster, check out this old game.

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

This is the first version of Edward "Ned" Lerner's Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, a popular non-military flight sim. The game lets you test pilot 14 different airplanes in different ... in the niche genre of civilian flight sims, although since Version 2.0 (also on this site) surpasses it in every way, this early version is recommended for its nostalgic/historical value only.

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0

Follow-up to EA's first flight trainer attempt from the mid-eighties, again endorsed by legendary pilot Chuck Yeager. Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 is a nice flight simulator offering many different planes ... Museum's Advanced Flight Trainer page for excellent MP3-ized excerpts of that tape. Designer Edward Lerner continued to co-found Looking Glass Technologies and later founded Firetalk Communications.

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat

Review 1: Chuck Yeager's Air Combat is a classic modern air combat simulation that set new standard for the genre at the time of its release. Designed by Brent Iverson (LHX Attack Chopper), the game ... play you can set a lot of stuff in the menu (using Escape) The most beautiful feature are the g-forces which are shown using the fading the screen in to another color. Go check this one out. A must!

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