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Picture Hunter

A fun computer version of well-known "spot the difference" games that were popular in kids' magazines, Picture Hunter features dozens of images to. Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who grows up reading magazines or the Sunday papers: you are given 2 pictures/photos that look almost identical. Your job is to spot and mark 5 spots where the pictures are different before time runs out. Mark the wrong spot, and you'll lose some time. A few pictures are quite unfair, with very small differences that are hard to spot (ripples in the water, for example), but most of them just require good perception, and are quite fun to solve. The game comes with dozens of pictures, with a neat utility that allows you to use your own. Overall, this is one of the best amateur puzzle games on the market, and I'm not just saying that because it's made by my fellow countrymen-- from Thailand :) Recommended, but be warned of some very frustrating pictures.

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Picture Hunter screenshot
Picture Hunter screenshot

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