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One Step Beyond

Pushover and One Step Beyond are two quirky little gems from British publisher Ocean, who take the concept of traditional parlor games and turn them into addictive puzzle games that are reminiscent of ... around: now you must jump on different kinds of *platforms* to reach the exit. The result are two very addicting games with enough levels to keep the most die-hard puzzlemeisters occupied for hours.


Review 1: The Oxyd series is a fun shareware puzzle/action hybrid that plays like a cross between Marble Madness, Macintosh classic Crystal Quest, and Chip's Challenge. The game even boasts a plot: overnight, ... and desperatley needs your help! Overnight the life-giving Oxyds have shut tight. Unaware of the danger, the world threatens to suffocate. Only you can rescue this world opening all of the Oxyds.

Oxyd Extra

The Oxyd series is a fun shareware puzzle/action hybrid that plays like a cross between Marble Madness, Macintosh classic Crystal Quest, and Chip's Challenge. The game even boasts a plot: overnight, the ... of Chip's Challenge. Note: this download is Oxyd Extra, the last game in the series that was released only on CD-ROM. The game includes only 30 new landscapes, but the best graphics in the series.

Oxyd Magnum

Oxyd Magnum is a fun shareware puzzle/action hybrid that plays like a cross between Marble Madness, Macintosh classic Crystal Quest and Chip's Challenge. The game even boasts a plot: overnight, the (digital) ... dexterity and wit, Oxyd Magnum will keep puzzle fans happy for hours, although the large number of obstacles and special objects mean that the game lacks the elegant simplicity of Chip's Challenge.


Pamidama is a fun reflex-based puzzle game featuring characters from several anime series. The idea: catch all the balls that roll from the top of the screen in the right container whose color matches ... game as it highlights the path each ball will take, so you can arrange the container well in advance. If you're looking for a nice Tetris-style puzzle game, check out this fun freeware from Japan.


Pango is an excellent freeware PC conversion of Pengo, SEGA's coin-op classic first released in 1982. Pango is the name of your alter ego in the game: a red penguin who must rid the screen of sno-bees ... an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master game that requires both reflexes and some strategic thinking to do well. If you like Pac-Man or similar classics, Pango is simply a must-have. Highly recommended!

Papu's Odyssey

Papu's Odyssey is a fun puzzle game in the same style as Epyx's popular Chip's Challenge game, except that you are now a fish fighting to save the reef. Your job is to open the gate that opens the way ... each other. Overall, Papu's Odyssey is a pleasant and fun puzzler that is not too difficult for beginners. Recommended, especially for newbies to the genre, or budding puzzle gamers in your house.

Pastel Fantasy

Review 1: Pastel Fantasy mainly looks like a kid game as both the colours and things within the game reminds me the most about toys. Behind all of this you will find a very addicting puzzle game though ... to your kids or younger siblings. Originally in Japanese, this version has been translated into English. Recommended, although its brevity and too-easy gameplay make it shy of the Top Dog tag.


Pathological is a very polished enhanced fanmade remake of Logical, a neat brainteaser by Rainbow Arts. The official website says it all: "Pathological is a puzzle game consisting of marbles that ... the same addictive puzzle gameplay, enhanced with SVGA graphics, more special items, and the ability to create your own levels. The game is as challenging as I remember, and as insanely addictive.

Pentamino for Windows

Pentamino for Windows is an excellent computer version of Pentamino, a popular Russian puzzle game that plays like a variant of Pentagrams. Each puzzle displays a shape made up of 1x1 square tiles, and ... brainteasers in general, Pentamino for Windows will present hours of captivating challenge - even if the presentation is a bit too "dry" and drab-looking. Recommended for all puzzle lovers!


Tetris clone with difficult strange blocks.


The Oxyd series is a fun shareware puzzle/action hybrid that plays like a cross between Marble Madness, Macintosh classic Crystal Quest, and Chip's Challenge. The game even boasts a plot: overnight, the ... second game in the series, which includes 200 levels comprising over 250 game elements, and sharper graphics than Oxyd. Be sure to download the patch below to crack the game and enable level codes!

Pharaoh's Ascent

Pharaoh's Ascent is one of the most challenging and most innovative arcade-style puzzle games ever made - too bad the game remains unknown to most gamers due to limited on-line-only distribution on a shareware ... Despite some amateurish graphics and drab palette, this game from a very small shareware team has a lot of heart - and enough challenge to make you lose a few billion braincells and sleep.

Picture Hunter

A fun computer version of well-known "spot the difference" games that were popular in kids' magazines, Picture Hunter features dozens of images to. Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who grows ... of the best amateur puzzle games on the market, and I'm not just saying that because it's made by my fellow countrymen-- from Thailand :) Recommended, but be warned of some very frustrating pictures.

Pipe Dreams (VGA)

This is a nice VGA update of the classic game of fast action and decision. Your goal as digital plumber is to connect fallen pipe pieces into a complete circuit before water leaks outside the pipes. Overall, it's a fun game, but the high difficulty level and dexterity required might not appeal to gamers who prefer thoughtful games.

Pipeful Sunday

Pipeful Sunday is a nice freeware Pipe Mania clone. While it doesn't show off any revolutionary concepts or push the envelope, it is a well-coded, fun, and challenging puzzler. Your goal on each level ... for finishing the route and allowing the water to flow before the time limited run out. If you enjoy reflex-based puzzlers, this freeware games from Japan will give you plenty of brain cell exercise.


Review 1: Wow, this game was such a huge hit back in 1988. on Commodore 64 computer! Well, back in 1988. there were no such games as today and anything new had great success. In this rather interesting ... get bonus points for making the goo cross over itself using the + shaped pipes. You should try this one out just for a bit of fun :) Everyone should be able to say that they have played this game.


Build pipelines between houses.


Piquin is a neat and unique game from Ancil Anthropy, game designer who kindly made this game open source as well as freeware. If you think you have seen and played every kind of Pac-Man game, Piquin will ... or not you are a die-hard fan of Pac-Man. The game comes with only four levels, but hopefully with its open-source nature, we will see more levels and enhanced gameplay in the future. Recommended!


POP! is an addictive and unique action/puzzle hybrid from Zero Entertainment that combines lots of hot air with humorous and brain-teasing scenarios. Your job is to guide Pop, a cute balloon dog, to the ... he faces are down right funny. If you enjoy action/puzzle hybrids, POP! will definitely put a smile on your face.. and many long nights of frustrating but addictive fun. Highly recommended!


PuffBOMB is a unique and fun puzzler by a lone programmer, coded as an entry in the third 48-hour game competition at Ludum Dare. The game plays like a stripped-down, tiny version of The Incredible Machine: ... what the next level has in store. Recommended, especially to fans of Lunar Lander, Microsoft's Gorilla... or just the laws of gravitation ;) You can also design new maps with the included map editor.


Review 1: Pushover and One Step Beyond are two quirky little gems from British publisher Ocean, who take the concept of traditional parlor games and turn them into addictive puzzle games that are reminiscent ... original puzzle game. Place domino bricks tactically in order to topple over the last one. Some levels require you to run around while the bricks are falling to get it right. Nice music and graphics!

Puzz-3D: Notre Dame Cathedral

Puzz-3D: Notre Dame Cathedral is the first entry in a semi-successful series of compurized versions of "Puzz-3D," Wrebbit's line of 3D jigsaw puzzles. As with the other titles in the series, ... games, you will probably like this fun PC version of a very cool 3D jigsaw. Recommended, but check out later games in the series if you want something with longer play value and varied puzzles.

Puzzle Beauty

Puzzle Beauty is a so-so Tetris variant developed by Dynasty International, famous (in Asia) Taiwan company whose Flame Dragon series consistently rank among some of the best-selling games in Asia. One ... not appeal to fans of innovative puzzlers. All in all, a decent game you could do without - except of course if you are one of those gamers who simply must collect every adult-themed game ever made.

Puzzle Fun-Pak

In 1989, Apogee released two "Fun-Paks," Adventure Fun-Pak and Puzzle Fun-Pak, priced at $10 each. Each "pack" contains 4 games that were submitted to Apogee by outside authors, although ... Block Five, a decent Go-Moku/Connect 4 board game, Maze Machine, a neat little program that generates mazes of your specified width, and Asteroid Rescue, a quirky ASCII shooter from Scott Miller.

Puzzle Gallery (a.k.a. At The Carnival)

The "sequel" of sorts to The Fool's Errand, Cliff Johnson wasn't at his best in this puzzle collection designed around the "carnival" theme (the game takes a sardonic look at the amusement ... of many types, although none as original as those in its prequel. Still, there are a few pleasant surprises and good twists lurking among the anagrams, jigsaws, and other well-known parlor puzzles.

Puzzle Master

Nothing fancy here, just a collection of good old crossword puzzles from the New York Times, implemented flawlessly. This game lets you print out the clues, save puzzles in progress, and even create your own crossword puzzles! With scoring system, this is the only crossword puzzle game you'll likely ever need.

Puzzle Pits

Puzzle Pits is an excellent, albeit relatively unknown, puzzle game that was criticized so heavily by most "professional" game critics that its shelf life was miserably short. Reading some of ... it does provide some tough challenges to test everyone's mental prowess. Best of all, publisher Plasma Works has released the game as freeware, so there's really no better incentive to try it out :)


Review 1: Another exquisit Puzzle game from the year 1990. A little bit of Tetris in here, but the game is more complex than the old classic. Basically you "just" need to bring two (or more) ... is a bit on an easy side, as I was able to finish it in a few sittings, so puzzle experts may find it a waste of their time. Newcomers to the genre and Sokoban fans will like this game a lot, though.


Quadralien is a very unique action/puzzle hybrid that combines robotic programming with dexterity. The plot is an interesting sci-fi meltdown scenario: Astra, the last and largest of mankind's fission ... status. As it stands, though, it's still an immensely enjoyable, addictive action/puzzle mix that is definitely worth a try. Puzzle experts in particular will likely find the game a good challenge.


Quadrax is an excellent logic game that was the best-selling title in Slovakia and Czech Republic in 1996, the year of its release, but was little known outside these countries. The game is actually a ... is a great puzzler that will keep you glued to the screen for a while. I still haven't managed to pass level 14 or so, but perhaps you can do better :) Two thumbs up for this obscure old game.


Probably Loriciel' most obscure release, Quadrel is an interesting puzzle game with a different twist. Played either against the computer or another human player, the game looks quite simple: you have ... the scoring board, or play without limited time. No matter the level of your expertise, Quadrel is an innovative and fun brainteaser that should give every puzzle lover plenty of enjoyable challenge.


This is a a good Tetris variation with difficult computer opponents, each with unique playing style. Players can manipulate the path of falling Qwirk, rotate its position, and speed up its rate of descent. ... vertically, they explode and are eliminated, yielding points. As the player removes Qwirks from his field, he sends extra Qwirks to his opponent. Overall, a fun puzzler that's still Tetris at heart.


Review 1: Yet another exquisite puzzle-game from 1990. Nice background story: in ancient eqypt you forgot to do your religious duty towards Sun-God Ra - as a punishment you are turned into a bug (not ... games in this mold. As an added bonus, the the game includes a level editor and a so-called "arcade" game mode in addition to the logic one to appeal to fans of quick-decision games.


In this novel puzzle game, you must maneuver MSB, a maintenance droid, around the damaged ship Rasterscan to avert the impending crash with a nearby star. MSB must solve numerous logic puzzles to gain ... but most of the puzzles give Rubik's cube a run for its money. Don't be fooled by the game's simplistic controls and small size: it contains enough devious puzzles to stump you for a while.


An original puzzle game that could be considered a precursor to the recent CD-ROM game Safecracker, Revelation is all about cracking safes-- hundreds of them. The goal is to match colors for each safe by turning the dials to open all safes at once. Time limit is very tough even for the beginning levels, so if you finish this game, consider yourself grandmaster thief.


RoboCrush is an excellent Bust-A-Move-style game from Freeform Interactive, the now-defunct company behind the popular freeware site. You play RoboCrush 5000, a cute anime-style robot whose ... your hammer. With 10 levels, 6 colors of Bleeps, attractive SVGA graphics, and cute sound effects, RoboCrush will keep Tetris fans hooked for quite a while before the next best thing comes along.

Robot Puzzle

Robot Puzzle is a neat little brainteaser from NZP. The plot, which seems superfluous for this kind of games, goes as follows: "The POLARIS spaceship is rapidly approaching Mars. Captain Corbett prepares ... version of a brainteaser you usually find in toy stores. Too bad there is no random option, so once you solve the puzzle there is no reason to play it again. Still, it's a lot of fun while it lasts.

Rock 'n Roll

Rock 'n Roll is a cool action/puzzle game by Rainbow Arts that adds a lot of nice touches to the roll-the-ball-to-the-exit norm of action/puzzle games. The Amiga game just rocks and is definitely a classic. ... obstacles to tear your hair over. Overall, Rock 'n Roll is a true classic in the Marble Madness vein that's best played with the mouse (which can be activated by pressing SHIFT-M during gameplay).


Review 1: Taken directly from the Boulder Dash series, Rockford is ready to collect diamonds and complete hundreds of levels again! This time he's not alone though, as a few other people will be collecting ... from a kind of Indiana Jones theme to a space theme. The game is pretty simple where you have to pick up as many diamonds as you can before the time run out. A good game if you are into arcade games.


Rollin is a quick-thinking puzzle game which requires reflexes as well as astute thinking. The object of the game is simple: maneuver the ball from the start (IN) to the goal (OUT). The ball follows realistic ... and the conservation of impulse. Various dangers and problems have to be mastered, e.g. finding keys to unlock doors and paths to the exit. Gold must also be found to buy various objects. Great fun!


RotoCube is a Rubik's Cube style brainteaser that offers addictive and challenging gameplay alongside polished graphics that belies its freeware origins. As the author describes, the game is very similar ... definitely like RotoCube. It's fun, addictive, and very challenging. Great for little coffee breaks you get now and then at work, if you don't mind not letting your braincells rest ;) Recommended!

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube is a below-average BASICA game distributed only among IPCO members. Due to limitations of the BASIC language and early 1980 hardware, the game amounts to little more than a quirky piece of ... The game uses keyboard commands to allow you to select a cube face and twisting direction. You start out with a properly ordered cube; can you scramble the colors and then get them back again?"

Russian 6 Pack

Russian 6 Pack is a fun collection of 6 puzzles and action games from Russia. The games are not terribly original, and like Paragon's Troika, their quality is a mixed bag. A few games play like variants ... to this game in every respect, including the bells and whistles. Fun for a while, but without the staying power or the originality of classics. Recommended only to collectors of puzzle games.

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